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15 Famous Cape Cod Artists, Painters And Sculptors

October 30, 2023

Cape Cod’s enchanting landscapes and vibrant artistic spirit have long inspired creative minds. In this article, we explore 15 vibrant Cape Cod artists and art galleries who call this picturesque peninsula their home.

Each artist brings their unique vision to life against the backdrop of Cape Cod’s natural beauty.

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1. Heather Blume Fine Art

15 famous cape cod artists, painters and sculptors​

Address: 19 Old Tavern Lane, Harwich Port

Heather Blume, a native of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, emerges as one of the prominent Cape Cod artists in the region’s vibrant art scene. With a strong artistic lineage as the daughter of artist Rachel Ellis Kaufman, Blume’s creative journey has been profoundly influenced by her surroundings. She holds a BFA summa cum laude in Painting from the University of North Florida and an MFA cum laude in Sculpture from the New York Academy of Art.

2. Pepitone Art

15 famous cape cod artists, painters and sculptors​

Address: 46 Bradford St, Provincetown, MA 02657

Richard Pepitone, born in 1936, is a distinguished artist whose work has left an indelible mark on Cape Cod’s artistic landscape. With a career spanning decade, Pepitone’s journey began with apprenticeship to Alfred Van Loen and further studies in Florence, Italy, at the Academy of Fine Arts. His artistic pursuits led him to open his first studio in New York before establishing himself as a permanent resident of Provincetown for over half a century.

3. Donna Mahan Studios

15 famous cape cod artists, painters and sculptors​

Address: 446 Rt 6, North Truro, MA 02652

Donna Mahan Studios, led by the talented artist Donna Mahan, is a prominent fixture among Cape Cod’s artistic elite. As a primarily self-taught sculptor, Mahan’s work transcends boundaries, blending glass, metal, wood, and found objects to craft captivating and richly textured abstract pieces. Her artistry often begins with a single found object, which she masterfully transforms into intricate sculptures and vibrant panels.

4. David Lewis Sculptor

15 famous cape cod artists, painters and sculptors​

David Lewis, a true Cape Cod native, has established himself as a renowned sculptor with a unique artistic journey. Born and raised on Cape Cod, Lewis ventured into various professions before discovering his passion for sculpture. Notably, Lewis has earned acclaim through high-profile public commissions, including the striking life-size bronze of Sachem Iyanough in Hyannis.

5. Addison Art Gallery

15 famous cape cod artists, painters and sculptors​

Address: 43 S Orleans Rd, Orleans

Addison Art Gallery, celebrating its remarkable 25th season, stands as a beacon of artistic excellence on Cape Cod. Founded by an artist with a passion for marketing, it embodies a profound commitment to artists’ representation and artistic quality. The gallery’s careful selection of Cape Cod artists, both regional and national, reflects its dedication to nurturing talent.

6. Underground Art Gallery

15 famous cape cod artists, painters and sculptors​

Address: 673 Sastucket Rd, Brewster

Karen North Wells is a Cape Cod renowned artist and the owner of the Underground Art Gallery, an artistic gem nestled in Cape Cod’s vibrant creative scene. With a passion for impressionistic painting, Karen excels in a diverse range of subjects, including florals, boats, landscapes, and buildings, infusing each piece with a touch of happiness and healing.

7. deCastellane Gallery

15 famous cape cod artists, painters and sculptors​

Address: 699 Main St, Dennisport, MA 02639

The deCastellane Gallery, helmed by owner Hans de Castellane, stands as a vibrant testament to Cape Cod’s artistic legacy. Hans, a Cape Cod native, infuses his unique perspective into the gallery’s offerings. His colorful, stylized portraits of beloved Cape landmarks capture the essence of this coastal paradise, echoing the architectural fascination and luminous play of light akin to the renowned Edward Hopper.

8. Carrie Megan Landscapes- Gallery on Jarves

15 famous cape cod artists, painters and sculptors​

Address: 2 Jarves St, Sandwich, MA 02563

Carrie Megan’s landscapes, highlighted at the Gallery on Jarves, bring the unique essence of Cape Cod’s natural beauty to life through the medium of oils. Having transitioned from botanical art, where she meticulously captured the intricate details of plant life, Megan now explores broader vistas and emotions found in New England’s diverse landscapes.

