Scenic Spots for Photography on Cape Cod & the Region

For more than two centuries, the stunning natural beauty of Cape Cod has inspired the imaginations of both naturalists and artists.

From the writings of Henry David Thoreau, which were inspired by sunset walks along the beach at Highland Light, to the sun-kissed paintings of Edward Hopper, many have tried to capture the peninsula’s changing light in their works.

The breathtaking Cape Cod sunsets continue to inspire both professional and amateur photographers.  If you’re looking for those captivating coastal scenes or perfect sunset spots for photography on Cape Cod, these locations are a great place to start your search.

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Cape Cod Scenic Venues For Sunsets and Sunrise Shots

Martha’s Vineyard’s Open Ocean and Breaking Waves


Nantucket’s Glimpse into Preservation of Wildlife

Plymouth’s Historical Sites and Wildlife Sanctuaries

Beaches Sit at the Top of the Photography Food Chain

Beaches are at the top of the list of photogenic settings on Cape Cod. On the Cape Cod Bay side, expansive stretches of white sand reach out to meet the ocean waves and uninterrupted skyline.dining and entertainment on cape cod and the islands At low tide, the sand bars seem to go on forever. The shallow tide pools are full of fascinating marine life and breathtaking reflections of the sunset.

On the other side of the Cape, the south and west facing beaches are known for dramatic sunsets that light up the water in spectacular shades of red, pink, and purple.

To the east, sunrises are the main attraction, though the open ocean and breaking waves are an impressive image any time of day. Many beaches host views of iconic Cape Cod lighthouses.

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