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coffee on cape cod

coffee on cape codThere is nothing like a great cup of coffee on Cape Cod to start your day whether you are a local or a tourist visiting the Cape. Unlike most vacation destinations the Cape is not plastered with well-known coffee franchises on every street corner. Of course, there are a few Starbucks and Dunkin’s scattered in major population hubs particularly, as you approach the Bourne Bridge, Mashpee Commons and Hyannis but the coffee on Cape Cod is better known for its local roasters.

Where Do the Locals Get Their Coffee on Cape Cod?

Let’s Start with the Upper Cape:

Perhaps the most popular name for coffee on Cape Cod  is Cape Cod Coffee. Originally opened as a wholesale business with state-of-the-art technology, this local roaster based in Mashpee has recently expanded to have full services cafés primarily in the Mashpee/New Seabury area as well as the Barnstable Airport. They pride themselves in providing high quality beans that are Fair Trade and Rain Forest Alliance Certified and roasted with consistency in house.

For those obsessed with coffee on Cape Cod, Coffee Obsession in Falmouth, and Woods Hole, offers a large menu of specialty drinks from their own roast to coffee paraphernalia to brew your own at home. With an eclectic décor and walls covered with the works of local artists, Coffee Obsession has a welcoming vibe and serves as a gathering spot for many of the locals to take a coffee break.

Pie in the Sky CoffeeIt is rare to find a café that has both amazing coffee and delicious food, but Pie in the Sky in Woods Hole offers both with high ratings. They roast their own beans that are 100% organic and fair traded and bake everything from scratch. The popovers and pastries are incredible.

Heading to the Mid-Cape

As you approach travel towards the center of the Cape, Fig Tree Cafe in Marston Mills is worth the mention for a basic cup of coffee and offers great muffins to pair with. After recently changing ownership two years ago they now off full barista/expresso bar service and plan to continue to serve as a gathering place for customers whether local or tourists to enjoy coffee with healthy food options.

Driving along historical Route 6A as you approach Barnstable Village, you will hit Nirvana and think you have found the land of Oz. Dedicated to their name, they offer a full coffee menu of fair trade, certified organic and kosher coffee situated in an old home with a great area to just sit and enjoy your brew.

Continuing to Lower Cape

If you are a tourist, chances are one of your vacation days will take you towards Provincetown or along the National Sea Shore. Along the way, Snowy Owl in Brewster and Chatham are perfect stops for a caffeine fix. Snowy Owl has a strong belief in cultivating a coffee culture beginning with the procurement of the beans. They import from small lot growers and cooperatives that focus on education, environmental sustainability, and economic development. Recently noted, Snowy Owl relocated their headquarters with a full-service menu to 6A in Sandwich.

And onto the Outer Cape

Hot Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans is a real treat as it doubles as a memorable coffee shop and chocolatier. Originally opened as a candy store, they soon realized the appeal of pairing chocolate with specialty coffees from around the world. They have a strong following for tourists and have become a regular gathering place for the local contractors who grab their first cup when they open daily at 6:30 am. Area professionals and neighbors can be seen gathering throughout the day to discuss their business. They have a welcoming atmosphere and surely know how to warm the customer’s heart.

cofffee shopIf you make it as far as Provincetown Wired Puppy is a perfect place to end your coffee tour before driving back to home base. The menu offers a wide variety of hot and cold expresso drinks and traditional brews. Although outdoor seating is limited to a couple of benches, indoors offers free internet and a few free laptops for geeks in need. As indicated by their name they are extremely pet friendly.

Homeward Bound

There are many great options for coffee on Cape Cod, and it is impossible to visit all of them in one trip. Perhaps you can check out the ones you missed along the way on your return route. You may even want to pick up a pound of locally brewed coffee to bring home after vacation to continue enjoying your Cape Cod coffee. If you discover a new place along the way, please feel free to share it in the comments section. Once you’ve had your coffee and want learn about other great places to eat on Cape Cod check out our Dining Page.



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