Public Basketball Venues in the Cape Cod Region

public basketball venues in the cape cod region

In this article, we will cover the growing world of basketball across Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Plymouth, and Nantucket. From quaint community courts to expansive recreational centers, each venue has a unique selling point that invites locals and visitors alike. Let’s figure out what makes these basketball venues so special.

Basketball Venues on Cape Cod

Basketball Court- Chatham

public basketball venues in the cape cod region

Address: 702 Main St | Chatham, Ma 02633
City/Town: Chatham

Found in the center of Chatham, this basketball court serves as a sports hub for residents looking to enjoy a pickup basketball match. This community space, easily accessible to locals, offers a laid-back yet competitive environment for casual pick-up games, bringing together basketball enthusiasts of all skill levels. The court’s central location fosters a sense of community among Chatham residents, providing an ideal setting for friendly competitions and neighborly connections. Beyond daily use, the court transforms during basketball tournaments, showcasing the town’s spirited sports culture and bringing an extra dose of excitement to Chatham’s athletic landscape.

Brewster Recreation Department

public basketball venues in the cape cod region

Address: 2298 Main St |Brewster, Ma 02631
City/Town: Brewster

The Brewster Recreation Department has a rich history of providing diverse and engaging basketball programs for various age groups. Catering to the youngest enthusiasts, the Tiny-Tots Basketball program introduces children aged 3.5 to 4 to the fundamentals of the game, fostering early athletic development. The Kinder Basketball program targets ages 5 to 6, offering a more advanced curriculum to enhance skills and enthusiasm. For ages 7 and 8, the department provides a dedicated basketball experience, instilling teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Expanding the offerings to Grades 3-6, the department offers Children Basketball programs for each grade level. From Grades 3-4 to Grades 5-6, participants engage in skill-building sessions and organized competitions, creating a pathway for continuous development within the Brewster community. The well-structured schedules ensure a balanced and enjoyable basketball experience for young athletes at every stage of their journey.

Wellfleet Basketball Court

public basketball venues in the cape cod region

Address: 41-87 Kendrick Ave | Wellfleet, Ma 02667
City/Town: Wellfleet

Wellfleet Basketball Court, rooted in the town’s recreational fabric, has a rich history intertwined with community engagement. The court’s significance is emphasized by its association with the Wellfleet Recreation youth basketball program, fostering athletic development and camaraderie among local youngsters. Strategically situated at Wellfleet Elementary School, with additional summer operations at Baker’s Field, the court serves as a dynamic venue for sporting endeavors. The transition from the former Nauset Integrated Preschool Classroom to its current stature as a hub for youth basketball underscores its adaptability and enduring role in Wellfleet’s sporting legacy. This court stands not only as a physical space for games but also as a symbol of the town’s commitment to nurturing athletic talent and fostering a sense of community.

Hyannis Youth & Community Center

Address: 141 Bassett Ln | Hyannis, Ma 02601
City/Town: Hyannis

Hyannis Youth & Community Center, owned and operated by the Town of Barnstable is a welcoming place for both residents and Cape Cod visitors, providing affordable year-round indoor entertainment for families. With twin rinks, a wood floor gymnasium, an elevated walking track, game room, computer lab, cafe, and a pro shop, the center boasts a comprehensive array of facilities. In the realm of sports, it offers diverse programs, including ice skating, hockey, basketball, tennis, and various athletic activities. The facility’s commitment to community engagement is evident through its open gym basketball sessions, fostering a space for both youth and adults to enjoy the sport in a supportive and inclusive environment. Whether it’s a spirited game of basketball, ice skating on twin rinks, or participating in special events, Hyannis Youth & Community Center thrives as a dynamic hub for sports and recreation on Cape Cod.

Brooks Park

public basketball venues in the cape cod region

Address: 1 Oak St | Harwich, Ma 02645
City/Town: Harwich

Brooks Park in Harwich, MA, given its full name is the one stop destination for pickleball enthusiasts, boasting eight outdoor hard courts with permanent lines and nets. These dedicated and well-maintained courts provide a vibrant space for players of all levels, offering the perfect setting for impromptu games. The courts, available free of charge, exemplify accessibility and community engagement. In addition to pickleball, Brooks Park caters to basketball enthusiasts with two courts—a full court and a half court—providing diverse options for those looking to enjoy the thrill of a basketball match. The park ensures a complete experience for players, offering facilities such as restrooms, water access, and lighting, extending the enjoyment well into the evening hours.

