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Cape Cod Xplore welcomes your facility to the Resident Recruitment Program for Senior Living & Retirement Communities to assist these communities in the region to maintain full occupancy and help local seniors find the right place to spend their golden years.

What is the Senior Living & Retirement Community Resident Recruitment Program?

The program is geared towards generating hot leads for the following  groups of retirement communities:
  • Senior Independent Living Communities
  • Senior Assisted Living Facilities

How Does the program work?

A limited listing of communities that provide independent and assisted living services and treatment in the region will be set up on the Cape Cod Xplore website and promoted on all of our social media platforms. Each exclusive listing comes with an inquiry form. When a form is completed and submitted, a copy goes to the community marketing manager, Cape Cod Xplore and the senior or their representative.

How should the lead be handle once received by the community representative?

The lead should be followed-up within 48 hours upon receipt to best benefit all parties concerned.

What is the cost to become a member of the Senior Tour/Resident Recruitment Program?

The cost to list a senior community facility in the Cape Cod Xplore Senior Community Listing Guide is $50 Monthly with a max of 3 listing per region. Regions include Upper Cape, Mid-Cape, Lower Cape, Outer Cape, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and Plymouth.

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