Cape Cod Boat Tours & Amazing Marine Life

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Cape Cod may be a relatively small area, but the Cape, Martha’s Vineyard,cape cod boat tours and Nantucket together have over 700 miles of coastline. That translates to hundreds of miles of Cape Cod beaches. Swimming beaches, sunbathing beaches, surfing beaches, fishing beaches, kayaking beaches, bird watching beaches, freshwater beaches, beachcombing beaches, lighthouse beaches, sunset beaches, sunrise beaches – if you can imagine it, Cape Cod has a beach for that.

The waters around Cape Cod and the Islands are teeming with life. Get out on the water for a professional, up close, and personal view of whales and local seal populations. Boat tours are a safe, fun, and awe-inspiring way to see marine life at Cape Cod.cape cod beaches_marine life sharks Touring options include sailing on an iconic schooner, riding in open air family-sized beachcomber boats, or cruising on state-of-the-art eco-friendly vessels with sundecks, climate-controlled cabins, and seating throughout. Cape Cod boat tours focus on seal watching or whale watching, giving you a chance to get face-to-face with humpback whales, say hello to thousands of harbor and gray seals, and catch a glimpse of a great white shark, marlin, or school of tuna.

In addition to the marine life, boat tours offer excellent views of sandy beaches, lighthouses, and picturesque harbors. Since the tours are guided by experienced naturalists or knowledgeable captains, you also get to learn about the wildlife and the history of the area while being regaled with humor and stories of pirates, sharks, and shipwrecks.

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