Johnny A. Kelley Recreation Area

public basketball venues in the cape cod region

Address: 180 Old Bass River Rd | South Dennis, Ma 02660
City/Town: South Dennis

The Johnny A. Kelley Recreation Area, a tribute to the legendary marathon runner Johnny Kelley, is a multi-sport recreational haven in Dennis. This multifunctional space boasts tennis courts, ball fields, a playground, basketball courts and a picnic area. The recreational trail, approximately 0.5 miles in length, meanders through fields and woodlands, offering a scenic escape for local walkers. With plans for future expansion, including a proposed pool and indoor gym facility, the area continues to evolve. Fitness enthusiasts appreciate the trail’s fitness course stations, while a braille trail with descriptive signs adds an inclusive touch. Hosting events like the Dennis Festival Days 5K, sponsored by the Dennis Chamber of Commerce on Labor Day, the Johnny A. Kelley Recreation Area stands as a vibrant community space catering to various recreational interests.

Yarmouth Recreation Department

public basketball venues in the cape cod region

Address: 424 MA-28 | West Yarmouth, Ma 02673
City/Town: West Yarmouth

The Yarmouth Recreation Department has a rich history of providing engaging and inclusive basketball programs. In the upcoming 2023-2024 season, the center is set to continue its basketball offerings with a range of programs tailored for various age groups. Basketball Sponsorship remains a prominent feature, fostering community involvement and support for this beloved sport. For the youngest enthusiasts, the Pre-K category introduces the fundamentals, while Grades K-1 delve deeper into skill development. The program expands to include Children in Grades 2-3, Grades 4-5, and Grades 6-8, accommodating players at different skill levels. With a commitment to nurturing both individual growth and teamwork, Yarmouth Recreation Department’s basketball initiatives play a vital role in promoting a love for the game among the town’s youth.

Martha’s Vineyard

YMCA of Martha’s Vineyard-Basketball Court

public basketball venues in the cape cod region

Address: 111R Edgartown Vineyard Haven Rd
City/State/Zip Code: Oak Bluffs, MA 02568

The YMCA of Martha’s Vineyard is known for fostering community well-being, striving to fulfill its mission of enhancing the lives of island residents. With a focus on youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility, the YMCA provides a vital space for the island’s 21,000 year-round residents and over 7,000 individuals of all ages to engage in health and wellness programs. Among its offerings, the basketball court holds a special place as an arena where both youth and adults partake in the physical and social benefits of the sport. The YMCA’s commitment to inclusivity is evident, with over 50% of the island community participating in its diverse programs, and up to 50% of youth receiving financial assistance in various initiatives, including Summer Camp and After School programs. With a visionary goal to establish a year-round recreational community center, the YMCA aspires to unite Islanders and visitors, inspiring development and addressing diverse community needs.

Robinson Road Recreation Area

public basketball venues in the cape cod region

Address: 7 Marchants Path | Edgartown, Ma 02539
City/Town: Edgartown

The Robinson Road Recreation Area offers community recreation, with its rich history dating back several decades. Boasting basketball courts and various facilities, this center has been a focal point for sports enthusiasts, providing open access to all courts and fields on a first-come, first-serve basis. The inclusivity is underscored by the absence of usage fees, making it an inviting space for everyone.

Chappaquiddick Community Center

public basketball venues in the cape cod region

Address: Chappaquiddick Rd, Edgartown, Ma 02539
City/Town: Edgartown

The Chappaquiddick Community Center founded on September 4, 1987, emerged as a dream to foster friendship, closeness, and appreciation among Chappaquiddick’s growing island community. This vision became a reality through the generosity of the Brine family, who donated 3 acres of land. Completed in 1995, the center stands as a testament to community spirit, offering a hub for recreation, education, and social events. With a focus on preserving Chappaquiddick’s unique charm and beauty, the center features a stunning library housing historical displays and books by local authors. This welcoming space has become a cornerstone for community engagement, reflecting the island’s commitment to shared experiences and a deep appreciation for its rich history.

