5 Inspiring Plant Nurseries on Nantucket

6 plant nurseries that inspire gardeners on nantucket

March 2024

There is a wide array of plant nurseries on Nantucket, with each one offering unique products and experiences. From expansive greenhouses to the commitment and natural practices of small farms, these plant nurseries on Nantucket cater to the island’s gardening enthusiasts with unparalleled expertise and quality.

Surfing Hydrangea Nursery stands out for its knowledgeable staff dedicated to helping customers succeed in their gardening endeavors, while Bartlett’s Farm, a seven-generation legacy, continues to innovate with organic farming and renewable energy initiatives.

Let’s Dig into the Plant Nurseries on Nantucket

1. Arrowhead Nursery & Furniture

6 plant nurseries that inspire gardeners on nantucket

Address: 9 Wampanoag Way | Nantucket, MA 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

Arrowhead Nursery, founded in 1997 by Mark Lombardi and expanded with the partnership of his brother David Lombardi in 1998, originated as an extension of their landscaping business established in 1983.  In 2003, the Lombardi brothers further expanded their enterprise, establishing a new location on Wampanoag Way, which features expansive greenhouses and a remarkable Furniture Showroom.

The showroom, spanning three floors, showcases a diverse array of indoor and outdoor furniture, home decor, and unique gift items. Specializing in trees, shrubs, perennials, annual flowers, pottery, planters, and more, Arrowhead Nursery has evolved into Nantucket’s main destination for both new and established homeowners.

2. Pumpkin Pond Farm

6 plant nurseries that inspire gardeners on nantucket

Address: 25 Millbrook Rd | Nantucket, MA 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

Pumpkin Pond Farm prides itself on providing customers with a delightful selection of ready-made or customized seasonal fresh herbs. A visit to their farm is always an adventure, with an ever-changing array of offerings depending on the time of year. What sets Pumpkin Pond Farm apart is their commitment to natural farming practices—all their products are grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides.

This dedication to organic farming ensures that their vegetables are not only fresh but also free from harmful chemicals. With vegetables picked daily, customers can savor the true essence of nature’s flavors in every bite. Whether you’re looking for the perfect herb for your culinary masterpiece or simply want to enjoy the freshest produce available, Pumpkin Pond Farm has something special for everyone.

3. Surfing Hydrangea Nursery

6 plant nurseries that inspire gardeners on nantucket

Address: 91 Somerset Rd | Nantucket, MA 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

Surfing Hydrangea Nursery has an exceptional team with a wealth of experience in the green industry. Their friendly staff is dedicated to sourcing, maintaining, and selling the finest plants tailored specifically for Nantucket’s unique environment. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, Surfing Hydrangea Nursery is committed to ensuring your success in growing beautiful plants.

If you’re facing challenges with a new design or unsure about which plants are suitable for a particular location, their knowledgeable team is always ready to offer guidance and share their years of horticultural expertise. Surfing Hydrangea Nursery provides a welcoming environment where customers can find the support and resources, they need to create thriving gardens on Nantucket Island.

4. Bartlett’s Farm

6 plant nurseries that inspire gardeners on nantucket

Address: 33 Bartlett Farm Rd | Nantucket, MA 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

Bartlett’s Farm stands as an enduring legacy, rooted in Nantucket’s agricultural history for over seven generations. Established by William Bartlett in the early 1800s, the farm has evolved from subsistence farming to become the largest and oldest of the plant nurseries on Nantucket.   From dairy and sheep to tomatoes and vegetables, each generation has contributed to its expansion and success.

Today, Bartlett’s Farm encompasses over 125 acres of cultivated fields, offering a diverse range of certified organic vegetables, plants, and flowers. The farm’s iconic 18,000 square foot farmstand is a hub for both locals and visitors, showcasing the bounty of Nantucket’s fertile land.


5. Flowers on Chestnut

6 plant nurseries that inspire gardeners on nantucket

Address: 1 Chestnut Street | Nantucket, MA 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

Flowers on Chestnut has a storied history that began in 1984 when it opened as Flowers in the old Boarding House at 12 Federal Street. When the original owners parted ways, Michael Molinar, the former delivery boy, took the reins, leading the shop into a new era. Under his ownership, Flowers at the Boarding House flourished, becoming a premier shopping destination on Nantucket.

With growth came expansion, and by the early 1990s, Flowers had taken over the entire second floor of the building. Beyond flowers, the shop diversified its offerings to include home furnishings and accessories sourced from around the country and Europe. In 1998, Michael’s love for Nantucket led him to purchase the shop’s current home at 1 Chestnut Street, providing much-needed space for further customization.

Blooming with Nantucket’s Gardening Centers

All of the plant nurseries on Nantucket are more than just a place to purchase plants, they represent a dedication to sustainability, the island’s natural heritage, and a passion for gardening.  After creating their own gardens, the avid gardener can find more inspiration at the Nantucket Garden Festival that happens every July.

The festival is a series of workshops, garden tours, keynote addresses, and family activities, the festival celebrates the island’s rich gardening heritage while raising funds for operating expenses and scholarships at the school. The Nantucket Garden Festival is a clear testament to the power of gardening as an educational tool and a source of inspiration for the island community.

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