Her work captures the interplay of light and color, reflecting the essence of each place and moment. With a background in graphic design and art direction, Megan’s artistic journey has evolved, allowing her to tap into instinctive creativity and offer viewers a profound connection to Cape Cod’s scenic wonders.

9. Eldred’s

15 famous cape cod artists, painters and sculptors​

Address:1483 Route 6a, East Dennis, MA 02641

Eldred’s is a venerable institution in the world of art and antiques, firmly establishing its legacy as one of the top destinations for collectors on Cape Cod and beyond. Founded in 1947 by Robert C. Eldred, Sr., it is the oldest continuously operating auction house in New England, spanning three generations of the Eldred family.  Its influence extends well beyond its historic Route 6A location, making it a significant player among the top Cape Cod artists, sculptors, and painters.

10. Sophia Dress- Faces

top 15 vibrant artists, painters, and sculptors on cape cod

Address: 668 Main St, Dennis Port, MA 02639

Faces stands as an exceptional addition to Cape Cod’s artistic landscape. Operating as an artist-owned gallery, studio, and event space, Faces provides a dynamic platform for a diverse range of art forms and media. At the heart of this creative venture is Sophia Dress, a gifted artist and designer renowned for her woodworking prowess.  Sophia’s work beautifully melds modern design with the rich rusticity of reclaimed materials sourced from Cape Cod itself. 

11. Jane Lincoln Artist

15 famous cape cod artists, painters and sculptors​

Address: 441 Central Ave, East Falmouth, MA 02536

Jane Lincoln, an accomplished artist hailing from Cape Cod, brings her unique perspective to the realm of art. With a focus on precision in color and the exploration of color relationships, Lincoln’s work transcends boundaries. Her educational background includes an MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and a BA from St. Lawrence University.


12. H. Jean Hynes Fine Art

top 15 vibrant artists, painters, and sculptors on cape cod

Address: West Yarmouth, MA 02673

H. Jean Hynes, a gifted artist born and raised in Missouri, found her true calling as an artist from a young age. At just 13, she began her journey in oil painting, driven by the compelling need to bring the vivid images in her mind to life on canvas. Her passion for art has always been a constant throughout her life, with a special affinity for drawing and capturing the essence of animals.

13. Holland Jim

15 famous cape cod artists, painters and sculptors​

Address: 82 Rt 6a Apt 5, Orleans, MA 02653

Jim Holland, born in 1955 in Schenectady, NY, is a distinguished artist known for his unique approach to painting. From an early age, Holland’s fascination with art was evident, spending countless hours immersed in his parents’ art history books. In high school, he ventured into photography, a pivotal step that honed his keen observational and compositional skills.His paintings beautifully convey the interplay of light, space, and the ocean’s proximity, with colors ranging from vivid to subdued.

14. Kemp Pottery

15 famous cape cod artists, painters and sculptors​

Address: 9 Rt 6a, Orleans, MA 02653

Kemp Pottery, a cherished studio/gallery on Cape Cod, has been a creative haven since 1978 under the skilled hands of Steven Kemp. In 2002, his son Matt Kemp joined as a partner, fostering a dynamic artistic collaboration. They specialize in crafting stoneware and porcelain pieces, employing various techniques such as graffito, glaze painting, and sculpture.  Together, they create a diverse range of exquisite pottery, emphasizing both artistic beauty and functionality, making Kemp Pottery a notable gem among Cape Cod artists.

15. Gallery 31 Fine Art

15 famous cape cod artists, painters and sculptors​

Address: 34 Main St, Orleans

Gallery 31 Fine Art, nestled in Cape Cod, stands out with its collection of accomplished artists and high-caliber paintings. Owned and managed by professional artist Sherry Rhyno, the gallery offers insights from both curator and artist perspectives. It specializes in pastel and oil but features a range of art mediums.  With a focus on pastels, this exclusive Cape Cod gallery invites guests to savor the art, learn about the artists, and take-home enduring pieces of joy.

Summing up the Cape’s Art Scene

Cape Cod’s artistic legacy thrives through these talented individuals who craft visual stories that resonate with the soul. Whether you’re a seasoned art enthusiast or just beginning your artistic journey, these remarkable artists, painters and sculptors on Cape Cod invite you to explore their captivating creations, fostering a deeper connection with the artistry of this unique coastal haven.

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