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Use our guide of preschool listing on Martha’s Vineyard to select the right preschool for your child. It is an important decision as it can shape a child’s early experiences and laying the foundation for lifelong learning.

With a plethora of options, each unique in philosophy and approach, this guide presents a list of preschools to simplify this crucial choice. From Chilmark’s commitment to competence and creativity to Fern and Feather’s nature-based education, and First Light’s focus on quality over quantity, each preschool encapsulates Martha’s Vineyard’s diverse educational landscape.

Preschool Listing on Martha’s Vineyard

The Chilmark Preschool

Address: 8 State Road | P.O. Box 425 | Chilmark, Ma 02535
City/Town: Chilmark

Chilmark Preschool on Martha’s Vineyard embodies a philosophy that cherishes each child’s competence, curiosity, and creativity. The commitment to creating a positive and respectful learning environment is evident in the teachers’ profound understanding of child development. Their emphasis on predictability and consistency, coupled with a flexible curriculum emerging from children’s interests, aligns seamlessly with Massachusetts Early Childhood Program Standards.

Through natural curiosity and spontaneous play, children explore numeracy, literacy, and the natural world. The focus extends beyond academics, nurturing emotional intelligence and social relationships. Chilmark’s collaborative approach involves parents, teachers, and the community, ensuring a holistic education that prepares children for a dynamic and symbolic society, emphasizing the timeless importance of play in fostering essential learning strategies.

MV Community Services Preschool

preschool listing on martha's vineyard-top 15

Address: 111 Edgartown Road | Vineyard Haven, Ma 02568
City/Town: Vineyard Haven

Martha’s Vineyard Community Services Preschool is another exemplary early education center, which has consistently shown a commitment to promoting children’s development via play and active engagement with their surroundings.  The focus on open-ended play, both indoors and outdoors, encourages exploration and self-discovery.

Perhaps, what makes this preschool program unique is its accreditation by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). It has achieved this by maintaining a high teacher-to-student ratio, as well as remaining dedicated to inclusivity by respecting diverse cultures and languages.

Project Headway

preschool listing on martha's vineyard-top 15

Address: Old Country Rd | W. Tisbury Elementary School | W. Tisbury, Ma 02575
City/Town: West Tisbury

Project Headway offers a play-based program for children aged three to five, fostering inclusivity by welcoming children with and without disabilities. The curriculum, thoughtfully designed to meet diverse developmental needs, encompasses a typical preschool schedule rich in activities—circle time, group activities, motor play, music, science, and art. With a strong emphasis on communication and social skills, Project Headway encourages learning through play in both teacher and child-directed activities.

The program’s commitment to inclusivity is commendable, ensuring developmentally appropriate experiences for all children. Additionally, the incorporation of field trips enhances thematic learning, utilizing local resources to create a holistic and enriching educational environment.

Woods School

Address: Home School | Martha’s Vineyard, Ma 02568
City/Town: Martha’s Vineyard

Woods School on Martha’s Vineyard takes a difference approach to preschool education by providing a nature-based education. This preschool embodies a cooperative homeschool model that transcends traditional boundaries. Guided by a mission that sparks curiosity and fosters imagination, the school integrates the rich philosophies of Place-based, Waldorf, Forest, and Permaculture education in an enchanting outdoor setting. The delightful, vibrant space, infused with warmth and holistic care, becomes a canvas for imaginative play. Woods School goes beyond conventional learning, cultivating a profound connection with the natural world, instilling values of cooperation, collaboration, and participatory learning. The unique approach, where facilitators are made up of parents, family, and community members, creates a resilient community, making Woods School a nurturing haven for young minds to blossom.

West Tisbury School

preschool listing on martha's vineyard-top 15

Address: 401 Old Country Rd | West Tisbury, Ma 02575
City/Town: West Tisbury

Kellie’s Kindergarten at West Tisbury School is run Kellie Davis, a kindergarten teacher that works to provide excellence in early childhood education. Kellie, a devoted educator with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and a pending Master’s from Fitchburg State University, brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her role.

