Top 10- Preschool listing in Plymouth

preschool listing in plymouth - top 10

Use our guide of preschool listing in Plymouth to help you make this important decision to choose a preschool, as it shapes a child’s foundation for learning, relationships, and emotional resilience. With so many options and considerations, from teaching styles to the overall environment, this task can become quite daunting.

This article is your guide to navigating this challenge, presenting the top 10 preschool listing in Plymouth. Each preschool is unique, catering to diverse needs and philosophies. Whether you prioritize play-based learning, holistic development, or aligning with specific values, this preschools on this list can help simplify your search, providing insights into Plymouth’s best preschools to ensure a seamless and informed decision-making process.

Preschool Listing in Plymouth

Bright Ideas Childcare

preschool listing in plymouth - top 10

Address: 12 Hedges Pond Rd | Plymouth, Ma 02360
City/Town: Plymouth

Bright Ideas Childcare, led by the dedicated Miss Brenda, was created with a visionary goal to shine like a lighthouse beacon. The preschool prioritizes steering children away from harm and guiding them on a safe, positive path. Grounded in the tradition of collective support, the preschool emphasizes collaborative efforts with families for the holistic development of each child.

In 2009 Miss Brenda fulfilled her dream of opening a child care center in Plymouth. The Cedarville center, operational since June 2009, has been a testament to Brenda’s dedication. In August 2020, Camelot Park opened its doors, further extending the reach of quality childcare to Plymouth families.

South Shore Early Education

Address: 196 S Meadow Rd | Plymouth, Ma 02360
City/Town: Plymouth

South Shore Early Education (SSEE), operating under the South Shore Community Action Council (SSCAC), is a top in Plymouth that embodies a commitment to high-quality early education. With centers strategically located in Marshfield, Plymouth, Wareham, Hyannis, West Yarmouth, and Dennisport, SSEE provides Head Start, Early Head Start, and state-subsidized early education and childcare.

Rooted in SSCAC’s mission to empower low-income individuals and families, SSEE goes beyond traditional education. It seeks to address the paradox of poverty in affluent communities by offering opportunities for education, training, work, and a life of decency and dignity. Collaboration with numerous community partners reflects their dedication to making a collective difference.

Starboard Academy

preschool listing in plymouth - top 10

Address: 114 Industrial Park Rd | Plymouth, Ma 02360
City/Town: Plymouth

Starboard Academy, formerly known as Star Preschools, created in 1995, has been shaping its identity as a top preschool in Plymouth. The institution’s commitment to quality is underlined in the STAR Preschool Promise, which emphasis exceptional early childhood education addressing all facets of a child’s development.

The preschool has a philosophy grounded in providing a warm, loving, and eco-friendly atmosphere and boasts knowledgeable leadership recognizing individual learning paces. The school’s mission, encapsulated in the Five STAR Commitment, promotes exploration, language development, critical thinking, and discovery. A family-owned establishment, Starboard Academy prioritizes creating an engaging learning environment, supporting the uniqueness of each child.

Big Leaps Preschool and Daycare

Address: 54 Holman Rd | Plymouth, Ma 02360
City/Town: Plymouth

Big Leaps Preschool and Daycare is seen as a top preschool in Plymouth. This preschool emphasizes the principles of play, discovery, and exploration. Each day is thoughtfully crafted to foster hands-on learning, instill discovery skills, and establish routines that contribute to the holistic development of children. The experienced and friendly staff in the classrooms at Big Leaps create warm, positive, and nurturing environments, ensuring that every child feels special and is encouraged to explore and develop skills at their own pace.

The programs at Big Leaps cover a comprehensive range, from the Infant Program (2 months – 15 months) to the Toddler Program (15 months – 2.8 years) and the Preschool Program (2.9 years – Prekindergarten). The three separate preschool classrooms, categorized by age, provide age-appropriate activities to promote social, cognitive, and physical growth. The dedicated teachers strive to foster independence, self-help skills, language development, and individual expression through creative arts and academic learning centers.

Plymouth KinderCare

preschool listing in plymouth - top 10

Address: 24 Pilgrim Hill Rd | Plymouth, Ma 02360
City/Town: Plymouth

Plymouth KinderCare is more than just a daycare; it’s a place where children receive a strong foundation in early education, which in turn sets the stage for a lifetime of learning and confidence. The center is staffed by qualified professionals dedicated to the well-being and development of every child in their care. Their educational approach, known as Early Foundations, is a research-based curriculum designed by an experienced team of early childhood educators. This program prioritizes a unique, whole-child approach that covers 6 important developmental domains: Cognitive, Language and Literacy, Physical, Motor, and Wellness, Social-Emotional, Executive Function, and Creative Expression.

