4 Best Cape Cod Fishing Tours

The top 4 Cape Cod fishing tours are Reel Deal Fishing Charters, Cape Cod Bay Charters Inc., Tighten Up Charters, and Billingsgate Charters.

4 best cape cod fishing tours

Booking charters and tours are excellent ways to enjoy Cape Cod fishing. Anglers get to access deeper waters and target areas that small boats cannot reach. Families and friends get to experience a fantastic adventure with plenty of delicious fish to eat when you take a Cape Cod fishing tour.

This article educates you on what to expect from different Cape Cod fishing tours.

Read on to effectively plan your next Cape Cod fishing tour with these packages.

1. Reel Deal Fishing Charters

4 best cape cod fishing tours

  • Best time to fish: April through November
  • Duration: 4.5 to 10 hours
  • Cost: Starts from $550
  • Website: www.fishreeldeal.com

The Reel Deal Fishing tour starts from Pamet Harbor, in Truro, where you will enjoy the productive reefs and ideal fishing grounds on the outer Cape. Guided by Captain Bobby Rice, expect a steady ride with the 26 feet SeaCraft tournament center console, or 26 feet SeaCraft Master Angler, center console even on the deepest seas. The boats are powered by twin Mercury Four Stroke 250s engines and are perfect for all kinds of waters.

Additionally, their offshore fishing machine, 33 feet Invincible Open Fisherman center console, with twin Mercury Verado 350s outboard engines, ensures that no fishing time is wasted.

If you’re looking to explore the beautiful coast of Cape Cod, you can’t go wrong with Reel Deal Fishing Charters. The three fully equipped boats offer a comfortable ride with enough space for guests.

What you’ll see and do

The first thing you’ll do during your tour is to collect live bait and fishing gear provided by the captain. Once done, the captain will guide you to explore the rich reefs and wrecks.

You will catch some huge, delicious fish, including Bluefin Tuna, Striped

4 best cape cod fishing tours

Bass, Black Sea Bass, Blue Sharks, and Ground Fish.

Once your trip is over, the captain has some cooking ideas to prepare your meal at home.

If you are going on this tour with your kids, be sure to carry children-sized life jackets.

Also, carry some refreshments, snacks, and don’t forget your sun protection. However, the tour does not allow hard alcohol or coffee cups.

Fishing packages and tickets

Reel Deal Fishing Charters offer different price packages depending on the vessel you use.

Each trip requires a compulsory $100 deposit for a half-day striped bass trip and $200 for a full-day trip. You will need to pay a $300 deposit to book a full-day tuna trip.

For the 26′ SeaCraft boats:

  • Stripers Half-Day – $550 (four people), $625 (five people), $700(six people) (4.5 hours)
  • Stripers Full-Day – $925 (four people), $1000 (five people), $1075 (six people) (8 hours)
  • Tuna Trips – $1,300 (8 to 10 hours)

For the 33′ Invincible boat:

  • Stripers Half-Day – $650 (four people), $725 (five people), $800 (4.5 hours)
  • Stripers Full-Day – $1100 (four people), $1175 (five people), $1250 (six people) (8 hours)
  • Tuna Trips – $1,600 (8 to 10 hours)

You can book your ticket on the tour website or call them on 508-487-3767.

2. Cape Cod Bay Charters Inc.

4 best cape cod fishing tours

  • Best time to fish: May through Mid-October
  • Duration: 4 to 8 hours
  • Cost: available on request
  • Website: www.capecodbaycharters.com

A trip with Cape Cod Bay Charters offers a thrilling experience from Rock Harbor in Orleans. With Captain Hap Farell at the helm, expect nothing short of an excellent fishing tour, whether you’re a beginner or expert angler.

Expect steady sailing even in the choppiest waters with the Stunmai II. The boat is equipped with the latest electronics to give you a fantastic fishing experience.

The captain has expertise in fishing the diverse inshore and nearshore waters. You will get to explore the clean beaches and pristine mangrove lines.

What you’ll see and do

At Cape Cod Bay Charters, you can go on a 4-hour trip in the morning or evening. You will come across many inshore species such as Striped Bass and Bluefish. Also, offshore spots can lead you to Tuna and Sharks.

4 best cape cod fishing tours

This tour involves plenty of spinning, trolling, and jigging. Feel free to go with food, drinks, and sunblock. Captain Hap Farell and the crew guarantees you a fantastic fishing trip as you enjoy the local aquatic life.

Tour cost and tickets

The fishing tour does not provide pricing information on their website. But you can call +1 (508) 240-8264 or send an email to capthap@capecodcharters.com to find out their current rates and make your reservation.

