Cape Cod Surfcasting

Cape Cod’s beaches, marshes, rivers, creeks, and freshwater ponds offer anglers an abundance of opportunities to fish from land. Anglers on foot can take advantage of miles of shoreline while kayaks are ideal for the protected harbors and bays.

The beaches of Cape Cod are perfect for casting, wading and bait fishing and the rivers, creeks and canal offer even more options. Cape Cod surfcasting is most popular along the east facing shorelines, where the surf is just right for stripers out cruising the breaking waves. Where troughs between sandbars offer cover and trap food, try wading out with the tide to find the big ones. Fly fishing is effective on the ponds, marshes and rivers and depending on the season and conditions, just about anything works on the Cape Cod Canal. So, take a hike, bring your own kayak or rent a canoe for a day out on the water catching striped bass, bluefish, bonito, false albacore, and scup. On Cape Cod you can find a great spot for every type of fishing!

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