Farmers Markets On Cape Cod and Islands

While things may look a little different with COVID-19 precautions, farmers markets on Cape Cod and the Islands are still a fun, festive, and flavorfulfarmers market graphic design cape cod island way to spend a few hours. Meander between open-air tents with products from farmers, fishermen, local craftspeople, artisans, and more. Stop by to stock up on ingredients or inspiration for dinner and enjoy the stunning displays of seasonal offerings.

Residents can enjoy farmers markets on Cape Cod and the Islands year-round with the busy and bountiful summers as well as the winter markets in Orleans and Sandwich. Summer residents can enjoy watching the produce change with the season, making a weekly routine of shopping at the local market. You’ll get to know the vendors and other visitors and will have the foundation for people talking cape cod farmers marketsome delicious summer meals.

Even if you’re just visiting for a few days or a week, be sure to stop at the Cape Cod farmers markets for a taste of the community. Some markets have live music (remember live music?!) to add to the festive and jovial atmosphere. In addition to vegetables, many markets feature local cheese, eggs, seafood, and meat, as well as bread, baked treats, and coffee! Markets also have beautiful flower arrangements that are perfect to brighten your home or rental or to brighten someone’s day!

Farmers markets are a great way to sustain the local economy, supporting the growers, artisans, and craftspeople that make Cape and Island communities so great. The food is healthy and fresh and is the perfect start to a nutritious meal. Many vendors accept SNAP and HIP benefits, even matching dollar for dollar the amount spent on local produce.

In May and June, the markets feature vegetable seedlings, flower starts, and sage advice from farmers on growing your own garden on the Cape and Islands. You’ll also find spring staples like rhubarb, radishes, arugula, asparagus, bok choy, peas, scallions, spinach, and the first sweet strawberries of summer. These spring products roll naturally into the bounty of summer person selling stand smiling cape cod farmers markets with fresh berries of all sorts, fruits, and a plethora of vegetables from sweet cherry tomatoes and ripe slicing tomatoes to cucumbers, eggplant, cabbage, sweet corn, beets, carrots, herbs, and more.

Beyond the produce, you’ll find seafood and shellfish from swordfish and striped bass to scallops, oysters, clams, and mussels. There’s fresh baked bread and sweet baked treats to enjoy while strolling through the market. Pick up some local meat, eggs, or dairy to add to the menu.

Non-food artisans can also be found at the markets, from soap makers to woodworkers and more. If you stop by the Brewster, Orleans, or Harwich markets you’ll run into Green Road Refill, and can fill your own bottles with a number of plant-based soaps, lotions, hair products, and household cleaners, cutting down on your plastic usage.

So, whether you’re a year-round resident or just visiting, be sure to stop at a farmers’ market for a taste of the Cape and Islands!


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