8 Blooming Garden Centers in Plymouth

8 plant nurseries for gardening enthusiasts in plymouth

March 2024

Plymouth is a great place for gardening enthusiasts, thanks to its community of nurseries and garden centers in Plymouth catering to every green thumb’s needs. From Morrison’s Home & Garden & Pet Center, steeped in farming tradition, to Katsura Gardens’ exceptional array of rare plants, the region offers a diverse tapestry of botanical wonders. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, there’s something for everyone in Plymouth’s flourishing gardening scene.

Let’s Dig into the Garden Centers in Plymouth

1. Morrison’s Home & Garden & Pet Center

8 plant nurseries for gardening enthusiasts in plymouth

Address: 90 Long Pond Road | Plymouth, MA 02360
City/Town: Plymouth

Morrison’s Home and Garden and Pet Center boasts a rich farming heritage, setting it apart as a unique garden center. Founded by Walter Morrison, who purchased an existing Agway business in Sandwich, MA, the company has deep roots in agriculture. Over the years, Morrison’s has adapted to changing economic landscapes, continuing to support the farming community while catering to horticulture trade and homeowners alike.

Today, under new ownership by George Lewis, Morrison’s remains committed to its agricultural legacy. Like many of the garden centers in Plymouth, Morrison’s Home and Garden Center embodies the core values of service, quality products, and friendly staff remain unchanged.

2. Katsura Gardens

8 plant nurseries for gardening enthusiasts in plymouth

Address: 112 Carver Road | Plymouth, MA 02360
City/Town: Plymouth

Katsura Gardens is one of the family-owned and operated garden centers in Plymouth, known for providing the region’s most extensive array of rare and exceptional plants. Rooted in America’s Hometown, Katsura Gardens takes pride in cultivating a diverse selection of flora, some sourced locally and others from top growers across the nation.

Among their impressive inventory are dwarf conifers, Japanese maples, specimen plants, ginkgos, and a range of unique ornamental grasses and trees.  Katsura Gardens is committed to quality and variety ensuring that plant enthusiasts and landscapers alike have access to plants that add character and charm to any garden or outdoor space.

3. Crystal Lake Garden Shop

8 plant nurseries for gardening enthusiasts in plymouth

Address: 252 Summer St | Plymouth, MA 02360
City/Town: Plymouth

Crystal Lake Garden Shop is a beloved family-run establishment with two charming locations in Plymouth and Carver, Massachusetts. Specializing in all things green and growing, this nursery is known for its extensive selection of unique annuals, perennials, vegetables, and more, all nurtured with care in their greenhouses. Crystal Lake meticulously curates distinctive and exotic plant varieties that thrive in Southeastern Massachusetts’ climate.

It doesn’t matter which location you head to; you are greeted by friendly smiles and contagious enthusiasm from a knowledgeable team passionate about gardening. Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or a novice dreaming of a vibrant backyard oasis, Crystal Lake Garden Shop is your go-to destination for all things botanical, ready to turn any patch of dirt into a colorful paradise.

4. Plymouth County Growers Growing Supplies

8 plant nurseries for gardening enthusiasts in plymouth

Address: 187 Summer Street | Kingston, MA 02364
City/Town: Kingston

Plymouth County Growers Growing Supplies is a go-to destination for gardening enthusiasts seeking high-quality organic soil and hydroponic gardening supplies. With a commitment to providing top-notch products and expert guidance, they empower customers to grow like professionals. Their inventory includes renowned brands such as Coast Of Maine, General Organics, Clean Roots, Roots Organics, Hortilux, and Sun system, ensuring that customers have access to premium-quality materials for their gardening projects.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, Plymouth County Growers Growing Supplies offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise to support your journey. From selecting the right soil to choosing the best hydroponic equipment, their team is dedicated to helping customers achieve success in their gardening endeavors. With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Plymouth County Growers Growing Supplies is a trusted resource for all your gardening needs.

5. Dutchies Greenhouses

8 plant nurseries for gardening enthusiasts in plymouth

Address: 545 State Rd | Plymouth, MA 02360
City/Town: Plymouth

Dutchies Greenhouses is a renowned horticultural establishment known for its extensive selection of plants and gardening supplies. Located in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, Dutchies Greenhouses offers a wide variety of greenhouse-grown plants, including annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables, and hanging baskets. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, they ensure that each plant is nurtured to its fullest potential before being made available to customers.

In addition to plants, Dutchies Greenhouses provides a range of gardening supplies, including soils, fertilizers, pots, and tools, to support gardeners in their endeavors. Their knowledgeable staff members are always on hand to offer expert advice and assistance, helping customers choose the right plants and supplies for their specific needs.

Finding Your Blooms at the Plymouth Nurseries

From seasoned professionals to budding enthusiasts, the Plymouth gardening community continues to thrive, nurturing both landscapes and spirits alike. To find inspiration for your garden, start by exploring these garden centers in Plymouth, or head south to check our more garden centers on Cape Cod.

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