Plymouth: A Good Place to Vacation in the Winter

If you are wondering, is Plymouth a good place to vacation in the Winter, the answer is most definitely Yes! While most people don’t think of the New England coast as a winter month
destination, a trip to Plymouth, Massachusetts in the winter can be a wonderful is plymouth a good place to vacation in the winter?
time. The town is bustling with holiday spirit up through the end of December and full of an eclectic mix of indoor activities until the warmer weather arrives.

Plymouth is full of great restaurants, luxurious bed and breakfasts, and indoor
activities to keep any visitor entertained for a few days. As long as you pack your coat and bundle it uptight, Plymouth is the perfect place for a winter vacation.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best winter activities available so that you can make the most of your winter visit to Plymouth.

Things to do Prior to New Year’s Eve

Prior to December 31st, most people welcome the idea of roaming about in snow and cold weather. Plymouth makes the most of this part of the weather season by offering a large variety of holiday activities.

If you are reading this prior to December 31st check out our article on Plymouth Holiday Events.

Once January 1st rolls around most activities are moved indoors.

Visit a Romantic Luxury Hotel

There’s nothing more romantic than sitting in a warm bed & breakfast looking out and the winter weather and gorgeous views that Plymouth has to offer. Pamper your loved one by visiting one of our favorites during the winter holiday.


Mirbeau is a luxurious French manor house with a luxurious spa and elegant restaurant. Spend the day relaxing at the spa and then head over for an elegant dinner at the Bistro.

Their spa retreat is surrounded by beautiful pond gardens and is just minutes away from the downtown and the beach.

Whitfield House

is plymouth a good place to vacation in the winter?The Whitfield House Bed and Breakfast are housed in a historic federal-style house that was built in 1782. During your stay, you’ll be able to learn more about the house while spending the night in a piece of history.

Even though you’ll be sleeping in an almost 300-year-old house, it certainly won’t feel
like it. The rooms are luxurious and offer all of the amenities you’d expect of a
modern-day bed and breakfast.

John Carver Inn & Spa

The John Carver Inn & Spa is located in the center of historic Plymouth making it a short walk to most of the attractions in Plymouth. It has guest rooms and suites and even has a Pilgrim Cove Indoor Theme pool for the kids to enjoy.

Indoor Activities

While outdoor activities mostly pause during the winter months, there are plenty of fun indoor activities if you are looking to get out of your hotel.

Plymouth Bay Winery

is plymouth a good place to vacation in the winter?The Plymouth Bay Winery is a great way to spend an hour or two on a cold winter day. They make all of their wines from local grapes and berries, leading to a wide assortment of unique wines.

If wine isn’t your thing, they also have a line of jellies and a cran-maple bourbon sauce available in their store.

The Richard Sparrow House

Plymouth is a town full of history. While most museums close during the winter season, the Richard Sparrow House remains open.

The house was built in 1640 and is the oldest surviving house in Plymouth. Attached to the museums is a gift shop with work from local artisans on display.

Ryan’s Family Amusements

If you are traveling with kids Ryan’s Family Amusements is a great place to burn some energy while still staying warm. The Plymouth location has a large game room with games for all ages.

Plymouth Philharmonic Orchestra

If you’re looking for some evening entertainment, try checking out the Plymouth Philharmonic Orchestra. They have been around since 1913 and have various concerts throughout the winter season.

Outdoor Activities

On nice winter days, you can find locals enjoying the natural wonders that Plymouth has to offer. Join in on the fun and participate in one of the fun outdoor activities listed below.

Myles Standish Forest

Just a short drive from Plymouth lies the Massachusetts State Park of Myles Standish Forest. Known for its great hiking trails and lake, the park also offers several winter activities including snowmobiling and cross-country skiing.

Ice Fishing

If you can’t wait for the warmer weather to break out the fishing rod try one of is plymouth a good place to vacation in the winter?Plymouth’s multiple locations for ice fishing. Some popular areas include:

  • South Triangle Pond
  • Morton Park
  • Halfway Pond Conservation Area
  • Fresh Pond

Pilgrim Memorial State Park

This waterfront park may be a little chilly during the winter, but it’s well worth the
visit. While there you can visit Plymouth rock and Frazier State Pier.

Also, if it’s warm enough, taking a stroll around the park offers lovely views of
Plymouth Bay. After your walk head over to the Pillory Pub for a drink.

Places to Eat

If outdoor winter activities aren’t your thing, try visiting one of Plymouth’s many restaurants.
Some of our favorites include:

is plymouth a good place to vacation in the winter?

  • Rye Tavern – a farm-to-table tavern housed in the same location as the original tavern and inn built by Josiah Cornish.
  • Katie’s Burger Bar – Voted Best Burger in the South Shore & Cape Cod
  • The New World Tavern – Hosts live local music and has a large beer selection
  • Dillon’s Local – Has a great bowl of clam chowder

You can’t go wrong with any of these wonderful restaurants.

What is the Weather Like in the Winter in Plymouth?

You may be wondering how cold Plymouth actually is during the winter months. In January, the average high is 39°F and the average low is 18°F with an average snowfall of about 11 inches.

So, while it is cold, it’s certainly not unbearably cold. If you’re looking for a
charming winter getaway, Plymouth is your place!

Is Plymouth a Good Place to Vacation in the Winter?

As you can see Plymouth makes a great winter getaway. Whether you’re looking for a romantic trip for a two or a family-fun holiday trip, Plymouth has everything that you need.




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