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Enjoy Dog Friendly Dining in Nantucket

In this article, we will explore the different flavors that make the island of Nantucket a treasured vacation spot.   We have identified the local restaurants that support dog friendly dining in Nantucket during the warmer months when outdoor patios are open.

Our Pick of the Best Spots for Dog Friendly Dining in Nantucket

1. Sandbar at Jetties Beach

enjoy beachside bliss at dog friendly dining in nantucket

Address: 54 Jefferson Ave | Nantucket, Ma 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

When you walk along the shores of Nantucket Sound, you are bound to get to Sandbar at Jetties Beach. This dining establishment welcomes both islanders and visitors to a little slice of beachfront bliss. As a dog-friendly haven, the open-air restaurant and bar seamlessly blend with the sandy surroundings, creating a laid-back ambiance perfect for a Nantucket summer day.

Indulge in the freshest raw bar delights, mouthwatering burgers, and seafood delicacies that define coastal culinary excellence. The expansive seating options, both within the restaurant and on the sandy expanse, promise a front-row seat to Nantucket’s charm.

2. Henry Jr Sandwich Shop

Address: 129 Orange St | Nantucket, Ma 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

For a taste of timeless goodness in Nantucket, Henry’s Jr Sandwich Shop stands out as a must-visit. With a menu that has stood the test of time, offering hearty sandwiches on freshly baked rolls, or oversized rolled Syrian bread, this eatery has been a local favorite for years.

Frequented by construction and landscape workers during lunchtime, it’s a bustling hub of activity with ample parking. The classic Henry roast beef and prov sandwich is a beach side delight, capturing the essence of Nantucket’s culinary nuance for over 50 years. With great prices, quick service, and a prime location, Henry’s Jr is not just a sandwich shop, but the beating heart of Nantucket.

3. Yummy

enjoy beachside bliss at dog friendly dining in nantucket

Address: 63 Surfside Rd | Nantucket, Ma 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

Yummy, a Nantucket staple, stands out as a canine-friendly retreat for both locals and beachgoers. Located conveniently on the bike path to Surfside beach, this take-out café offers a laid-back atmosphere with sunny front yard seating, where you and your furry companion can unwind at picnic tables or lounge in beach chairs.

The menu is a delight with mouthwatering options, from perfectly grilled burgers on sweet buns to tantalizing daily specials and a variety of sandwiches, including vegetarian and vegan choices. Kickstart your day with organic coffee, breakfast sandwiches, and house-baked pastries, or refresh with fruity smoothies and indulge in ice cream or frappes after a sun-soaked beach adventure.

4. Millie’s

enjoy beachside bliss at dog friendly dining in nantucket

Address: 326 Madaket Rd | Nantucket, Ma 02649
City/Town: Nantucket

Millie’s, a dog-friendly gem in Nantucket, invites you and your furry companion to bask in the coastal charm and rich history that defines this island haven. Named after the legendary ‘Madaket Millie’ Jewett, Millie’s seamlessly blends New England and Baja California flavors to create a menu that mirrors the vibrant spirit of summer.

With offerings like lobster rolls and Baja-style fish tacos, each bite carries the essence of Nantucket’s dockside allure. The Madaket Mystery cocktail, island-famous and brimming with coastal vibes, is a must-try. As you dine in this gathering place inspired by Millie’s commitment to Madaket, relish in the easy-going atmosphere, knowing you’re continuing the legacy of a true Nantucket icon.

5. Island Kitchen

enjoy beachside bliss at dog friendly dining in nantucket

Address: 1 Chins Way | Nantucket, Ma 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

Island Kitchen stands out as a premier destination for dog friendly dining in Nantucket, elevating casual dining on the island. Offering a diverse menu, this full-service restaurant and catering company ensure a year-round haven for locals and visitors alike.

With indoor and outdoor seating options, Island Kitchen invites patrons to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and delightful ice cream treats. Known for its exceptional dining experience, the restaurant exemplifies personalized catering with a genuine touch. Whether indulging in a late lunch under the patio trellis or quelling your sweet tooth with afternoon ice cream, Island Kitchen’s diverse and delicious offerings cater to all.

6. Bartlett’s Farm

Address: 33 Bartlett Farm Rd | Nantucket, Ma 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

Bartlett’s Farm welcomes locals and visitors alike to a culinary oasis. With their Farm Kitchen, this establishment seamlessly blends farm-to-table freshness with a warm welcome to our four-legged furry friends. Bite into freshly prepared delights for take-away, from morning coffee to farm-made breakfast sandwiches, soups, salads, and desserts.

