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Explore Top 6 Fish Market Martha's Vineyard

6 best fish market martha's vineyard

October 31, 2023

Martha’s Vineyard, renowned for its pristine coastal beauty and maritime heritage, offers a seafood scene that’s as vibrant as the island itself. Fresh local seafood markets in Martha’s Vineyard dot the landscape, providing residents and visitors with a taste of the ocean’s finest offerings.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 fish market Martha’s Vineyard, each with its unique charm and specialties. Whether you’re looking for the freshest catch of the day, signature seafood dishes, or the convenience of takeout, these markets have it all. Join us on a culinary journey through this picturesque island, where the sea’s bounty is celebrated and savored in various delicious forms.

Top Fish Market Martha’s Vineyard

1. Larsen’s Fish Market

6 best fish market martha's vineyard

Address: 56 Basin Rd
City/State: Chilmark, Massachusetts

Larsen’s Fish Market, nestled on the idyllic shores of Martha’s Vineyard, has been a cherished establishment since its inception in 1969. Founded by Louis and Mary Larsen, the market symbolizes a deep-rooted commitment to the local fishing community, offering equitable prices to both the fishermen and customers alike. As a family affair, their daughters Betsy and Kristine joined the ranks in their teens, with Betsy seamlessly taking the helm by age 19.

Today, the Larsen family continues to pour their passion into the market, creating a sense of community that extends to include local families and summertime residents. The market’s enduring legacy and dedication to fresh, high-quality seafood make it a beloved culinary destination on Martha’s Vineyard.

2. The Fish House

6 best fish market martha's vineyard

Address: 17 Airport Rd
City/State: Edgartown, Massachusetts

The Fish House on Martha’s Vineyard is a true seafood gem. Their Meat and Seafood market boasts a daily selection of seafood, meat, and produce sourced directly from local providers, ensuring freshness and quality. Whether you’re looking for the freshest catch of the day or locally sourced meats, this market has you covered.

What sets The Fish House apart is its Takeout Menu, featuring a mouthwatering selection of Island’s Best dishes. From poke bowls to fried fish & clams, hot & cold lobster rolls to New England clam chowder, there’s something to satisfy every seafood craving. You can also enjoy classics like burgers and French fries.

3. Edgartown Meat & Fish

top fish market martha's vineyard

Address: 240 Edgartown Vineyard Haven Rd
City/State: Edgartown, Massachusetts

Edgartown Meat & Fish Market, a cherished family-owned establishment on Martha’s Vineyard, has been serving the Edgartown community with a dedication to excellence that’s second to none. Their commitment to providing the best customer experience is truly evident in every visit. With a warm and personalized approach, the staff goes above and beyond to help customers find the best seafood in Martha’s vineyard.

This gourmet food market is a one-stop destination for culinary delights, featuring fresh seafood, prepared foods, a bagel bakery, cafe, sushi, and a selection of premium groceries. It’s not just a seafood market; it’s a complete foodie’s paradise that showcases a rich tapestry of flavors and options to explore. With Edgartown Meat & Fish Market, you’re in for a delightful shopping experience where quality and service converge seamlessly.

4. Menemsha Fish Market

6 best fish market martha's vineyard

Address: 54 Basin Rd
City/State: Chilmark, Massachusetts

Menemsha Fish Market, nestled in the heart of Martha’s Vineyard, stands as a testament to the island’s rich maritime traditions. This seafood market is a gem for those who appreciate the island’s freshest catches. Offering a delectable array of seafood native to the region, it’s a haven for connoisseurs of the sea’s bounty. From succulent lobsters to briny oysters, they have it all. What truly sets Menemsha Fish Market apart is its cooked seafood dishes.

The market transforms the day’s catch into mouthwatering creations, from seafood chowder to lobster rolls, making it a one-stop-shop for both the freshest ingredients and ready-to-enjoy culinary delights. Whether you’re a seafood aficionado or a casual diner, Menemsha Fish Market is a must-visit spot in Menemsha to savor the true essence of Martha’s Vineyard’s coastal treasures.

5. The Net Result

6 best fish market martha's vineyard

Address: 79 Beach Rd
City/State: Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts

The Net Result is a seafood market with deep roots in Martha’s Vineyard, continuing a legacy of supplying the fresh seafood from the surrounding waters. Situated on an island known for its maritime heritage, The Net Result stands as a testament to the island’s rich fishing tradition. With a history spanning four generations, the Larsen family is renowned for offering top-quality fish that has made locals and visitors blush with delight for years.

Located in Menemsha, where returning fishing vessels first dock, this market receives the freshest catches, making it a seafood haven. The dedication to quality extends to careful shipping, ensuring that seafood lovers on and off the island enjoy the same level of satisfaction. The Net Result provides options for both fresh and frozen seafood, and they can air ship their products anywhere in the United States, making it a top choice for seafood enthusiasts on Martha’s Vineyard.

6. Edgartown Seafood Market

6 best fish market martha's vineyard

Address: 138 Cooke St
City/State: Edgartown, Massachusetts

Edgartown Seafood Market stands as a beacon of culinary excellence on Martha’s Vineyard. With Martha’s Vineyard’s most extensive selection of fresh local seafood, the Larsen family’s legacy shines through. As a family deeply rooted in the fishing trade, Edgartown Seafood prides itself on delivering the freshest catches to its customers. Their range includes a captivating assortment of fresh fish, locally harvested live lobsters, and delectable prepared dips, all sourced based on seasonality.

What makes Edgartown Seafood truly exceptional is owner Danny Larsen’s lifetime of experience in the seafood industry, from his years as a commercial fisherman to his three decades at the helm of Edgartown Seafood. He remains hands-on, guaranteeing that only the finest, top-quality seafood graces their market. As the island’s fish offerings change daily, a visit or a quick check on their Facebook page will keep you informed about today’s catch. With an ever-evolving selection of fresh and local seafood, prepared foods, and takeout, Edgartown Seafood Market is a testament to the island’s maritime heritage and a must-visit for seafood enthusiasts.

Martha’s Vineyard; A Seafood Lover’s Paradise

The island a seafood lover’s paradise, offering an array of fish market Martha’s Vineyard that cater to the discerning tastes of locals and visitors alike. From the pristine waters surrounding the island, these markets provide a delectable assortment of fresh catches and culinary delights.

Whether you’re in the mood for succulent lobster, briny oysters, or the catch of the day, the best seafood markets in Martha’s Vineyard’s deliver. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor the ocean’s bounty, prepared with care and expertise at these top ten fish markets on this picturesque island.

Your seafood cravings are sure to be satisfied on Martha’s Vineyard. For those craving an even fresher catch check out out Fishing Charters on Martha’s Vineyard.

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