Fishing on Cape Cod

A Cape Cod exploration is not complete without a fish story and the waters of Cape Cod provide for all kinds of fishing experiences by boat. Whether you’re up for a deep sea exploit or a relaxing day on the harbor, using heavy casting gear or lightweight fly fishing rigs, Cape Cod has you covered.

If you have your own seaworthy vessel, you may already know that the waters around Cape Cod offer some of the best ocean fishing around. Or, you can hire a local Cape Cod fishing charter for a day on the open ocean with a skilled crew to show you the ropes, and help land your catch. The area is known for abundant cod, prize tuna, trophy striped bass and the elusive black sea bass, but you can also find flounder, halibut, shark, and even marlin near the Cape. In the harbors and bays the main targets are striped bass, bluefish, bonito, false albacore, and scup, and anglers are welcome to bring their own boats or rent one to enjoy a fishing adventure to remember.

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