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10 Best Dog Friendly Hiking Trails in Plymouth

What better way to discover the natural landscapes that Plymouth has to offer than hiking with your dog? In this article, you will find out what to expect from all of the dog friendly hiking trails in Plymouth, if your dog is required to be on a leash, the level of elevation, just how challenging the trail is and a lot more.

Join us on this exploration, discovering Plymouth’s commitment to providing dog friendly hiking destinations for nature enthusiasts.

Best Dog Friendly Hiking Trails in Plymouth

1. Friend’s Trail

10 dog friendly hiking in plymouth natural landscapes

Address: Myles Standish State Forest
City/Town: Plymouth

Found within the serene confines of Myles Standish State Forest, Friend’s Trail emerges as a delightful 4.3-km loop, inviting both two-legged and four-legged adventurers alike. This moderately trafficked trail, conveniently located near Plymouth,  unfolds through a captivating forest setting, offering a peaceful escape for nature enthusiasts and their canine companions. Considered an easy route with a modest elevation gain of 54 meters, Friend’s Trail caters to all skill levels, making it an ideal choice for a leisurely stroll or an invigorating run.

The loop configuration ensures a varied experience with each step, and, at an average completion time of 57 minutes, it beckons those seeking a quick nature retreat. Whether you’re drawn to hiking, trail running, or simply enjoying a leisure stroll, Friend’s Trail accommodates different outdoor pursuits. The forest ambiance and the option for solitude during quieter hours make this trail a standout among Plymouth’s dog friendly hiking destinations.

2. Lyman Reserve Trail

10 dog friendly hiking in plymouth natural landscapes

Address: Lyman Reserve
City/Town: Plymouth

Let’s explore the Lyman Reserve Trail offering a delightful 3.4-km loop for dog-friendly hiking. Found in the Lyman Reserve, this trail, as well as the reserve is managed by the Trustees of Reservations, provides a tranquil escape with 1.5 miles of hiking bliss. With a gentle elevation gain of 28 meters, the loop takes approximately 42 minutes to complete, making it an ideal outing for both casual strollers and avid hikers.

Embrace nature as you meander through this picturesque landscape, known for birding and fishing. The trail’s seclusion ensures a serene experience, allowing you and your canine companion to relish the beauty of the outdoors undisturbed. Open year-round, the Lyman Reserve Trail stands as a testament to Plymouth’s commitment to providing dog friendly trails for nature enthusiasts.

3. Gramp’s Loop Trail

10 dog friendly hiking in plymouth natural landscapes

Address: Halfway Pond Conservation Area
City/Town: Plymouth

Gramp’s Loop Trail in Plymouth, Massachusetts, emerges as a dog-friendly trail within the beautiful landscapes of the Halfway Pond Conservation Area. Spanning 3.2 kilometers, this loop trail offers an easy and enjoyable journey for both hikers and their canine companions. The route, with a modest elevation gain of 45 meters, unfolds through the captivating surroundings of Halfway Pond, a 232-acre expanse with diverse features like homes, cranberry bogs, wetlands, and conservation areas.

Popular among hikers, runners, and walkers, Gramp’s Loop Trail provides a quick escape into nature. The well-maintained path ensures a pleasant experience, with an average completion time of 43 minutes. Amidst the lightly developed shoreline and the headwaters of the Agawam River, this is one of the dog friendly trails that promises a delightful blend of outdoor activity, natural beauty, and moments of solitude.

4. Hedges Pond Trail

10 dog friendly hiking in plymouth natural landscapes

Address: Hedges Pond Recreation Area
City/Town: Plymouth

Take a break within the calming Hedges Pond Recreation Area. The Hedges Pond Trail offers a tranquil 2.6-km loop, creating a perfect day out for all that take the hike. This dog friendly hiking trail boasts an easy terrain with a gentle 30m elevation gain, making it suitable for hikers, runners, and walkers alike. You can also choose to go for a leisure stroll with your pooch. The loop typically takes around 34 minutes to complete, providing a quick escape into nature’s embrace.

What sets Hedges Pond Trail apart is its secluded charm, offering a quiet retreat where you and your dog can wander undisturbed. With its prime location within the expansive 105-acre Hedges Pond Recreation Area, this trail promises a refreshing connection with nature. Ideal for visits between March and September, this dog-friendly trail invites you to explore Plymouth’s natural beauty for yourself.

5. Sylvia Place Pond Trail

10 dog friendly hiking in plymouth natural landscapes

Address: O.W Stewart Preserve
City/Town: Plymouth

Get your hiking boots on as we go for a dog-friendly adventure at Sylvia Place Pond Trail, located within the scenic O.W. Stewart Preserve. This 1.8-km loop, boasting a modest 12m elevation gain, offers a delightful 21-minute stroll through diverse landscapes. Traverse pine-covered hillsides, witness wind-rippled ponds, and follow the trail alongside a picturesque brook. Fishing enthusiasts will appreciate Bryant Mill Pond’s bass-rich waters, while birders are drawn to the allure of Wood Ducks, Scarlet Tanagers, and more.

The trail saunters through two distinct woodlands, revealing a tapestry of flora and fauna. Encounter pine-oak forests on well-drained slopes and red maple-dominated lowlands by brook-sides. Marvel at the biodiversity in the Person Preserve, an adjacent 13.5-acre haven with steep eskers and a diverse wildlife population. Amidst moderately hilly terrain, watch your step over bridges and exposed roots, ensuring a safe and enjoyable outing for both dogs and their owners.

