Art of Cape Cod

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For artists, aficionados, and casual admirers alike, Cape Cod offers the most exciting, vibrant, history filled, and varied art scene in America. Cape Cod has long been a beacon of inspiration to artists worldwide. Whether it’s the beauty of a sunset on the beach, the sound of the waves, the smell of the saltwater mingling with flower gardens, the historical architecture, or thefascinating characters you meet, something about Cape Cod brings out the artist in everyone. The myriad of galleries, museums, craft shops, and studios pay tribute to Cape Cod artists as well as those who, struck by the enchantment of the harbors, beaches, and island communities, carried that influence with them and echoed it in their creative works for the rest of their lives. From classic impressionist paintings to disruptive avant-garde sculpture to homegrown styles featuring fish prints and beachcombers’ finds, the Cape Cod art scene offers something for every aesthetic taste and something new to discover every day.

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