Plymouth KinderCare’s curriculum goes beyond educational research, it also ensures that its program is engaging and fun. The program focuses on fostering a love of learning and building confidence in children, ensuring a positive and enriching early education experience.

Tiny Town Inc

preschool listing in plymouth - top 10

Address: 1226 State Rd | Plymouth, Ma 02360
City/Town: Plymouth

Tiny Town Children’s Center Inc. is a popular preschool in Plymouth, MA, situated in the village of Manomet. Established in 1985, it has been a cornerstone for childhood education, providing a warm, family-oriented environment for children aged 8 weeks through 8 years. The late Mrs. Toni Powers, the former owner, left behind a legacy of laughter and learning. In 2018, her granddaughter, Mrs. Stacia Buckmann, took the helm, bringing her Tiny Town alumni experience and a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education.

Tiny Town learns on traditions while embracing innovation. Stacia maintains the center’s values, introduces new practices, and ensures a child-centered environment accommodating diverse learners. The school is licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care, offering a theme-based curriculum aligned with Massachusetts Early Education Guidelines and CDC milestones.

At Tiny Town, each child is valued, and their developmental, physical, and emotional needs are met through skilled educators and family involvement. The center’s mission is to foster total personal growth, providing a safe, happy space that sparks children’s natural curiosity and love for learning.

Small Scholars Preschool

preschool listing in plymouth - top 10

Address: 8 Town Sq | Plymouth, Ma 02360
City/Town: Plymouth

Small Scholars Preschool offers part-time preschool programs to citizens in Plymouth. Founded with a commitment to providing exceptional early childhood education, this preschool caters to the unique needs of young learners in the Plymouth community. Its emphasis on part-time programs suggests a thoughtful approach to early education, considering the developmental needs and schedules of young children.

Part-time preschools often provide a balance between structured learning experiences and the flexibility required for the early years. Small Scholars Preschool helps to create a nurturing environment that encourages social, cognitive, and emotional growth while accommodating the varied schedules of its young students and their families.

Methodist Early Learning Center

preschool listing in plymouth - top 10

Address: 29 Carver Rd | Plymouth, Ma 02360
City/Town: Plymouth

The Methodist Early Learning Center in Plymouth is on a clear mission to nurture children emotionally, physically, and educationally. Their dedication is evident in a mission statement emphasizing a lifelong love for learning, independence, and respect. The center prioritizes creating a safe, clean, and loving environment, ensuring professionally supervised quality care. Open to all, their non-discrimination policy reflects a commitment to inclusivity.

The preschoolers at Methodist Early Learning Center engage in play-based learning, fostering imagination and creativity. Teachers encourage social skill development, emphasizing effective communication and problem-solving. Outdoor activities and indoor music and movement time contribute to holistic growth. The intentional curriculum, aligned with Massachusetts State Early Education and Care Guidelines, is tailored for smaller groups, ensuring age-appropriate learning experiences for children aged two years, nine months to six.

Zion Lutheran Church Pre School

Address: 386 Court St | Plymouth, Ma 02360
City/Town: Plymouth

Zion Lutheran Church Preschool, going by its name operates with values and principles that align with that of the Zion Lutheran Church, creating a cornerstone of early childhood education. As an integral part of the church community, the preschool goes beyond conventional learning, integrating spiritual and moral development into its curriculum. The Zion Lutheran Church Preschool has roots deeply embedded in the church’s ethos, which in turn, creates a nurturing environment where both academic and spiritual growth for young learners can occur.

The preschool prioritizes a values-driven approach by instilling a sense of community, compassion, and respect in its students. Thanks to its connection to the church, the preschool has a strong curriculum that aims to develop cognitive skills as well as great moral and ethical foundations.

Hop Skip & Jump Preschool

preschool listing in plymouth - top 10

Address: 12 Church St | Plymouth, Ma 02360
City/Town: Plymouth

Hop, Skip & Jump Preschool is another Plymouth preschool that focuses on developing young minds during their most formative years. The school’s mission is all about instilling a love for learning through interactive hands-on activities and creative play. The team of Hop Skip & Jump understands that this stage of a child’s life is foundational, so it focuses not only on academic preparedness but also on nurturing essential interpersonal and emotional coping skills.

Thanks to a keen understanding of individual needs, the preschool provides a supportive and loving environment where each child can thrive. This commitment to kindness and effective communication sets the tone for conflict resolution, enabling an atmosphere where children’s thoughts and feelings are valued and respected.

Summarizing the top 10 Pre-school in Plymouth, Massachusetts

If you are searching for the perfect preschool in Plymouth, this article can function as a guide, offering a unique look at 10 of the top preschool listing in Plymouth, all with their own approach and philosophy. Regardless of what you are looking for, these preschools cater to diverse needs of childcare.

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