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15 Dog Friendly Dining on Cape Cod with Coastal Charms

dog friendly diningCome with us as we go on a journey across Cape Cod to find the places where dog friendly dining establishments seamlessly blend coastal charm with diverse flavors. From historic Hyannis to Provincetown’s waterfront, each venue not only showcases the region’s culinary excellence but also extends a warm welcome to your pets.

Whether you’re dining on exquisite Northern Italian cuisine at Alberto’s Ristorante, eating in fresh seafood delights at Osterville Fish, Too, or enjoying the warmth of Chill’s Bistro & Bar in Brewster, Cape Cod’s diverse dog friendly dining options promise a memorable experience for both food enthusiasts and their loyal pets.

Best Places for Dog Friendly Dining on Cape Cod

1. Alberto’s Ristorante

15 dog friendly dining on cape cod with coastal charms

Address: 360 Main St
City/State/Zip Code: Hyannis, MA 02601

Alberto’s Ristorante, a stable of Cape Cod’s culinary landscape since 1984, seamlessly blends the charm of Italy with the relaxed elegance of the region. As a dog-friendly haven, Alberto’s not only tantalizes taste buds with exquisite Northern Italian cuisine but also extends a warm welcome to dogs.

With a commitment to fresh, in-house preparations, each dish is a testament to their dedication to culinary artistry.  Whether seeking a refined dining experience or a more relaxed meal, Alberto’s invites you to savor the flavors of Italy on Main Street in Hyannis.

2. Osterville Fish, Too

15 dog friendly dining on cape cod with coastal charms

Address: 275 Millway (Barnstable Harbor)
City/Town: Barnstable

Discover a seaside culinary treasure at Osterville Fish, Too, where the passion for quality seafood has enabled it to thrive for over two decades. This dog friendly dining establishment, born in November 1998, faultlessly blends a fresh seafood market with a takeout restaurant, creating the best mix for both seafood enthusiasts and their dogs.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence, Osterville Fish, Too, continues to source the finest local catches, ensuring each dish is a testament to Cape Cod’s coastal abundance. From market-fresh delights to delectable takeout options, the enduring dedication to impeccable customer service and top-notch quality shines through.

3. East Wind Lobster & Grille

15 dog friendly dining on cape cod with coastal charms

Address: 2 Main St | Bourne, Ma 02532
City/Town: Bourne

Overlooking Buzzards Bay, East Wind Lobster & Grille is known for “Fresh, Local, Delicious” seafood. As Cape Cod’s sole waterfront restaurant, it’s a seafood haven with a commitment to quality that resonates through its full-service fish market.

From Day Boat Cod and Haddock to Wild Atlantic Salmon and local shellfish, every dish echoes the restaurant’s dedication to sourcing the finest seafood. East Wind Lobster & Grille’s dog friendly ambiance adds an extra layer of charm, inviting diners to enjoy the ocean’s bounty with their furry companions in tow—a true Cape Cod culinary treasure.

4. Chillingsworth Fine Dining- Chill’s Bistro

15 dog friendly dining on cape cod with coastal charms

Address: 2249 Main St | Brewster, Ma 02631
City/Town: Brewster

What do you get when you combine the enchanting ambiance of Chillingsworth with a relaxed atmosphere? You get Chill’s Bistro and Bar. The casual bistro, adorned with contemporary charm, resides within the main house’s greenhouse area, offering an inviting atmosphere for both locals and visitors. The expansive outdoor seating areas beckon patrons and their dogs to chow down the flavors of the bistro menu, thoughtfully crafted for a memorable dining experience.

Whether indulging in the culinary delights of the main house or opting for lighter fare at the bar, Chill’s Bistro & Bar seamlessly blends culinary excellence with a warm welcome, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a perfect blend of sophistication and relaxation on Cape Cod.

5. Chatham Fish & Chips

Address: 75 Old Harbor Rd | Chatham, Ma 02633
City/Town: Chatham

Chatham Fish & Chips is a Cape Cod staple that not only satisfies seafood cravings but also welcomes furry friends, making it a prime spot for dog-friendly dining. The menu boasts an array of delectable baskets, featuring generous portions of seafood like the mouthwatering Haddock basket or the crisp Clam Strips.

