4 Top Picks for Live Music and Dancing on Martha’s Vineyard

October 11, 2023

Martha’s Vineyard, known for its vibrant nightlife vibe, has lots of opportunities to kickback listen to music. There are a variety of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy live music and dancing on Martha’s Vineyard.

Keep an eye out for special events and festivals on Martha’s Vineyard, such as the Martha’s Vineyard Music Festival, Tisbury Street Fair, Beach Road Festival, and the Martha’s Vineyard Jazz & Blues Summerfest, as they often include live music and dancing on Martha’s Vineyard. Some art galleries on Martha’s Vineyard host cultural events that may include live music, dance performances, and artistic collaborations.

Our Pick of Venues for Live Music and Dancing on Martha’s Vineyard

1. The Ritz

live music and dancing on martha’s vineyard

Address: 4 CIRCUIT Ave
Town: Oak Bluffs, MA 02557

If you’re seeking the quintessential Martha’s Vineyard nightlife experience, look no further than The Ritz. Tucked away in the heart of Oak Bluffs, this unassuming yet electrifying venue embodies the spirit of a humble pub while delivering a dance-driven punch that’s simply unforgettable. The Ritz wears its casual charm with pride. As you step inside, you’ll find yourself in a welcoming, pub-like atmosphere that instantly feels like home. Wooden accents, dim lighting, and a friendly crowd set the stage for a night of unpretentious revelry.

The addition of pool tables adds a layer of entertainment for those looking to mix it up between dance sessions. The true magic of The Ritz lies in its nightly musical showcases. In-season, and on weekends off-season, this venue transforms into a haven for music enthusiasts. From local talents to traveling bands, the stage comes alive with a diverse range of musicians who’ll have you grooving to the beat in no time.

The energy in the room is infectious, making it nearly impossible to resist the urge for dancing on Martha’s Vineyard. The Ritz is renowned for its friendly staff and the welcoming vibe of its patrons. Whether you’re a local regular or a first-time visitor, you’ll feel like part of the family from the moment you walk in. It’s this warm hospitality that adds an extra layer of charm to an already exceptional nightlife spot. For those in search of an Oak Bluffs nightlife experience that’s equal parts laid-back and lively, The Ritz is a must-visit. With its unpretentious atmosphere, live music, and a dance floor that beckons you to let loose, it’s the perfect spot to create unforgettable memories.

2. The Port Hunter

live music and dancing on martha’s vineyard

Address: 55 Main St
Town: Edgartown, MA

The Port Hunter is a popular fun restaurant and bar in downtown Edgartown that hosts live bands or DJ three or four nights a week throughout the summer months and most weekend nights throughout the year.

You can also enjoy craft cocktails or selections from the raw bar in their outdoor seating. It’s a great place for enjoying music, socializing, and dancing on Martha’s Vineyard.

3. Ballroom Dance MV

live music and dancing on martha’s vineyard

Address: 13 Uncas Ave
Town: Vineyard Haven, MA

Ballroom Dance MV is a fascinating spot for dance enthusiasts and seekers of refined entertainment. This charming dance club offers a unique and delightful fusion of rhythm, elegance, and social engagement that stands as a testament to the island’s cultural vibrancy.

Stepping into Ballroom Dance MV feels like entering a time when dancing was an art form celebrated with grace and sophistication. The atmosphere is rich with vintage charm, featuring a polished wooden floor, soft lighting, and an intimate setting that instantly transports you to a bygone era of social dancing on Martha’s Vineyard.

At Ballroom Dance MV, the dance floor comes alive with a diverse range of styles. From the sultry sway of the tango to the spirited steps of the salsa, and from the timeless waltz to the energetic swing, there’s a dance style for every taste and skill level. The club regularly hosts themed dance nights, showcasing different styles, and even offers lessons for beginners who want to join in the fun.

4. Loft Nightclub

live music and dancing on martha’s vineyard

Address: 9 Oak Bluffs Ave
Town: Oak Bluffs, MA 02557

Martha’s Vineyard, with its serene beauty and timeless charm, has long been celebrated as a haven for relaxation. But when the sun sets, and the stars emerge, a hidden gem on the island comes alive – the Loft Nightclub. The Loft Nightclub is the heartbeat of Martha’s Vineyard’s nightlife scene. As you step inside, the vibrant energy sweeps you off your feet. The sleek and modern interior seamlessly combines a well-stocked bar and a spacious dance floor, creating an atmosphere that is electric yet welcoming.

The Loft Nightclub is not just a place to dance; it’s also a haven for cocktail enthusiasts. The skilled bartenders behind the bar are not just mixologists; they are true connoisseurs of the craft. If you’re unsure about what to order, don’t hesitate to ask for their recommendations. Their expertise ensures that every drink is a masterpiece, whether you’re craving a classic cocktail or something unique and off-menu.

What sets the Loft Nightclub apart is its inclusive and friendly atmosphere. It’s a place where locals and visitors come together to share in the joy of dancing and great drinks. There’s a palpable sense of camaraderie on the dance floor that makes it easy to strike up a conversation with fellow revelers.

Enjoying Music on the Vineyard

Many towns on Martha’s Vineyard offer free summer concert series in local parks or on the beach. These events often feature live music and are a great way to enjoy music in an outdoor setting.

Many times, the music will find you on the Vineyard! Maybe when you are strolling down Circuit Ave or the Oak Bluffs Arts District you will hear music drifting out of the doorway of an art gallery or an artistic collaboration on the sidewalk.

Several bars and restaurants on Martha’s Vineyard host live music nights, featuring local bands, solo artists, and touring musicians. Places like The Dive Bar and Offshore Ale Company often have live music on their schedules.

While planning your visit to the Vineyard please consult with our Events Calendar regularly to find more events for live music and dancing on Martha’s Vineyard.


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