Top 10 Casual Restaurants on Nantucket

top 10 casual restaurants on nantucket

September 04, 2023

Nantucket is a beautiful small island with gorgeous duned beaches, making it an excellent spot for tourists especially in summers. It is stretched 14 miles and is located 30 miles off from Cape Cod. People visit this island to enjoy refreshing ocean breezes and delicious local seafood.

Fortunately, there are plenty of casual restaurants on Nantucket that provide a good selection of locally sourced and farm fresh seafood. These restaurants are perfect for hanging out with friends or spending quality time with your family while enjoying the delicious foods.

Our Top picks for Casual Restaurants on Nantucket

1. Millie’s Restaurant – Best for Families

top 10 casual restaurants on nantucket

Address: 326 Madaket Rd, Nantucket, MA 02554, USA
State: Massachusetts

Millie’s is one of the best places for families as it has an extra comfortable and casual setup. The restaurant is located 30 minutes drive from Nantuck’s downtown district. The restaurant has cute little picnic tables arranged in the patio for all the casual diners.

While you wait for your meal on the picnic table, grab a craft cocktail or cold margarita and refresh yourself. Some of their best offers include guacamole, Smith Point Toca, lobster rolls, Madaket Mystery, and queso and tortilla chips. Most of their dishes are inspired from New England and Baja California, but there are traditional Nantucket dishes too.

2. B-Ack Yard BBQ – Best for Barbecue

top 10 casual restaurants on nantucket

Address: 20 Straight Wharf, Nantucket, MA 02554, USA
State: Massachusetts

Besides a cute name, B-Ackyard BBQ offers the most authentic and delicious barbecue in the town. You can have all types of meat dishes here including chicken, beef and pork. The best thing about this casual restaurant on Nantucket is that it offers homemade BBQ at an affordable price.

The restaurant has a lively and laid-back atmosphere, perfect for a casual dining experience. With its light walls and simple wooden decor, the overall ambience is comfortable and friendly. When there, you must try their lobster mac and cheese, chopped beef brisket, smoked kielbasa, and caesar salad. Oh yes, their cocktails and homemade sauces are delicious, and there’s a kid’s menu too!

3. Straight Wharf – Best for Traditional Nantucket Dishes

top 10 casual restaurants on nantucket

Address: 6 Harbor Sq. Nantucket, MA 02554, USA
State: Massachusetts

Straight Wharf restaurant is located in downtown Nantucket and offers beautiful waterfront views. There is indoor as well as outdoor seating arrangement for people who want to enjoy the views of the harbor. The restaurant is a favorite of locals and tourists throughout the year. It has also been named one of the best seafood restaurants by ‘Travel and Leisure Magazine’.

People come here to enjoy fresh seafood and seasonal produce. They have a price-fixed menu and the meals are a bit on the expensive side, but everything is worth it. Their best entrees include day boat scallops, Scottish salmon crudo, and spice-crusted sustainable catch. Besides that, desserts like goat cheesecake ice creams are super delicious too!

4. Island Kitchen – Best for Breakfast

top 10 casual restaurants on nantucket

Address: 1 Chins Way, Nantucket, MA 02554, USA
State: Massachusetts

Island Kitchen is a nice and lively indoor-outdoor casual restaurant. The restaurant offers excellent breakfast and brunch options. Most of their menu focuses on traditional American cuisine, but they also have dishes that are a fusion of different cuisines.

If you’re looking for a hearty breakfast in Nantucket, this is the perfect place. You must try their Nutella banana waffles, eggs benedict, smoothies, shrimp scampi, spicy tuna bowl, and fish tacos. In the end, don’t forget to have their delicious homemade icecreams.

5. Something Natural – Best for Sandwiches

top 10 casual restaurants on nantucket

Address: 50 Cliff Rd, Nantucket, MA 02554, USA
State: Massachusetts

Something Natural is a perfect casual restaurant for those who want something healthy, nutritious, and satisfying. Their menu also includes items for people with dietary restrictions and allergies. The restaurant has picnic benches nicely arranged in a grassy lawn, and all this gives healthy and refreshing vibes. They use fresh and homemade breads for making sandwiches.

Their sandwiches are huge and loaded with tasty stuff such as roasted meat, veggies, and cheese. If you want to enjoy their savory chocolate chip cookies or carrot cake, remember to order only half a sandwich otherwise you’ll be full.

6. The Brotherhood of Thieves – Best for Appetizers

top 10 casual restaurants on nantucket

Address: 23 Broad St, Nantucket, MA 02554, USA

State: Massachusetts

The Brotherhood of Thieves is a cool bar and grill that offers a casual and relaxing environment for eating out. It has indoor and outdoor seating, the outside patio is mostly full with cheerful buzz all around. Their best offers include clam chowder, burrata, fish sandwich, sushi, burgers, and shrimp scampi!

The overall atmosphere is cozy and the food is affordable and has huge portions. Even their appetizers have large servings and if you’re looking for brunch, pair an appetizer with martini and voila! You’ll be full.

7. The Charlie Noble – Best for Oysters

top 10 casual restaurants on nantucket

Address: 15 S Water St, Nantucket, MA 02554, USA

State: Massachusetts

The Charlie Noble is a perfect place for a casual lunch or dinner! The restaurant offers a laid back environment where people from all walks of life stop by to have delicious and fresh seafood.
The best dishes of this restaurant include golden fried whole belly clams, house made chorizo stuffies, and fried chicken. They also have an all-day raw bar where you can order locally sourced fresh raw seafood. If you’re up for a quick casual dining experience, order some oysters and a cold beer and jam out to the pleasant yacht rock.

8. The Whale – Best Vegan and Vegetarian Options

top 10 casual restaurants on nantucket

Address: 38 Main St, Nantucket, MA 02554, USA

State: Massachusetts

The Whale restaurant is a casual restaurant located in downtown Nantucket. The restaurant offers ample indoor seating and an outdoor backyard setup for a more laid-back atmosphere. This place is perfect for hanging out with friends and having lunch, brunch, or dinner.

Their best entrees include duck carnitas, Korean pork BBQ, tuna appetizer, grilled branzino, pickled rhubarb, and Reuben sandwich. The restaurant also holds private events and can accommodate up to 100 people at once.

9. The Beet – Best for Healthy Food

top 10 casual restaurants on nantucket

Address: 9 S Water St, Nantucket, MA 02554, USA

State: Massachusetts

Located in downtown Nantucket, The Beet restaurant offers a fun and relaxed atmosphere for dining. According to the owner, the restaurant offers a mix of casual and fine dining experience to its visitors.

The restaurant offers Latin and Asian cuisines influenced by chef Felino Samson. Some of the best entrees of this restaurant include miso-glazed brussel sprouts, Korean BBQ quesadilla, chicken burgers, mu shu duck, and healthy salad bowls.

10. Bar Yoshi – Best for Japanese Cuisine

top 10 casual restaurants on nantucket

Address: 21 Old South Wharf, Nantucket, MA 02554, USA
State: Massachusetts

Bar Yoshi offers beautiful water views on two sides of the restaurant and offers authentic and delicious Japanese food. The restaurant offers sushi, dumplings, ceviche, poke, noodles, and more.

The dining area is small and cozy with shiplap walls, tri-layered ceilings, and overall laid-back vibes. Don’t forget to try their raw bar, lobster roll with pickled ginger slaw, and sushi!

Enjoying the Culinary Delights on Nantucket

In this post, we’ve reviewed the best casual restaurants on Nantucket for those who are looking for a laid-back and casual setup when visiting the island.

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