Dive into Chatham Fish & Chips favorites, including the Lobster Roll and the Angler Plate, a delightful combination of haddock, shrimp, scallops, and whole clams. With options for broiled or grilled plates, salads, sides, and sandwiches, this eatery ensures a diverse and satisfying experience for both seafood enthusiasts and their canine companions.

6. The Pheasant

15 dog friendly dining on cape cod with coastal charms

Address: 905 Main St | Dennis, Ma 02638
City/Town: Dennis

n Dennis, Cape Cod, lies The Pheasant, an establishment that embodies a vision of sustainable, locally sourced dining and warm hospitality. This family-owned restaurant, brought to life by owners Adam & Erica Dunn cultivates a menu from scratch, showcasing bold flavors crafted with seasonal ingredients from local farmers and anglers.

Committed to sustainability, The Pheasant exclusively serves wild-caught, seasonal seafood from the waters of New England. As you and your canine companion step into The Pheasant, expect not only a culinary journey but a celebration of Cape Cod’s bountiful offerings in a setting where passion for quality meets a welcoming atmosphere.

7. Arnold’s Lobster and Clam Bar

15 dog friendly dining on cape cod with coastal charms

Address: 3580 State Hwy | Eastham, Ma 02642
City/Town: Eastham

Arnold’s Lobster and Clam Bar, a Cape Cod culinary icon for over 45 years, is the place to be for dog friendly dining enthusiasts. Found in Eastham, this beloved establishment offers a quintessential Cape Cod experience, where the aroma of fresh seafood mingles with the salty breeze.

With a sprawling outdoor area, friendly pooches are welcomed to join in the feast. The menu showcases the best of the Cape’s seafood bounty, from succulent lobster rolls to perfectly fried clams.  A visit will have you fully convinced why this longstanding gem remains a cherished destination for both locals and visitors exploring Cape Cod with their canine companions.

8. Anchor Ale House

15 dog friendly dining on cape cod with coastal charms

Address: 100 Davis Straits | Falmouth, Ma 02540
City/Town: Falmouth

Anchor Ale House, a standout on Cape Cod’s dining landscape, offers a delightful experience for both food enthusiasts and their dogs. Since 2006, this chef-owned establishment has been crafting culinary masterpieces, specializing in Fried Seafood, Burgers, Steaks, and Pizza.

With a chef-owner boasting a legacy in preparing Fried Seafood on the Cape since 1980, every bite at Anchor Ale House is a journey through Cape Cod’s rich culinary tradition. Located on Rt. 28 in Falmouth, across from CVS, Anchor Ale House stands as a must-visit for those seeking exceptional dog friendly dining experiences on Cape Cod.

9. Hot Stove Saloon

15 dog friendly dining on cape cod with coastal charms

Address: 551 Rte. 28, Harwich, Ma 02646
City/Town: Harwich Port

Hot Stove Saloon, in Harwich Port offers a delightful experience for food enthusiasts looking to try out Cape Cod’s culinary scene. This dog friendly restaurant, named after the Hot Stove League, radiates a welcoming atmosphere reminiscent of off-season baseball talk.

Chef Steve, renowned for his creative daily specials, crafts a menu highlighting the freshest local Cape Cod seafood.  The restaurant’s historic baseball theme, adorned with memorabilia dating back to the early 1900s, adds a nostalgic touch. With a friendly staff, relaxed ambiance, and complimentary baseball cards, Hot Stove Saloon creates a perfect harmony for a memorable dog-friendly dining experience on Cape Cod.

10. Bleu

15 dog friendly dining on cape cod with coastal charms

Address: 10 Market St | Mashpee, Ma 02649
City/Town: Mashpee

Take a short trip to Mashpee where Bleu invites both patrons looking for an exquisite dining experience as well as their pets. Executive Chef/Owner Frederic Feufeu, hailing from the Loire Valley and seasoned in the New York restaurant scene, infuses authentic French bistro flair into contemporary cuisine. Trained at the prestigious Les Sorbets School and having honed his skills in Paris and London, Chef Feufeu brings a taste of France to Cape Cod.

Bleu, his debut bistro, has garnered accolades, including twelve consecutive Wine Spectator Awards and the 2016 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. With a commitment to exceptional cuisine and a welcoming atmosphere, Bleu stands as a beacon on Cape Cod’s dining landscape.

