Gymnastics Venues on the Cape and Islands Regions

gymnastics venues on the cape and islands region

Discover the mesmerizing world of gymnastics on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and Plymouth, where excellence meets fun. In this article, we will discover these top-notch venues offering a diverse range of programs, from preschool initiatives fostering early coordination to after-school classes progressing through USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic levels.

Cape Cod Gymnastics boasts upgraded facilities and an Olympic gymnastics apparatus, ensuring top-notch training experiences. Flip Flops Gymnastics in Mashpee prioritizes safety with state-of-the-art equipment, while Tumble Time Gymnastics in Pocasset emphasizes comprehensive child development. Cape Cod Cheer Academy in Barnstable stands out for its holistic approach, and ACK Gymnastics on Nantucket offers exceptional experiences for youngsters. Finally, Big East Gymnastics Inc. in Plymouth offers a delightful initiation into gymnastics, ensuring a positive and enriching experience for every child. Let’s begin!

Cape Cod

Cape Cod Gymnastics

gymnastics venues on the cape and islands region

Address: 5 Corporation Rd | Yarmouth Port, Ma 02675
City/Town: Yarmouth Port

Cape Cod Gymnastics is a beacon of excellence in gymnastics with over two decades of dedicated service, offering an experience that is nothing short of spectacular. Spanning an impressive 10,000 square feet, this air-conditioned venue of fun surpasses expectations with its upgraded facilities, including in-ground pit systems and trampolines for optimal safety. The venue has a brand-new Olympic gymnastics apparatus for both boys and girls, ensuring top-notch training experiences. A thoughtfully designed separate pre-school gym area caters to the youngest gymnasts, while after-school daycare programs provide a perfect blend of recreation and supervision.

Anticipating a spring highlight, the Liam O’Neil Memorial Playground promises an additional layer of enjoyment. The facility is complemented by a beautiful pro-shop and an expansive party/waiting room, complete with a flat-screen TV. Cape Cod Gymnastics’ commitment to comfort and cleanliness extends to its lobby area. With a diverse array of classes and programs, from pre-school to Gym-Ja Warrior, tumbling for cheer, and private lessons, Cape Cod Gymnastics ensures a comprehensive gymnastics journey for participants of all ages and skill levels.

Flip Flops Gymnastics

gymnastics venues on the cape and islands region

Address: 168 Industrial Dr #4 | Mashpee, Ma 02649
City/Town: Mashpee

Flip Flops Gymnastics in Mashpee is an elite gymnastics facility, offering a diverse range of programs catering to various age groups and skill levels. This center has a spacious and state-of-the-art facility and prioritizes the safety and enjoyment of children in every aspect. From parent-tot gymnastics and preschool classes to multi-level gymnastics programs for both boys and girls, the gym provides a comprehensive and engaging experience. The facility is equipped with top-notch equipment, including full-size competition spring floors, inflatable air trac, foam pit, and training mats for all programs. Flip Flops Gymnastics goes beyond regular classes by offering a unique opportunity to host memorable birthday parties, utilizing their equipment for a fun-filled celebration. With a dedicated competitive team program spanning levels 2-10, the gym focuses on developing strength, flexibility, balance, and confidence, ensuring a holistic gymnastics experience for serious athletes.

Tumble Time Gymnastics

gymnastics venues on the cape and islands region

Address: 32 Jonathan Burne Dr #1 | Pocasset, Ma 02559
City/Town: Pocasset

Tumble Time Gymnastics and Dance, Inc. is known for providing comprehensive development for children, offering a wide array of programs that nurture both physical prowess and essential life skills. Their holistic approach extends beyond gymnastics, fostering emotional and social attributes crucial for lifelong success. Catering to all ages and skill levels, Tumble Time provides a safe, disciplined, and enjoyable environment where boys and girls can flourish. From Tumble Tots and Preschool programs to Competitive Teams and Open Gym “Monkey Time,” each offering is crafted to develop strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, self-confidence, discipline, and respect for others. The dedicated coaching team ensures a supportive atmosphere, fostering self-motivation and concentration. Tumble Time Gymnastics and Dance, Inc. emerges not just as a gymnastics venue but as a nurturing space where young minds and bodies thrive.

