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Cape Cod Tours: Historical, Cultural, Driving, and Walking Tours

There are a variety of Cape Cod excursions and tours offered throughout the region both  guided or self-directed. Learn more about the unique history,historic culture_cape cod tours_cape cod walking tours landscapes, and culture of Cape Cod and the Islands while walking through a historic village, or take in impressive houses, unique architecture, and stunning ocean views on a driving tour. Cape Cod excursions and tours offer visitors a deeper insight into how the area came to be what it is today and can enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the area.

Cape Cod Excursions and Tours

Let’s take a look at the wide variety of options for visitors looking for the perfect choice of Cape Cod excursions and tours. Whether you want to want to stroll through town, drive down a scenic road, or enjoy some of the culinary culture of the area, there are Cape Cod tours for you!

Cape Cod Tours: Walking

A number of Cape Cod walking tours get visitors right into the history of some of the villages and their unique architecture. If you’d like to see Provincetown through a group of tourists walking_cape cod walking tours_cape cod toursunique historical perspective, consider the Anne Hutchinson Tour, a performative tour led by the banished Puritan herself! Knockabout’s tour of Oak Bluffs takes visitors through notable neighborhoods and scenic spots, and offers insight into the region’s development. A few tours even combine a historical look at the villages with samplings from a variety of restaurants. Walking tours are perfect for getting familiar with some of the villages and towns on Cape Cod and the Islands. Lace up your sneakers and enjoy!

Cape Cod Tours: Driving

If you’d rather see the sights with the benefit of air-conditioning and a window seat, a driving tour of Cape Cod may be the right choice for you. A number of tours on the Islands and Cape Cod offer visitors the chance to cover more ground than a walking tour and the chance to explore outside of the downtown areas. A number of driving tours on the Islands will show visitors historical homes of sea captains, the homes of notable people, beautiful overlooks, and more. Nantucket even offers a photography tour that takes amateur photographers to some of the prime spots on the island for a perfect shot! If you’re looking to venture off the beaten track, Art’s Dune Tours in Provincetown takes visitors into the sand dunes of the Peaked Hill Bars Historic District to explore the fascinating dune environment, and to learn about the artists who spent time in the rustic shacks that dot the dunes. In North Truro, the Hopper Househistoric district and lighthouse_cape cod tours tour guides art enthusiasts along country lanes, noting the inspirations for Edward Hopper’s paintings. For those looking to have a spooky time, the Barnstable Village Haunted & History Walking Tour may be your kind of adventure.

Cape Cod Tours: Self-Guided

In addition to many excellent guided tour options, visitors can also enjoy a self-guided tour. Walk the Captain’s Mile in Yarmouth Port to view over 50 historic homes of 18th and 19th century sea captains. In addition to the Captain’s Mile, the Historical Society of Old Yarmouth also offers self-guided tours of villages, architecture, and the ghost stories, myths, and legends of the area. The Kennedy Legacy Trail in Hyannis offers visitors a chance to learn from a series of informational signs over the 1.6-mile trail, starting at the JFK Hyannis Museum.

Cape Cod tours are a great way to explore the area, gaining more insight into the history, culture, and unique attributes of the peninsula. So, find one of the perfect Cape Cod excursions and tours and get Xploring!

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