6. Russell Millpond

10 dog friendly hiking in plymouth natural landscapes

Address: Eel River Preserve
City/Town: Plymouth

Russel Millpond, located within the Eel River Preserve near Plymouth, Massachusetts, has been earmarked as a dog friendly hiking destinations that caters to nature enthusiasts. This 3.2-km out-and-back trail offers a delightful escape, characterized by its ease and a manageable 35 m elevation gain.

Hikers with their pets can complete the route in approximately 41 minutes, making the trail a great option for those interested in birding, hiking, and running. The trail’s attraction lies in its diverse wildlife, featuring hawks, turtles, ducks, white-tailed deer, and even beavers.

The sand/bog loop trail seamlessly connects to enchanting woodland loop offshoots, expanding exploration possibilities. Boasting meticulous maintenance, Russel Millpond invites dogs and their owners to revel in the natural beauty of Plymouth, promising a serene outing amid picturesque landscapes and the captivating company of varied wildlife.

7. Cherry Pond Loop

10 dog friendly hiking in plymouth natural landscapes

Address: Myles Standish State Forest
City/Town: Plymouth

Take your pooch on an adventure at the Cherry Pond Loop. Found within Myles Standish State Forest near Plymouth, this 4.3-km loop trail promises a moderately challenging yet invigorating experience, boasting gentle ups and downs that keep the hike dynamic. The trail, accommodating various activities like hiking, horseback riding, and running, invites a tranquil escape into nature.

It goes without saying that dogs are not only welcome but may revel in off-leash freedom in designated areas, adding an extra layer of joy for your furry friend. With its moderate elevation gain of 80 meters, this dog friendly hiking trail offers a perfect balance of challenge and enjoyment.

The trail’s relative seclusion ensures a peaceful journey, allowing you and your dog to immerse yourselves in the beauty of Crawley Woodlands Preserve. If you are searching for something that provides you with a little adventure while also offering up a challenge, then you need not look any further than Cherry Pond Loop.

8. Kristyne’s Way and Pond Trail

Address: Crawley Woodlands Preserve
City/Town: Plymouth

Kristyne’s Way and Pond Trail in Crawley Woodlands Preserve is next on our list of dog friendly hiking destinationss. Spanning 2.7 km with a gentle elevation gain of 47 m, this out-and-back trail offers a seamless escape just minutes from Plymouth’s bustling center. The ease of the route, coupled with a quick 40-minute average completion time, makes it an ideal choice for a leisurely stroll or a brisk hike.

This trail stands out for its dog-friendly policy, allowing dogs to roam off-leash in certain parts of the trail areas. The serene landscape, which is quite perfect for snowshoeing in the winter months, provides a peaceful retreat where you’re unlikely to encounter crowds. The trail’s charm lies in its seclusion, offering a bonding experience for both dogs and their owners. Kristyne’s Way and Pond Trail ranks as a must-explore destination for Plymouth’s dog lovers, promising a refreshing blend of nature, solitude, and canine bonding.

9. Whippoorwill Trail

10 dog friendly hiking in plymouth natural landscapes

Address: Halfway Pond Conservation Area
City/Town: Plymouth

Discover the hidden gem of dog-friendly hiking in Plymouth at Whippoorwill Trail, a 2.6-km out-and-back route offering a tranquil escape in nature. Located in the Halfway Pond Conservation Area, this trail boasts a manageable elevation gain of 63 meters, making it an ideal choice for hikers of all levels. The winding path, accommodating birding enthusiasts, hikers, and even horseback riders, promises solitude, with minimal encounters with fellow explorers. With an average completion time of 40 minutes, it’s a brief yet rewarding journey through the scenic landscapes of Plymouth.

The dog-friendly policy enhances the experience, allowing furry companions to roam off-leash in designated areas. Whether you’re strolling through lush greenery or enjoying the trail’s serene atmosphere, Whippoorwill Trail welcomes dogs from March to October.

10. Great Island Pond Loop

10 dog friendly hiking in plymouth natural landscapes

Address: Plymouth MA
City/Town: Plymouth

Go on a hike with your dog at the Great Island Pond Loop in Plymouth, Massachusetts. This 2.6-km trail, a mere 33-minute average stroll, promises Zenlike delights. Welcoming hikers, bikers, and walkers, it has become a haven for those looking get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It also helps that you are unlikely to encounter that many hikers.

The trail’s dog-friendly policy allows furry friends to roam freely in certain areas, making it a canine paradise. Begin your adventure by parking at the barrier on Hollis Road, where the loop begins and ends. The trail’s gentle terrain accommodates various activities, and the option for off-leash exploration adds an extra layer of freedom for dogs.

As you hike the loop lookout for the Great Island Pond. A refreshing dip in its waters adds a delightful aquatic dimension to your journey. Discover the perfect blend of natural beauty and canine camaraderie on the Great Island Pond Loop—a testament to Plymouth’s commitment to providing hiking destinations that are dog-friendly  amid its scenic landscapes.

Dog Friendly Trails for You and Your Pet

The allure of dog friendly hiking trails in Plymouth reaches new heights, with trails like Friend’s Trail showcasing the town’s dedication to fostering outdoor enjoyment for all. As the forested paths wind through captivating landscapes, the bond between hikers and their dogs strengthens.

Whether exploring Lyman Reserve, Gramp’s Loop Trail, or the tranquil Hedges Pond Trail, Plymouth’s commitment to dog friendly destinations shines through. These dog friendly hiking trails not only offer physical activity but create moments of serenity and joy in nature. So don’t waste a moment more, get to hiking!

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