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Leisure Activities

Cape Cod Water Sports Activities

With over 700 miles of coastline reaching out into the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Cod and the Islands are ideal for a variety of water sports. Popular beaches along the south and east facing shores offer big waves ideal for surfing and boogie boarding, and the calmer waters of the bays and ponds offer picture perfect settings for paddle boarding and kayaking.

cape cod water sports_activities in cape codJoin a group paddleboard or kayak tour to explore the ponds and water ways while taking in the scenery. Or tryout the unique surfing experience Cape Cod offers. If you’re a beginner, local pros on the Cape, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket provide private and group lessons. 

water sports in cape cod_cape cod parasailing

If you’re ready to head out on your own, you can rent a board and wetsuit and hone your skills on the ocean waves. Need more? Get your adrenaline flowing with the excitement of windsurfing or go all-in and try kiteboarding and hydro-foiling. With the Cape Cod shorelines and light houses in the background, water sports are just that much more fun!

Sailboat off Lewis in Hyannis Harbor
Sports fishing on Cape Cod
powerful wave breaking near the shore
Clear water canoe Touring in Cape Cod
PaddleBoarder on Salt Marsh in Welfleet
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