A Cape Cod Day Trip
Visiting the Town of Hyannis MA

a cape cod day trip visiting the town of hyannis

Hyannis MA is the largest town in Barnstable and one of the busiest tourist hubs on Cape Cod. Hyannis Harbor is naturally deep, which attracted many early settlers involved in the maritime shipping, fishing, and whaling industries.

Today, Hyannis Harbor is the Cape’s largest recreational boating harbor with ferry connections to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. If you are looking to go whale watching, seal watching, charter fishing or individual fishing, this is the harbor toa cape cod day trip visiting the town of hyannis visit. It’s full of activities for everyone!

A weekend getaway or day trip to Hyannis should definitely include a visit to the following landmarks: JFK Museum, Mass Art & Space Museum, Cape Cod Maritime Museum, HyArts Artist Shanties, JFK Memorial, Hyannis Harbor Light, Kalmus and Craigville Beach.

Starting Your Day Trip to Hyannis MA

Breakfast Recommendation

If you are in town early and are considering a place to have breakfast, here are two recommendations:

The Daily Paper Or The Egg & I

After breakfast, it would be a great idea to stroll Main Street and check out the various landmarks and gift shops in Hyannis.

There are a multitude of places to visit and things to do in Hyannis. Here are some of the landmarks for consideration on your day trip to Hyannis:

a cape cod day trip visiting the town of hyannis

  • JFK Museum
  • Massachusetts Air & Space Museum
  • Cape Cod Maritime Museum
  • HyArts Artist Shanties
  • John F Kennedy Memorial
  • Hyannis Harbor Light
  • Kalmus Beach
  • Craigsville Beach

These museum shops stock items of local significance, like souvenirs and jewelry crafted from local sea glass. Many gift shops and art galleries feature pieces related to fishing and whaling, which were once the area’s most important industries. In between the shops, lively restaurants, bars, and outdoor cafes dot the sidewalks of Main Street Hyannis MA.

The Cape Cod Maritime Museum ~ 135 South St, Hyannis, Ma 02601
a cape cod day trip visiting the town of hyannisThis historical museum, located on the banks of Hyannis Habor, chronicles the rich maritime history of the Cape Cod peninsula with several interactive exhibits. These exhibits include a collection of carefully restored marine vessels, information about significant events in the Cape’s nautical history, and a boat building workshop.

town of hyannis 5HyArts Artist Shanties ~ Habor Overlook & Bismark Park, Hyannis MA 02601Visit the HyArt Artist Shanties in downtown Hyannis right off of Main Street! These works of art are themed to tell tales of life beneath the ocean. Each of the shanties at Bismore Park in Hyannis is named after one of the seven villages in the Town of Barnstable. A visit to these exteriors colorful happy shanties is sure to provide artistic inspiration as well as a chance to pick up some keepsakes from your day trip to Hyannis.

The Massachusetts Air & Space Museum ~ 434 Main St, Hyannis, MA
a cape cod day trip visiting the town of hyannisTo foster, encourage, and advance the education of future generations through the recording and preservation of the history of aviation and space exploration, technology and its kindred and allied arts and sciences, and surviving artifacts; particularly as these relate to the localities and inhabitants of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, both past and present.

The John F. Kennedy Museum ~  397 Main St, Hyannis MA 02601
a cape cod day trip visiting the town of hyannisThe museum focuses on the Kennedy family’s deep personal connection to Cape Cod, as well as the legacies of family members like Joseph, JFK, Robert, and Ted. The museum, which hopes to inspire attendees to pursue civic commitment, features exhibits dedicated to politics, civil rights, and the “Camelot” legend of the Kennedy presidency.

Lunch Recommendation

Embargo or Fresh Ketch
Both of these restaurants are located on Main Street, Hyannis

Afternoon~ Check Out This Lighthouse:

If you are a light house enthusiast, there exists a hidden light house located on Edwards Bay to ensure safe passage of ocean vessels sailing into this high traffic  port.

Hyannis Rear Range Light ~ 91 Harbor Road | Hyannis, Ma 02601
a cape cod day trip visiting the town of hyannisThis lighthouse is also called the Hyannis Harbor Light. It was once a part of a pair of lights know as a range light located on the banks of Hyannis Harbor. This particular range light was built in the year 1849 and was outfitted with a 5th order version of a Fresnel lens in 1856. Later in 1863, a new cast iron version replaced the original bird cage lantern. To complete the lighthouse system for guiding vessels into the harbor, a front range light was added to the old colony railroad wharf in 1885.

More Things to Do in Hyannis MA:

The next best landmark to visit that is located next to a beautiful beach and a short drive to Kalmus Beach is the JFK memorial.

The John F. Kennedy Memorial ~ 480 Ocean St, Hyannis, MA 02601
The memorial overlooks Lewis Bay, where JFK spent so many days on the water. The memorial consists of a bronze bust profile of the president, mounted on a a cape cod day trip visiting the town of hyannissimple stone wall. The bust looks toward Lewis Bay while, on the other side of the stone wall, a bronze medallion of the Great Seal of the United States looks toward the town.

Edward’s Bay Harbor at Hyannis is a popular refuge for all sorts of recreational boats making their way around the Cape. It may be even more popular for dining, though, with several on-the-water restaurants serving delicious fresh seafood and other Cape Cod inspired cuisine. Diners come not only for the food, but to relax and watch the yachts and sailboats out the harbor.

From the JFK Memorial, a short trek away is Kalmus beach which literally a stone throw away headed westward.

Kalmus Beach ~ 670 Ocean St, Hyannis, MA 02601
a cape cod day trip visiting the town of hyannisKalmus beach is also considered a great windsurfing beach where you can join the windsurfing activities or just sit on the beach and watch windsurfers exhibit their wonderful talents on the surfs. It’s also a great beach for walking, flying a kite or throwing football with friends and families.

If you are still interested in seeing another famous beach, you can easily head further west(about 1/2 mile) to one of Cape Cod’s best surfing beaches where you might come across folks with surfing board just hanging out and chatting.

Craigsville Beach ~ 997 Craigsville Beach Rd | Centerville, MA 02632
a cape cod day trip visiting the town of hyannisCraigsville beach is located in the town of Barnstable, of which Hyannis is a local village.

The 7 towns of Barnstable have numerous landmarks that are not mentioned in this Day Trip to Hyannis MA. Some notables include the Coast Guard Heritage Museum and the old Jail House located in Barnstable Village or check out more things to do in Hyannis and Barnstable here.

At this point you have several choices for dinner, you can choose a restaurant over looking Hyannis Harbor or one that is located on Main Street where you can find music and dancing after dinner.

Our Dinner Recommendations:

Torino Restaurant or Brazillian Grill

You should definitely make a reservation at either one of these fine dining establishments. Go and enjoy! Both are highly recommended where you are sure to find a great time!

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