11. Cooke’s Seafood

15 dog friendly dining on cape cod with coastal charms

Address: 1 S Orleans Rd | Orleans, Ma 02653
City/Town: Orleans

Cooke’s Seafood, a beloved Cape Cod institution, invites patrons and their dogs to savor the taste of tradition in a dog-friendly setting. Celebrating 48 years of culinary excellence, this third-generation family restaurant, established in 1976, has perfected the art of serving generous portions of fried, broiled, and grilled seafood.

Renowned for the “Best Fried Clams on Cape Cod” year after year, Cooke’s commitment to quality shines through in their lightly battered, locally sourced seafood.  With each order, guests can dine with confidence, knowing they are partaking in a Cape Cod dining legacy at Cooke’s Seafood.

12. Aqua Bar

15 dog friendly dining on cape cod with coastal charms

Address: 207 Commercial St
City/State/Zip Code: Provincetown, MA 02657

A drive up to Provincetown brings us to Aqua Bar, known for providing a quintessential Cape Cod experience for both locals and visitors alike. Located at 207 Commercial St., this waterfront gem offers more than just breathtaking views of Provincetown Harbor – it provides a gateway to relaxation and culinary delight.

 Whether you’re meeting friends for cocktails, enjoying a family meal, or relishing a romantic sunset, Aqua Bar offers an open, casual setting where reservations are never required. The knowledgeable team ensures your visit is not just a dining experience but a memorable chapter in your Provincetown adventure.

13. Beth’s Bakery and Café

15 dog friendly dining on cape cod with coastal charms

Address: 16 Jarves St | Sandwich, Ma 02649
City/Town: Sandwich

Beth’s Bakery and Cafe in Sandwich, Cape Cod, is a delightful haven for both locals and visitors exploring dog-friendly dining. Founded by lifelong residents Beth and Joe Giampietro, the cafe exudes warmth and charm. This restaurant is in a building with a rich history, originally a Puritan Church and later owned by the Catholic Church. Beth’s Bakery & Cafe is more than a dining spot; it’s a testament to faith and community.

The inviting atmosphere, coupled with the aroma of freshly baked goods, creates a cozy environment. Beth and Joe’s genuine care for their patrons reflects in every aspect, making a visit to this Cape Cod gem an experience filled with not just delicious treats but a true sense of hospitality.

14. Savoury & The Sweet Escape

15 dog friendly dining on cape cod with coastal charms

Address: 316 Route 6 | Truro, Ma 02666
City/Town: Truro

Savoury & The Sweet Escape, located in a corner of Truro, Massachusetts, is the go-to restaurant for those exploring dog-friendly dining on Cape Cod. This cozy eatery caters to both savoury and sweet cravings, offering a diverse menu featuring salads, panini, stone-fired pies, and delectable cupcakes.

Whether you opt for delivery, takeout, or dine-in, Savoury & The Sweet Escape ensures a comfortable setting for all preferences. From breakfast to dessert, this welcoming spot promises a culinary experience that resonates with locals and tourists alike in Truro, Massachusetts.

15. The Flying Fish

Address: 29 Briar Lane | Wellfleet, Ma
City/Town: Wellfleet

Just a stone’s throw from Wellfleet’s downtown is The Flying Fish, a Cape Cod restaurant that has perfected the art of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for both locals and visitors. Sarah Robin and Anthony “Jelly” Hill, the dynamic duo behind this culinary haven, have transformed The Flying Fish into more than just a restaurant; it’s a cherished gathering place.

With bistro-style dining that showcases the best of local seafood, hearty burgers, and tantalizing Caribbean flavors, every meal is a celebration of Cape Cod’s culinary richness. Whether indulging in breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the recently refurbished dining room and beloved outdoor patio provide the perfect backdrop for creating lasting Cape Cod memories. At The Flying Fish, every dish feels like a family affair, inviting you to dig into the type of meal that leaves you longing for more.


As you explore Cape Cod, the dog friendly dining scene is sufficiently represented, highlighting flavors and warmth. With a rich blend of history, culinary excellence, and a welcoming atmosphere, these establishments invite all interested to create lasting memories with their furry companions.

Do check with the individual establishments for seasonal restrictions, as much of the dog friendly dining is restricted to patio or outdoor seating.

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