As a bonus, their offerings extend to take-out dinners available five nights a week, ensuring a delightful feast at home or on the nearby beach. You can also enjoying browsing through their collection of  perennials and custom window boxes at the Garden Center.  Bartlett’s Farm is a must-visit destination for those seeking a delectable experience while enjoying the company of their canine companions in the charming wonder that is Nantucket.

7. Something Natural

Address: 50 Cliff Rd | Nantucket, Ma 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

Welcome to Something Natural, a delightful dog-friendly establishment on Nantucket Island. With over five decades of culinary expertise, this bakery and sandwich shop has perfected the art of serving “Good Things To Eat and Drink.” The menu boasts an array of mouthwatering sandwiches, from the classic Honey Baked Ham to the unique Terry Terrific featuring house-roasted turkey, herb bread stuffing, and homemade cranberry sauce.

Their dedication to quality is evident in every bite, offering a perfect blend of flavors and textures. Embrace the island vibes on the outdoor seating with your furry friend, as Something Natural invites you to enjoy delectable treats in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

8. Black Eyed Susan’s

enjoy beachside bliss at dog friendly dining in nantucket

Address: 10 India St | Nantucket, Ma 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

Treat yourself to the epitome of dog friendly dining in Nantucket at Black Eyed Susan’s, an iconic Nantucket institution for over 30 years. The welcoming atmosphere, paired with stellar service, creates a dining experience that feels like home.

Whether you’re exploring Nantucket with your furry friend or seeking a memorable meal, Black Eyed Susan’s is a must-visit. With its rich history, diverse menu, and commitment to excellence, this restaurant captures the essence of Nantucket’s charm, making every visit a delightful journey for both you and your canine companion.

9. Jack & Charlie’s

enjoy beachside bliss at dog friendly dining in nantucket

Address: 10 Straight Wharf | Nantucket, Ma 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

Nantucket’s Jack & Charlie’s is more than a dog-friendly eatery; it’s a heartwarming tale of family dreams fulfilled. As the brainchild of a small boy’s childhood ice cream aspirations, it evolved into a reality rooted in love.

Set against Nantucket’s breathtaking backdrop, this restaurant brings a touch of nostalgia with its story of digging dirt, paving roads, and moving houses—a testament to family values. Now, with Jack and Charlie, the next generation inherits the dream, continuing the legacy. The inviting atmosphere welcomes furry friends, creating a perfect harmony of delicious treats, warm memories, and the joy of dining with your loyal companions.

10. bar Yoshi

enjoy beachside bliss at dog friendly dining in nantucket

Address: 21 Old South Wharf | Nantucket 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

Nantucket’s dog-friendly bar, bar Yoshi sits on the historic Old South Wharf and welcomes both food enthusiasts and their furry companions. Offering a fusion of Japanese and Asian-inspired delights, from sushi to noodles and dumplings, the menu is a delightful journey through diverse flavors.

With a backdrop of the serene waterfront, patrons can indulge in raw bar treasures, poke, ceviche, and more. The curated beverage program, featuring an array of beer, sake, wine, and inventive cocktails, elevates the dining experience. Bar Yoshi’s innovative cuisine, paired with its scenic locale, encapsulates the essence of dog friendly dining in Nantucket, creating a haven for unforgettable moments.

11. B-ACK Yard BBQ

enjoy beachside bliss at dog friendly dining in nantucket

Address: 20 Straight Wharf | Nantucket 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

Experience the best of Nantucket’s barbecue scene at Bar B-ACK Yard BBQ, a dog friendly restaurant that seamlessly blends authentic barbecue with island flair. This establishment offers diverse menu items featuring ‘cue styles from around the country. 

Open every day from 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM, this restaurant invites both locals and visitors to savor the unique fusion of flavors in a relaxed, pet friendly setting. So, if you find yourself in Nantucket, Bar B-ACK Yard BBQ promises not just a meal but an unforgettable island experience for you and your canine companion.

A Unique Experience for Diners and their Pets

It is clear to see that you have a choice when looking for dog friendly dining in Nantucket. Whether indulging in coastal flavors, farm-fresh delights, or Asian-inspired cuisine, each venue offers a unique experience for diners and their four-legged companions.

From iconic institutions to innovative kitchens, Nantucket’s culinary scene reflects the island’s rich history and commitment to providing a warm welcome to all, furry friends included. So, as you explore the diverse offerings, let the flavors of Nantucket linger on your palate, creating memories that blend seamlessly with the island’s enduring charm.

After your meal, you may want to take your furry companion to a park for a hike on Nantucket.

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