Her roots in Chicopee and her love for the island create a unique blend of warmth and expertise. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to foster both academic and personal growth, reflecting Kellie’s commitment to each child’s development. With a charming location in Edgartown and Kellie’s dedication to creating a nurturing environment, this kindergarten promises an exciting and enriching experience for young learners on Martha’s Vineyard.

Martha’s Vineyard Charter School

preschool listing on martha's vineyard-top 15

Address: 424 State Rd | West Tisbury, Ma 02575
City/Town: West Tisbury

Martha’s Vineyard Charter School has a preschool program that utilizes a personalized and innovative approach to preschool-level children development. One of the features of this preschool is the focus on creating an environment that promotes learning and growth flourish.

The dedicated educators at Martha’s Vineyard Charter School understand the pivotal role the preschool years play in a child’s formative education. This understanding ensures that there is a balance between structured learning and fostering a love for exploration.

Grace Preschool

Address: P.O. Box 1197 | Vineyard Haven, Ma 02568
City/Town: Vineyard Haven

Grace Preschool with over 60 years of service, is a cornerstone of Martha’s Vineyard’s educational landscape. Founded in 1956, it continues to provide a nurturing childhood program, positively impacting over 650 children. Housed in the church’s inviting basement, the preschool boasts a rich history rooted in community spirit, initiated by the late Mary Ann Hoxsie.

Today, Grace Preschool offers scholarships and accommodating a diverse student body, including a Portuguese-speaking teacher for the growing Brazilian community. With activity spaces fostering play and quiet time, Grace Preschool remains a non-denominational gem, embracing families and enriching the lives of Martha’s Vineyard’s youngest learners.

Vineyard Montessori School

preschool listing on martha's vineyard-top 15

Address: 286 Main St | Vineyard Haven, Ma 02568
City/Town: Vineyard Haven

Vineyard Montessori School is an exceptional preschool dedicated to fostering a lifelong love of learning. The school has a mission centered on providing an equitable and joyful environment, the school collaborates with families and the community. Their affiliations with state-wide, national, and global Montessori organizations showcase a commitment to excellence.

At VMS, diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice are not just values but integral aspects of the Montessori philosophy. The unique community of inspiring educators seeks candidates contributing to intellectual and cultural diversity. With a focus on collaboration, respect, compassion, and empathy, Vineyard Montessori School creates an enriching educational experience, aligning with Montessori’s core values and fostering global citizenship.

Rainbow Place

Address: 34 Anthiers Way | Edgartown, Ma 02539
City/Town: Edgartown

Rainbow Place offers a distinctive and individualized program for a mixed age-group of children. The program has an emphasis on a rich social environment fosters self-confidence and robust communication skills, creating a nurturing space for young learners. The unique approach allows children to choose from a variety of specially planned activities and learning centers, transitioning seamlessly between small and large group activities throughout the day.

Furthermore, Rainbow Place’s curriculum is thoughtfully crafted through keen observations of each child, incorporating their ideas and interests. Field trips to local businesses, engaging with special guests, and cultural activities further enrich the learning experience, making Rainbow Place a dynamic and active haven for children’s holistic development.

Plum Hill School

preschool listing on martha's vineyard-top 15

Address: 5 Pine Lane | Box 971 | West Tisbury, Ma 02575
City/Town: West Tisbury

Plum Hill School is founded on the Waldorf educational philosophy, creating an environment where children can engage in profound learning through pure, creative play. This top preschool prioritizes simplicity and nature, offering natural materials that ignite imagination and fine art resources for artistic expression. From heart-told fairy tales to puppet plays and music, Plum Hill weaves beauty into daily rhythms.

Children actively participate in nurturing activities like tending the garden and baking bread, fostering a connection to nature. The school’s commitment to celebrating seasons, social development, and creative thinking establishes a foundation for sound character. Plum Hill’s dedication to fostering reverence, enthusiasm, and compassion shapes a holistic learning experience that resonates with the natural rhythm of childhood.

