Cape Cod Aquaculture: Cape Cod Shellfish Farms

cape cod aquaculture: cape cod shellfish farms

Cape Cod shellfish farms ranging in size from large operations to one-person sites. These aquaculture operations primarily produce oysters, though some also grow sugar kelps, bay scallops, and more. Oysters are usually named for the waters they are grown in, and just like wine, many folks have developed a preference for oysters from one estuary or another. The best way to figure out your favorite Cape & Islands’ oyster is to try them all!

Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts

Buzzards Bay Oysters Farm

cape cod aquaculture: cape cod shellfish farms

City/Town: Buzzards Bay

Buzzards Bay Oysters are grown on a small farm located just off the coast of beautiful South Dartmouth, Massachusetts. A scenic boat ride through the harbor of charming Padanaram Village opens right up into Buzzards Bay, where our farm is situated near the old steamship pier at Nonquitt Beach.

Our oysters spend most of their lives in floating cages. They are fed by the ebb and flow of The Bay’s tides, which gently lap the shores of the 60+ acre Nonquitt salt marsh to the east. The farm was carefully placed in a spot where oysters could flourish– in a sheltered site, secluded from excess interference, with a good tidal exchange… oh, and the view is a nice bonus.

Falmouth, Massachusetts

Ward Aquafarms

cape cod aquaculture: cape cod shellfish farms

Address: Megansett Harbor, North Falmouth, MA 02556
Geo Code: 41.653643, -70.630005
City/Town: Falmouth

Description: Ward Aquafarms produces oysters, sugar kelp, and bay scallops in North Falmouth, East Falmouth, and Orleans. In addition to the market sized shellfish, Ward Aquafarms also sells oyster and bay scallop seed. They also collaborate with scientific groups, and helps the towns of Bourne, Orleans, and Falmouth with their shellfish propagation programs.

Barnstable, Massachusetts

cape cod aquaculture: cape cod shellfish farms

Barnstable Seafarms

cape cod aquaculture: cape cod shellfish farms

Geo Code: 40.711493, -70.279078
City/Town: Barnstable
Address: 98 Governors Way, Barnstable, MA 02630

Description: Growing oysters at two sites in Barnstable Harbor and in Osterville, Barnstable Seafarms supplies Sandy Neck and Garrison Point oysters to local restaurants and wholesalers. They have been operating since 1991 and offer raw bars for events as well as oyster tours through the Audubon Society.

Blish Point Oyster Farm

cape cod aquaculture: cape cod shellfish farms

Address: Barnstable Harbor
City/Town: Barnstable
Geo Code: 41.721874, -70.342203

Description: According to shellfish distributor Pangea Shellfish Co, David Cranshaw of Blish Point Oyster Farm produces cocktail oysters with deep cups and clean shells in Barnstable Harbor. The oysters are naturally tumbled naturally by the ten-foot tides.

Scorton Creek Oysters

cape cod aquaculture: cape cod shellfish farms

Address: 90 Alderbrook Ln, West Barnstable, MA 02668
City/Town: West Barnstable
Geo Code: 41.721199, -70.343353

Description: Scorton Creek Oysters are grown in cages on the edge of the Great Marsh in Barnstable Harbor. The Mullin family has been running the business producing quality oysters since 1996.


cape cod aquaculture: cape cod shellfish farms

Address: 91 Chapin Beach Road | Dennis, Ma
City/Town: Dennis

Description: The company’s focuses on spawning, growing, and the nurturing of the best quality, highest grade of shellfish.
The ARC Hatchery is an elaborate operation, likely the largest on the eastern seaboard that grows oysters, clams, and other aquaculture species from spawn to a fully grown and ready to eat by consumers. This company plays the pivotal role of producing most of the shellfish consumed by restaurant throughout New England. Their distribution channels include restaurants, growers, chefs, and reef-builders throughout the country.

East Dennis Oyster Farm

Address: 484 Center Street, Dennis, MA 02639
City/Town: Dennis        

Geo Code: 41.762355, -70.130076

Description: John and Stephanie Lowell have grown the highly sought-after East Dennis Oysters in the tidal flats off of Quivett Neck since 2003. They grow the oysters off bottom and generally have as many as 200,000 oysters in production during any given season. They sell the oysters directly to consumers, restaurants, and wholesale to fish markets across the country.

Davenport Oyster Company

Address: 202 Depot St. Dennis, MA 02639
City/Town: Dennis
Geo Code: 41.761168, -70.129486

Description: Jamie Davenport grows plump oysters in the tidal waters on Mayflower Point in Dennis. The oysters are started in mesh bags and then grown out on Aqua trays. The oysters have a medium brine with a clean finish.