3. Tighten Up Charters

4 best cape cod fishing tours

  • Best time to fish: Memorial Day weekend to November
  • Duration: 4 to 10 hours
  • Cost: Starts from $600
  • Website: www.tightenupcharterscc.com

With over two decades of experience, Captain Matt Perachio enjoys sharing his vast knowledge with fellow anglers anywhere along the Cape. The 27 feet Onslow Bay center console is perfect for guided fishing in the local waters. The boat is powered by a twin Mercury engine and equipped with advanced electronics and navigation.

The boat is built to have everything you need, so you will only focus on fishing.

If you want to have a fantastic time with your family, this tour is perfect for you, as they welcome kids aboard. The captain is always ready to guide you through the basics before you make your first cast.

Tighten Up Charters aims to provide their clients with an excellent fishing adventure.

What you’ll see and do

The Tighten Up Charters tour starts with fishing Tunas, then whales, then Bass, and Bluefish. You will come across many different species, including Striped Bass, Cod, Bluefin Tuna, and Bluefish.

4 best cape cod fishing tours

The waters are also home to all kinds of Sharks, including Mako Sharks, Blue Sharks, Threshers, and more. Many worldwide anglers come to these waters to target Bluefin Tuna.

Expect a relaxed and comfortable ride in the 27’ Onslow Bay center console. Your kids will learn how to hook, rig, and reel it in.

Feel free to bring your food and drinks. You will pass by the captain’s lobster pots on the way home.

Price packages and tickets

Tighten Up Charters offers the following fishing packages for groups of 1 to 4 people:

  • $600 – half-day Stripers (4 hours)
  • $950 – full day Stripers (8 hours)
  • $1,200 – full day Fluke (8 hours)
  • $1,400 – Tuna Trips (8 – 10 hours)
  • $1,400 – Shark Trips (8 – 10 hours)
  • $1,800 per group – A Day on the Water (10 hours)

Each trip requires a $100 deposit. Call the Captain on 203-414-6126 or email the tour at tightenupcharters@gmail.com to make your reservation.

4. Billingsgate Charters

4 best cape cod fishing tours

If you want to have an amazing lobster experience, Billingsgate Lobster Charters is an excellent choice. You can also take the Fishing Charter or a combination of both lobster and sport fishing. The trip offers a fun-filled family adventure alongside plenty of fish and lobsters to eat at a great price.

4 best cape cod fishing tours

Explore Cape Cod with seasoned Captain David Stamatis as he takes you on a memorable ride from Wellfleet. You can bring your family aboard, as kids are allowed here.

Billingsgate fishing tour is ideal for a group of six people, thanks to the spacious 29′ Webbers Cove Lobster Boat. Inspected and certified yearly by the United States Coast Guard, this boat will give you a safe and efficient ride. It features many modern electronics to provide you with a memorable fishing experience.

What you’ll see and do

When fishing, your tour will start from Wellfleet Marine Corp. and continue on the Cape Cod National Seashore fishing through Wellfleet Harbor, Cape Cod Bay, and Provincetown.

4 best cape cod fishing tours

Captain David will make your time during the trip safe, productive, and enjoyable. You will use different techniques, some of which include light tackle, trolling, and deep-sea fishing.

Be prepared to catch species like Striped Bass and Blue Fish with live and cut bait. If you want, you can keep or release your catch.

Price packages and tickets

Billingsgate Charters offer sport fishing and lobster trips. Pricing depends on which of the tours you choose.

For the Lobster Charter:

  • “D-Tails” Lobster Charter – (Max of 6 people) – $450 (3 hours)

For their Sport Fishing Charters:

  • Half Day Sport Fishing Charters – (Max 6 people) – $525 (4 hrs)
  • Half Day Sport Fishing Charters – (Max 6 people) – $625 (5 hrs)
  • Full Day Charters – (Max 6 people) – $1,000 (8 hrs)
  • Additional Hours – $100/hr (based on daily availability)

Combination Charters:

  • Combination Charters – (Max of 6 people) – $550 (4 hours)
  • Combination Charters – (Max of 6 people) – $650 (5 hours)
  • Additional Hours – $100/hr (based on daily availability)

To book your ticket, check on their schedule page to determine availability. You will then need to pay a $100 deposit. You can reach Captain Dave at (781) 706-0145.

The Best of Cape Cod Fishing Tours

Cape Cod is a great fishing destination. One of the best ways to have an amazing fishing experience here is through charters and tours.

You will get to explore the reefs and wrecks while targeting different species of fish in Cape Cod. The top Cape Cod fishing tours are Reel Deal Fishing Charters, Cape Cod Bay Charters Inc., Tighten Up Charters, and Billingsgate Charters.

The tours and price packages we provided will help you plan and have an amazing fishing trip!

If you need more ideas on what to do during your trip to Cape Cod, this list of activities on Cape Cod will give you a thrilling experience.


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