Island Children’s School

Address: 5 Halcyon Way | West Tisbury, Ma 02575
City/Town: West Tisbury

Island Children’s School is guided by a philosophy that places immense importance on mixed-age classrooms. This innovative approach helps to develop a dynamic learning environment that comes with substantial benefits across multiple developmental domains. At this preschool, there is a focus on social development and that is evident in diverse peer interactions. Mentorship opportunities within the mixed-age setup cultivate a sense of responsibility and leadership in older students. The cognitive development focus aligns with the Zone of Proximal Development, stimulating growth through exposure to various abilities.

Flexible learning styles ensure tailored challenges, supporting cognitive development at individual paces. Emotional development thrives in the family-like atmosphere, promoting a sense of belonging, confidence, and positive modeling. Island Children’s School’s commitment to academic preparedness shines through, preparing young minds for real-world dynamics and ensuring a smooth transition to formal education settings.

Garden Gate

preschool listing on martha's vineyard-top 15

Address: 119 West Spring Street, Box 2666 | Vineyard Haven, Ma 02568
City/Town: Vineyard Haven

Garden Gate Preschool was created to represent Friedrich Froebel’s foundational principles, redefining kindergarten as a cherished extension of childhood. Garden Gate captures the essence of “Garden of Children” by prioritizing individualized learning through inquiry-based methods, outdoor exploration, and hands-on experiences. The curriculum, inspired by Reggio Emilia’s 100 Languages of Children, values creativity, play, and a unique approach separate from formal education.

Nurturing each child’s growth, Garden Gate fosters a sense of wonder and joy, challenging conventional educational norms. The combined PreK/Kindergarten class provides a holistic environment where children, aged four and five, thrive, setting the stage for seamless transition to first grade. Garden Gate’s commitment to preserving the true spirit of kindergarten makes it a standout choice for parents seeking an alternative, child-centric educational journey.

First Light Child Development

Address: 66 Williams Street, P.O. Box 4623 | Vineyard Haven, Ma 02568
City/Town: Vineyard Haven

First Light Child Development Center in Vineyard Haven, Martha’s Vineyard is known to cater to toddlers and preschoolers. The center maintains a small, intimate setting with a maximum capacity of 15 children, ensuring personalized attention. A notable feature is their non-participation in subsidized childcare programs, reflecting a dedication to quality over quantity.

First Light’s educational philosophy shines through in recognizing every child as a thinker, researcher, and problem-solver. The emphasis on valuing relationships, fostering open dialogue, and promoting play and collaboration creates an environment that supports robust community bonds. This commitment to overall development positions First Light as a trusted partner in laying the foundation for a child’s lifelong love for learning.

Fern and Feather Preschool

preschool listing on martha's vineyard-top 15

Address: 100 Felix Neck Drive | Edgartown, Ma 02539
City/Town: Edgartown

Fern and Feather Preschool, found within Mass Audubon’s Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary in Edgartown provides nature-based education on Martha’s Vineyard. The preschool, aligned with Mass Audubon’s mission for environmental conservation, offers a unique learning experience for children aged 2.9-5 years. The program philosophy, rooted in the belief that nature fosters holistic development, encourages multi-sensory exploration and cooperative play outdoors.

The 200-acre landscape serves as an expansive, ever-changing classroom, providing endless opportunities for investigations and discoveries. The post and beam barn, erected in 2018, complements the outdoor experience. With a maximum class size of 12-20 students and a staff-to-child ratio of 1:7, Fern and Feather ensures a safe, supportive environment for fostering curiosity, exploration, and the joy of discovery. This preschool, with its academic year aligning with Martha’s Vineyard Public Schools, promises an enriching educational journey for young learners.

List of Preschools for Your Child’s Early Development

Choosing from our preschool listing on Martha’s Vineyard is pertinent in sculpting your child’s early years. The various options, from Chilmark’s creativity focus to Fern and Feather’s nature immersion, caters to individual needs.

Each candidate from our list of preschools, like First Light’s intimate setting and Garden Gate’s child-centric approach, promises unique experiences that are sure to shape your child’s early development. Whether guided by Montessori principles, Waldorf philosophy, or mixed-age classrooms, these preschools share a common commitment to holistic development.

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