Cape Cod Cheer Academy

gymnastics venues on the cape and islands region

Address: 150 Rosary Ln | Barnstable, Ma 02601
City/Town: Barnstable

Cape Cod Cheer Academy, founded in 1996 by Dawn, has evolved into a dynamic program catering to individuals aged 4-18 years old. Offering an extensive curriculum covering tumbling, dance, jumps, motions, and stunting, Cape All Stars creates a nurturing environment for both boys and girls. The inclusion of full year and half year teams provides flexibility for aspiring cheer enthusiasts. What sets Cape Cod Cheer Academy apart is its commitment to holistic development; members joining 3CA cheer teams can benefit from unlimited tumbling classes at no additional cost. The academy’s participation in local and national competitions, coupled with engaging performances throughout the year, reflects its dedication to skill enhancement and an energetic team spirit.

Martha’s Vineyard

Island Gymnastic Training

gymnastics venues on the cape and islands region

Address: 410 State Rd | West Tisbury, Ma 02757
City/Town: West Tisbury

Island Gymnastic Training School is an exceptional gymnastics venue, providing a nurturing environment for individuals of all ages to learn gymnastics, enhance strength, speed, and agility useful for various sports. Their programs, tailored for every age group, ensure a safe and caring atmosphere. Private lessons are also available for personalized coaching. The inclusion of a rock-climbing wall adds a dynamic element to the training experience. The facility extends its versatility by providing space for memorable birthday parties, where kids can enjoy instructed obstacle courses and games in the gym, followed by celebratory time in the lobby. The Winter Session costs are reasonable, with sibling discounts, ensuring affordability for families. While emphasizing consistency, the gym allows flexible enrollment throughout sessions, and pro-rated fees make it accessible to join anytime. Island Gymnastic Training School stands out for its commitment to skill development, inclusivity, and creating a unique space for gymnastics enthusiasts.


ACK Gymnastics

gymnastics venues on the cape and islands region

Address: 15 Nobadeer Farm Road | Nantucket, Ma 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

ACK Gymnastics and Fitness is known for improving children’s fitness on Nantucket. It does this by offering an exceptional gymnastics experience for youngsters as young as 2.5 years old. Coaches Hillari Chatti and Rachel Powers, the heart of the programs, offer top-tier gymnastics instruction, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey into the world of gymnastics. The facility, located in family-friendly environments like The Hayloft at Bartlett’s Farm and Nantucket New School, creates a nurturing space for young gymnasts to flourish. The Pre-K, K-2nd Grade, 3rd-5th Grade, and Advanced classes cater to various age groups, with well-structured schedules accommodating the diverse needs of children. ACK Gymnastics and Fitness stands as a testament to quality instruction, safety, and fostering a love for gymnastics from the earliest years, making it a standout venue for children’s fitness on the island.


Big East Gymnastics Inc

gymnastics venues on the cape and islands region

Address: 125 Camelot Dr | Plymouth, Ma 02360
City/Town: Plymouth

Big East Gymnastics Inc. is noted one of the best, when it comes to excellence in gymnastics, particularly in its well-crafted programs catering to various age groups. The preschool program is a delightful initiation, fostering coordination, strength, flexibility, and balance while instilling a love for learning. The Parent-Tot class creates a playful environment for toddlers, emphasizing age-appropriate coordination skills with parental involvement, nurturing a bond between child and parent.

The Minibear and Tumblebear classes offer age-specific challenges, engaging children physically and mentally, and building confidence through carefully crafted themes. The Kinderbear class serves as a bridge to the afterschool program, blending skill-oriented challenges with the continuation of preschool-themed activities. The after-school classes, structured around USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic levels, progressively elevate skills from basics to advanced routines, emphasizing safety and individual goals. Big East Gymnastics Inc. stands out for its comprehensive approach, creating a positive and enriching gymnastics experience for every child.

Unleashing the Gymnastic Potential in Every Child

These top-tier venues redefine gymnastics experiences, from Cape Cod Gymnastics’ upgraded facilities to Flip Flops Gymnastics’ emphasis on safety. Regardless of what you want from the gym, be it learning agility, training for competitions or simply fun time, the gymnastic venues listed in this article are bound to provide you with all you need. Unleash the potential in every child with these gymnastics venues, where skill development and joyous experiences intertwine.

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