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Top 10 Arborists on Cape Cod

November 01, 2023

Cape Cod and the Islands are a realm of natural beauty, adorned with lush landscapes and captivating greenery. The health and well-being of the region’s trees and plant life play an integral role in preserving this picturesque environment. That’s where arborists on Cape Cod, the tree care experts, come into the picture.

In this article, we embark on a journey to explore the top 10 arborists on Cape Cod. These skilled professionals are the custodians of the area’s arboreal treasures, ensuring their longevity and vitality.

From tree maintenance to removal and everything in between, these arborists exhibit unmatched expertise and a profound commitment to environmental stewardship. Join us as we discover the guardians of Cape Cod’s natural splendor.

10 Skilled Arborists on Cape Cod

1. Chris Lombardi Certified Arborist

top 10 arborist on cape cod and the islands

Address: 239 Main St
City/State: Dennis, Massachusetts

Chris Lombardi, a certified arborist, shines as a prominent figure in the world of tree care on Cape Cod and the Islands. With a dedication to ongoing education and specialized certifications, Chris is a go-to expert for all things arboriculture.

His specialization in hazardous tree removal, intricate tree pruning, ornamental tree care, and round-the-clock emergency services showcases his commitment to tree health and safety. Moreover, his expertise extends to consultations on existing trees and innovative tree planting strategies.

Holding the ISA Certified Arborist designation (NE-7341A) solidifies his position as a trusted professional in the field. Chris Lombardi’s wealth of knowledge and commitment to preserving the region’s arboreal wonders make him a standout among Cape Cod and the Islands’ top arborists.

2. Cape Cod Tree & Landscape

top 10 arborist on cape cod and the islands

Address: 39 Ryder Rd
City/State: Chatham, Massachusetts

Cape Cod Tree & Landscape is a standout among arborists on Cape Cod and the Islands. What truly distinguishes them is their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Their personal 100% no-risk guarantee showcases their dedication to delivering results that leave customers absolutely delighted. If any issue arises, they return promptly to fix it for free. Their love for what they do, and their business’s reputation are paramount.

Exceptional customer service is their hallmark. They prioritize a seamless experience for every customer, offering accessibility through phone, email, and an easy online customer portal for inquiries, bill payment, and service requests. Cape Cod Tree & Landscape also excels in competitive pricing with no hidden charges. As a locally owned and operated business, they combine professionalism with the personalized attention of a small enterprise.

3. S & L Tree Service

top 10 arborist on cape cod and the islands

Address: 9 Huckleberry Path
City/State: Harwich, Massachusetts

S & L Tree Service is a Cape Cod gem that has been tending to the region’s trees for nearly half a century. With roots dating back to 1975, this family-founded and locally owned business has blossomed into a trusted name in arboriculture. Their certified and professional team of trimmers, backed by quality equipment, can tackle a wide range of tree service needs, from removal to pruning and stump grinding.

Skip and Larry, the founders, are true New Englanders, well acquainted with the specific requirements of their community. They offer personalized service, expert advice, and tailored solutions to suit residential, commercial, and industrial needs. S & L Tree Service’s commitment to efficient and effective job completion, even in emergencies, ensures their customers are treated like family. With eco-friendly practices and gas-less chainsaws, they’re not only experts in tree care but also stewards of the environment. When you choose S & L Tree Service, you’re choosing quality, experience, and a commitment to excellence.

4. Cape & Island Tree Service LLC

top 10 arborist on cape cod and the islands

Address: 104 Longview Dr
City/State: Barnstable, Massachusetts

Cape & Islands Tree Service LLC stands out as a dedicated guardian of Cape Cod’s and the Islands’ natural beauty. With a heartfelt commitment to environmental preservation and a profound understanding of arboriculture, they offer a comprehensive suite of tree care services. Their team of certified arborists and tree enthusiasts ensures the vitality and longevity of the region’s trees through meticulous pruning, efficient removal, and sustainable planting.

What sets them apart is their holistic approach, considering not only the trees’ well-being but also their ecological impact and aesthetic value. Cape & Islands Tree Service LLC is a true advocate for environmental sustainability, contributing to a world where trees and humanity thrive in harmony. Their passion for preserving the environment shines through in every project, making them a top choice among the top 10 arborists on Cape Cod and the Islands.

5. Mackenzie Tree Service

top 10 arborist on cape cod and the islands

Address: 10 Lone Tree Rd
City/State: Dennis Port, Massachusetts

Mackenzie Tree Service stands out as a beacon of quality in the world of arboriculture on Cape Cod and the Islands. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality tree services. They approach every project with the care and respect one would give to their own property, ensuring that the customer’s satisfaction and the health of the trees are their top priorities.

One of their hallmarks is their exceptional cleanup, leaving the property as if they were never there. They go the extra mile to protect the environment, using ground protection mats to minimize damage and powerful blowers to clear away all debris.