Orleans, Massachusetts

Barley Neck Sea Farms

Geo Code: 41.763001, -69.945069
Address: Orleans, MA 02653
City/Town: Orleans

Description: The oldest farm in Pleasant Bay, Peter Orcutt’s Barley Neck Sea Farm grows plump, deep cup oysters with a simple, clean brine. The oysters are grown in submerged cages.

Brewster, Massachusetts

cape cod aquaculture: cape cod shellfish farms

Paines Creek Oyster Co.

Geo Code: 41.76555, -70.10748
Address: Brewster Flats, MA
City/Town: Brewster

Description: Family owned and operated by the Werzanski family since 2007, Paines Creek Oyster Co. grows small-cup cocktail oysters just off Brewster where Paines Creek meets Cape Cod Bay. The oysters are sold in restaurants across New England and at the family’s restaurant, Joey’s Pizzeria in Dennisport.

Chatham, Massachusetts

cape cod aquaculture: cape cod shellfish farms

Chatham Shellfish Co

Geo Code: 41.68452, -69.97685
Address: 393 Barn Hill Rd, Chatham, MA
City/Town: Chatham

Description: Growing oysters since 1976 on the ‘elbow’ of Cape Cod in Chatham, the Chatham Shellfish Company produces oysters year-round in Oyster Pond. Available in a variety of grades, Pangea Shellfish Co’s “Oysterology” notes that these beauties feature a strong mineral brine and lingering slate finish that pairs well with a double IPA.

Wellfleet, Massachusetts

cape cod aquaculture: cape cod shellfish farms

Holbrook Oyster, Wellfleet

Geo Code: 41.928699, -70.033792
Address: 4380 State Highway, Eastham, MA 02642
City/Town: Eastham

Description: Holbrook Oyster is a two-acre family run farm in Wellfleet Harbor located near the mouth of the Herring River. The oysters get their firm texture, sweet flavor, and clean finish from the clean sandy bottom, cold water, big tides, and rich nutrients of Wellfleet Harbor.

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

cape cod aquaculture: cape cod shellfish farms

Cottage City Oysters

Geo Code: 41.46074, -70.58678
Address: Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard

Description: Brothers Dan and Greg Martino are on a mission to, “Grow the best damn oyster that we can in the most environmentally positive way possible.” Their open ocean farm offers tours, educational speaker events, collaborates on research with the University of Southern Connecticut and WHOI, and on-the-water raw bars. In addition to their oysters, they are now growing a winter kelp crop!

Signature Oyster Farm

cape cod aquaculture: cape cod shellfish farms

Geo Code: 41.359085, -70.487535
Address: Forever Wild Way- Katama Bay, Edgartown, MA 02539
City/Town: Edgartown

Description: In the heart of Katama Bay on Martha’s Vineyard, Ryan Smith grows and sells top quality oysters directly to customers, local restaurants, and to wholesalers in Boston and beyond. Signature Oyster Farm also offers BYOB tours of the farm in which visitors learn about the aquaculture operation, sample oysters, and enjoy a spin around Edgartown Harbor.

Cuttyhunk Shellfish Farms

cape cod aquaculture: cape cod shellfish farms

Geo Code: 41.414012, -70.946325
Address: Grow Oysters in West End Pond,
City/Town: Cuttyhunk, MA

Description: Seth and Dorothy Garfield of Cuttyhunk Shellfish Farms have been growing and serving up oysters in Buzzards Bay since 1981. They raise Belon Oysters as well as the Cuttyhunk Oyster in Japanese lantern nets. Hail them on the VHF (Ch. 72) to place your order for the Harbor Raw Bar!

Great Harbor Oysters

cape cod aquaculture: cape cod shellfish farms

Geo Code: 41.285035, -70.083432
Address: PO Box 3621, Nantucket, MA 02584
City/Town: Nantucket

Description: The Connors family believes “It takes a great harbor to grow a great oyster.” They produce decadent oysters grown in floating cages in Nantucket’s Great Harbor.

Pocomo Meadow Oysters, Nantucket

cape cod aquaculture: cape cod shellfish farms

Geo Code: 41.307187, -70.025395
City/Town: Nantucket

Description: Located on the south side of Pocomo Point near the mouth of Polpis Harbor in Nantucket, Pocomo Meadow Oysters produces sweet briny oysters on the seafloor which can be found at their farm to table raw bar, Hang Ten Raw Bar.

Fifth Bend Oyster Farm

cape cod aquaculture: cape cod shellfish farms

Address: Head of the Harbor
City/Town: Nantucket
Geo Code: 41.307154, -70.025284

Description: Learn more about oysters and their impact on the ecosystem at Simon Edward’s Fifth Bend Oyster Farm at the Head of the Harbor in Nantucket by joining one of the tours offered through a collaboration of Shearwater Excursions and the Nantucket Land Council.

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