Chilmark Community Center

public basketball venues in the cape cod region

Address: 520 S Rd | Chilmark, Ma 02535
City/Town: Chilmark

The Chilmark Community Center is a cherished social haven on Martha’s Vineyard, catering to both Chilmark locals and island visitors. During the bustling summer months of July and August, the center becomes a hive of activity with diverse programs for all age groups. Children enjoy playschool and a comprehensive morning program, while adults partake in exercise classes and various activities. The center’s commitment to spontaneity and informality fosters a sense of community, where families gather naturally, and children of all ages interact effortlessly. Financially sustained through fees and voluntary contributions, the Chilmark Community Center embodies the island’s pride, offering a unique blend of unstructured enjoyment and engaging programming that has made it a beloved fixture in Chilmark’s cultural landscape.


Stephens Fields

public basketball venues in the cape cod region

Address: Union St | Plymouth, Ma 02360
City/Town: Plymouth

Stephens Fields in Plymouth, is spread across 7 acres of natural landscape along Plymouth Harbor, offering a place for sports enthusiasts and families to enjoy. Named in honor of the Stephens family, whose initial land donation shaped its existence, the park shows a clear commitment to fostering community spirit and improving shared recreational spaces. With amenities ranging from a baseball diamond and a tennis complex with four courts to a basketball court, Stephens Fields caters to diverse sporting interests. The addition of a junior league/softball field and a newly installed play structure near the picnic area enhances the park’s family-friendly appeal, ensuring it remains a cherished community space. The historical journey of Stephens Fields, from marshland to its present state through land reclamation efforts, underscores its evolution into a multifaceted hub for sports, leisure, and family-centric activities against the scenic backdrop of Plymouth.

Elmer E Raymond Jr Memorial

public basketball venues in the cape cod region

Address: 1138 Long Pond Road | Cedarville, Ma 02360
City/Town: Cedarville

The Elmer E. Raymond Jr. Memorial Park, a cherished recreational gem, unfolds a rich tapestry of offerings for sports enthusiasts and nature admirers alike. It has well-maintained basketball and tennis courts, softball, and soccer fields. Perhaps the piece de resistance happens to be the 2 expansive baseball fields measuring 90′ and 60′, the park is a haven for spirited games.

The park also goes further providing a designated picnic area for families to unwind. A winding nature trail offers a serene escape, allowing contemplative strolls amidst the park’s scenic beauty. Play equipment adds a youthful charm, creating an inclusive environment that resonates with families. Elmer E. Raymond Jr. Memorial Park stands testament to a full blend of sports, leisure, and nature, etching a legacy in the hearts of its visitors.


Tom Nevers Field

Address: 130 Tom Nevers Rd | Nantucket, Ma 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

Tom Nevers Field is located on Nantucket’s tranquil south shore, steeped in a rich history of fostering active lifestyles for island residents. This remote complex, graced with a basketball court, exudes nostalgic charm through its classic amenities. Asides from the basketball court, a baseball/softball diamond is also available enabling sports fans to enjoy matches beneath the island’s expansive skies. With benches for contemplation, bike racks promoting eco-friendly transport, and ample parking ensuring accessibility, the field caters to various needs. A pavilion provides shelter, while picnic areas offer idyllic settings for outdoor gatherings. The playground, surfaced with sand, welcomes children to frolic around in the sand safely.

The Nantucket Boys & Girls Club

public basketball venues in the cape cod region

Address: 61 Sparks Ave | Nantucket, Ma 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

Established as a private, non-profit agency, the Nantucket Boys & Girls Club (NBGC) has been a cornerstone for school-age youth from 1st to 12th grade, providing a haven for growth and Area development. Emphasizing academic achievement, good character, citizenship, and healthy lifestyles, the NBGC is part of a nationwide network dedicated to shaping responsible citizens and leaders. With a commitment to inclusivity, the NBGC ensures that youth, especially those in need, have access to quality programs. With a team of 22 professional staff, supplemented by high school students and volunteers, the NBGC offers a diverse range of daily programs fostering health, education, social skills, vocational development, character building, and leadership. As a facility-based organization, the NBGC sis the community’s way of sharing hope and opportunity for over 1,200 boys and girls, empowering them to take control of their lives and achieve their goals under the guidance of caring mentors.

Basketball Venues: A Hub For the Community to Gather

While exploring the basketball landscapes of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Plymouth, and Nantucket, we have discovered that these courts aren’t just spaces for physical activity, but they also function as a hub for the community to gather. From the bustling courts in Chatham to the historic charm of Tom Nevers Field in Nantucket, these venues foster connections, nurture talent, and stand as testament to the enduring love for basketball in this beautiful region.

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