Cape Cod Boat Charters and Tours

By: Marguerite Wiser

The miles of shoreline, access to the open ocean waters, and abundance of marine life make Cape Cod and the Islands a premier destination for a variety of boat tours and charters. From a number of excellent whale, shark, and seal watching tours, to fishing charters, and harbor and sunset cruises,cape cod boat charters_cape cod fishing_fishing by boat many local businesses are here to meet your boating needs!

Charter services will do all the work for you and deliver memorable experiences in the waters around the Cape. 

Each season, April through October, a number of whale species congregate to feed in the plankton-rich waters off of Cape Cod. Similarly, each season visitors gather to enjoy whale watching cruises, spotting the gentle giants gliding through the waters. From large vessels with lots of fellow whale watchers, equipped with indoor cabin space and other amenities, to small tours of six people or less on charter vessels, whale watches and other wildlife sighting tours are great fun! While on the water you might see humpback, finback, pilot, right, or minke whales. For those looking to learn more about the history of whaling in the area, Nantucket offers tours of the island’s whaling history as well as whale watching tours.

Still more Cape Cod charter tours offer a chance to view seals sunning on sandbars or bobbing in the waves, plentiful birds, or even a glimpse of a great white’s fin cutting through blue-green waters of Chatham’s Shark Alley. Shark tours often work with spotter pilots to direct tours to the massive beasts, making sightings likely. You may even spot the weird and wild Mola-Mola (ocean sunfish) flopping across the surface!

cape cod boat charters_cape cod boating_cape cod fishing_person deep sea fishingThe waters around Cape Cod and the Islands are also a great destination for fishermen of all types! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes in the water, there is a charter fishing trip for you. There are a variety of options for anglers who will enjoy bobbing the swells, hunting striped bass, blue fish, tuna, sea bass, and more, as well as for those looking to fly fish, lobster, or do some shell fishing!

Charter boat tours are also a great way to beat the crowds and enjoy time on the water. Take a day trip along the coastline, taking in the salt air and spectacular views of lighthouses, beaches, and dunes. Many charter services offer sunset cruises and can design custom tours for special occasions like weddings or proposals! Cruise through the harbor on an ice cream cruise or enjoy an evening cocktail charter.

Whether you’re hauling lobster traps, watching whales breach, reeling in a big one, or sipping a cocktail as the sun sets, taking a charter boat is a great way to make the most of your time on Cape Cod and the Islands!

If a powerboat isn’t your speed, be sure to check out Sailing Charters and Kayak & Paddling Tours.

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