Specializing in tree removal, tree pruning, brush mowing, stump grinding, and storm damage cleanup, Mackenzie Tree Service is a comprehensive tree care provider. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and outstanding performance has made them a trusted choice among homeowners and businesses in the Cape Cod region.

6. Arbortech Inc

top 10 arborist on cape cod and the islands

Address: 714 MA-6A
City/State: Brewster, Massachusetts

Arbortech Inc. emerges as a locally owned and operated gem among the top arborists on Cape Cod and the Islands. Their commitment to enhancing and preserving outdoor living spaces, whether for new homes or existing ones, sets them apart. No project is too big or small for their skilled staff, who seamlessly blend horticultural expertise and artistic expression to create functional, personalized landscapes that appreciate beauty and value over time.

Serving the greater Mid Cape region, including Brewster, Dennis, Orleans, and beyond, Arbortech’s arborists and landscape professionals stand ready to meet your needs. They prioritize understanding your landscaping requirements, accommodating your preferences, and designing a plan that aligns with your budget.

7. Cape Cod Arborist- Arbor Access

top 10 arborist on cape cod and the islands

Address: 5 Bed River Rd
City/State: South Harwich, Massachusetts

Cape Cod Arborist – Arbor Access stands as a beacon of quality and expertise in the realm of tree care on Cape Cod and the Islands. Their comprehensive range of services, including removals, pruning, and tree preservation, reflects their dedication to maintaining the region’s lush, natural beauty. What truly sets them apart is their team of experienced arborists, who are not only fully insured but also certified by both the Massachusetts Arborist Association and the International Society of Arboriculture.

8. Tim Baker & Sons Tree Service

top 10 arborist on cape cod and the islands

Address: 1 Thorwald Dr
City/State: South Dennis, Massachusetts

Tim Baker & Sons Tree Service is a standout arborist service on Cape Cod and the Islands, renowned for their comprehensive tree care expertise. Their commitment to preserving and enhancing the region’s natural beauty is evident through their top-tier services. Specializing in tree removal, they handle even the most complex tasks with precision and safety, ensuring minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Tree pruning is another area where they excel, enhancing the health and aesthetics of trees, while stump grinding services efficiently eliminate the remnants of removed trees, leaving landscapes looking pristine. With a dedicated focus on customer satisfaction, Tim Baker & Sons Tree Service has built a solid reputation for their tree care prowess. Their presence in the top 10 arborists list is well-deserved, and they are a go-to choice for anyone seeking exceptional tree care services in this scenic region.

9. Bretten S. Johnson Tree Service

top 10 arborist on cape cod and the islands

Address: 52 Commerce Park Rd
City/State: Brewster, Massachusetts

Bretten S. Johnson Tree & Landscape is a distinguished name in the Cape Cod arborist community, known for their unwavering commitment to the region’s trees and landscapes. With a strong focus on professionalism and top-tier services, they’ve earned the trust of many in the area. From tree care to landscaping projects, they exhibit a deep understanding of the local environment and its unique needs. Their dedication to preserving the natural beauty of Cape Cod and the Islands is evident in every project they undertake. For those seeking expert tree and landscape services, Bretten S. Johnson is a reliable choice. Their passion for their work shines through in the results they deliver.

10. All Around Tree & Landscape

top 10 arborist on cape cod and the islands

Address: 112 Great Western Rd Ste 3
City/State: South Dennis, Massachusetts

All Around Tree & Landscape emerges as a top-tier arborist on Cape Cod and the Islands, driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. What truly sets them apart is the foundation of strong client relationships. They take the time to listen to your needs, ensuring that every project not only meets but exceeds your expectations, all while working within your budget. The professional quality results delivered by their highly trained crews reflect their loyalty and respect for clients.

They are known for punctuality and efficient work, ensuring that projects are completed on time and to your specifications. No task is too big or small for All Around Tree & Landscape; their passion lies in catering to all your tree and landscape needs. Their specialized equipment and skilled crew make tree removal and maintenance a breeze. Safety is paramount, and they take every measure to ensure each job is executed safely and efficiently, leaving your property looking pristine. From tree removals to pruning and shrub trimming, they handle it all, including emergency storm care. When it comes to arborists, All Around Tree & Landscape is the final call you need to make on Cape Cod and the Islands.

Boasting a Thriving Ecosystem of Arborists

Cape Cod boasts a thriving ecosystem of arborists, and the top 10 featured in this article truly stand out as the guardians of the region’s natural beauty. From the dedicated and client-focused approach of All Around Tree & Landscape to the specialized skills and equipment employed by each arborist, the commitment to preserving and nurturing the area’s green treasures is evident. These arborists on Cape Cod ensure the health and vitality of trees, promoting environmental stewardship, and enhancing the natural splendor of this picturesque region.

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