Top 10 Food Truck Located in the Cape Cod Region 2024

top 10 food truck located in the cape cod region 2024

February 2024

Food trucks on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and Plymouth, have become a beloved culinary phenomenon, offering a diverse array of delectable dishes served with a side of local charm. From savory comfort foods to tantalizing seafood delights, these mobile eateries bring unique flavors and experiences to every corner of the region. Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout food trucks on Cape Cod and the surrounding region.

10 Fabulous Food Trucks on Cape Cod & the Region

1. Doggz and Hoggz – Falmouth

top 10 food truck located in the cape cod region 2024

Address: 781 Main Street | Falmouth, Ma 02540
City/Town: Falmouth

Doggz & Hoggz in Falmouth is a hidden food truck gem for those craving top-notch comfort food with a twist. Their specialty hot dogs are truly a cut above the rest, boasting unique flavors and quality ingredients. The slow-smoked BBQ is simply unbeatable, with meats marinated for 10-14 hours to achieve mouthwatering tenderness and flavor.

What sets Doggz & Hoggz apart, among the food trucks on Cape Cod, is their commitment to quality; all dogs are 100% gluten-free, preservative-free, and made with 100% beef. Even their sides are housemade, adding an extra touch of love to every meal.

2. Depot Dogs – Harwich

top 10 food truck located in the cape cod region 2024

Address: 4 Depot Road | Harwich, Ma 02645
City/Town: Harwich

Depot Dogs offers a hot dog experience unlike any other. From the moment you take your first bite, it’s evident that these hot dogs are crafted with passion and attention to detail. The natural casing provides that satisfying “snap,” while the Dutch-inspired rolls made with potato flour add a unique texture.

What truly sets Depot Dogs apart is their commitment to quality and customization. From handcrafted mustard and relish to fresh sautéed peppers and onions, every element is carefully curated for maximum flavor.

3. Dancing Spoons – Orleans

top 10 food truck located in the cape cod region 2024

Address: 116 Route 6A | Orleans, Ma 02642
City/Town: Orleans

Dancing Spoons Food Truck is one of the Cape Cod food trucks operating in the heart of Orleans Center. This food truck offers a delightful fusion of flavors and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Founded by Lisa Whelan, a Wellfleet native with a passion for gastronomy, Dancing Spoons has been serving up delicious meals since its inception in 2020.

From hearty breakfast options to mouthwatering lunch specialties, every dish at Dancing Spoons is crafted with love and care, ensuring a memorable dining experience for every customer.

4. JP Twisted BBQ – Hyannis

top 10 food truck located in the cape cod region 2024

Address: 485 W Main Street | Hyannis, Ma 02601
City/Town: Falmouth

JP Twisted BBQ is a hidden gem in Hyannis, MA, known for providing a delightful BBQ-based culinary experience that will leave you craving for more. With a unique twist on traditional barbecue, JP’s Twisted BBQ delivers mouthwatering dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

The whole hog cookery on Thursdays through Saturdays is a must-try, showcasing their commitment to authentic flavors and quality ingredients. Located at Barnstable Brewing, the trailer is a cozy spot to savor these delectable delights.

5. Off the Grid – Sandwich

top 10 food truck located in the cape cod region 2024

Address: 91 Rte 6A | Sandwich, Ma 02563

City/Town: Sandwich

Off The Grid is more than just a restaurant; it’s a testament to resilience and community spirit. Originating as a small food truck in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, Off The Grid faced adversity when Hurricane Irma struck in 2017. However, instead of giving up, they embarked on a new adventure on Cape Cod. With the support of their local family, they established the Hillport Gallery location and eventually found their new home in Sandwich, MA.

Here, they’ve created an artist’s community reminiscent of their origins. The food reflects this journey, with flavors that transport diners to the Caribbean while embracing Cape Cod’s local ingredients. From their signature dishes to the warm hospitality.

6. Chef Amy Food Truck – Vineyard Haven

top 10 food truck located in the cape cod region 2024

Address: 61 Beach Road | Vineyard Haven, Ma 02568

Vineyard Haven
Chef Amy Food Truck is a unique food truck that tantalizes taste buds with a fusion of seafood and Mexican cuisine. Situated in Vineyard Haven, it brings a flavorful twist to traditional dishes, offering patrons a delightful culinary experience that ventures beyond the ordinary.

From shrimp tacos bursting with zesty flavors to fish burritos brimming with savory goodness, each dish is a testament to the culinary creativity and expertise of the chefs behind the wheel. Whether parked by the seaside or at a bustling street corner, Chef Amy Food Truck invites food enthusiasts to ignite their senses with every bite.

7. Wicked and Wood – East Falmouth

top 10 food truck located in the cape cod region 2024

Address: 383 E Falmouth Hwy | East Falmouth, Ma 02536
City/Town: East Falmouth

Wicked n’ Wood is the delicious fusion of The Wicked Quahog and Stoked Wood Grill, offering a unique culinary experience where surf meets turf with a Wicked twist. Originating from the founder’s love for grilling stuffed quahogs and a passion for cooking over hardwood coals, Wicked n’ Wood embodies the essence of Cape Cod’s culinary delights.

What began as a backyard tradition among friends soon evolved into a renowned phenomenon, with The Wicked Quahog making appearances at the finest parties and events across Massachusetts, New England, and even abroad.

8. Alden Park – Plymouth

top 10 food truck located in the cape cod region 2024

Address: 160 Colony Pl | Plymouth, Ma 02360
City/Town: Plymouth

Alden Park is Plymouth’s main destination restaurant and catering solution, offering both indoor and outdoor seating for guests. Operating on a regular schedule, reservations are encouraged to secure a spot, especially for larger parties.

Alden Park has introduced a 40′ mobile catering kitchen and a 22′ food truck, equipped with a fully operational commercial kitchen on wheels to increase their reach and visibility. Ideal for destination weddings, corporate events, and more, these mobile units provide complete kitchen needs to any location. T

9. Foodzilla on Wheels – Plymouth

top 10 food truck located in the cape cod region 2024

Address: 50 Court Street | Plymouth, Ma 02360
City/Town: Plymouth

Foodzilla on Wheels offers a dynamic and memorable catering experience through its fleet of food trucks, bringing the party directly to you. The planning process begins with a personalized conversation to understand your event’s unique requirements, ensuring that the selected food truck and chef perfectly complement your vision and preferences.

Whether it’s a gathering at home or a venue of your choice, Foodzilla’s trucks are equipped to travel to any location, providing flexibility and convenience for your event.

10. Cousins Maine Lobster – Plymouth

top 10 food truck located in the cape cod region 2024

Address: 12 Resnik Rd #3 | Plymouth, Ma 02360
City/Town: Plymouth

Cousins Maine Lobster is a nationally recognized brand with a local touch, partnering with entrepreneurs to bring the taste of Maine lobster to communities across the country. Locally owned and operated, each franchise embodies the spirit of family, with a commitment to serving their neighborhoods.

Their unique approach involves training every family member in Maine, where they learn about the lobster industry firsthand, from trap to table. The menu features classic Maine lobster rolls, served chilled with a touch of mayo or warm with butter and lemon, along with a variety of specialty dishes like lobster grilled cheese and lobster tots.

Cape Cod Food Trucks Offering An Eclectic Mix of Flavors

From Plymouth to Provincetown, Cape Cod food trucks have become an integral part of the culinary landscape, offering an eclectic mix of flavors and experiences that celebrate the rich diversity of the region. Whether you’re craving gourmet hot dogs, mouthwatering BBQ, or fresh seafood delights, there’s a food truck waiting to satisfy your culinary desires.

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