7 Best Beaches for Kids in Plymouth

beaches for kids in plymouth

11 best beaches for kids on plymouth 2023Welcome to Plymouth, Massachusetts, a charming coastal town known for its rich history, scenic beauty, and, of course, incredible beaches. Every summer  families are eager to plan their beach getaways, searching for the perfect destinations that cater to their children’s needs and provide hours of sun-soaked fun. Fortunately, there are a wide array of  beaches for kids in Plymouth that offer something for everyone, from gentle waves and sandy shores to exciting activities and breathtaking views.

In this article, we will dive into the 7 Best Beaches for Kids in Plymouth, highlighting their unique features, amenities, and why they are perfect for a memorable family beach day. So, pack your beach essentials, put on your sun hats, and get ready to explore the top-rated beaches that will make your summer in Plymouth truly unforgettable for the whole family.

Best Beaches for Kids in Plymouth

These beaches for kids in Plymouth offer a range of experiences, from calm and shallow waters to stunning coastal landscapes. Whether you are seeking a lively beach atmosphere or a more serene and secluded spot, Plymouth has something to offer for families looking to create unforgettable beach memories.

1. White Horse Beach (Manomet)

Situated in the Manomet neighborhood of Plymouth, White Horse Beach is 11 best beaches for kids on plymouth 2023a popular spot for families. With its wide sandy beach, gentle waves, and lifeguards on duty, it is perfect for swimming, building sandcastles, and enjoying a day in the sun.

There are also nearby facilities and parking options available.  Expect to pay $50 for parking unless you have a resident sticker.

2. Plymouth Long Beach (Plymouth)

Located along the eastern coast of Plymouth, Plymouth Long Beach offers a beautiful barrier beach and stunning views of Cape Cod Bay. Long Beach offers a 3 mile stretch of sandy shoreline and calm waters, making it ideal for families with young children.

The beach also provides scenic views of Plymouth Harbor and easy access to amenities like restrooms and picnic areas. Pack up the picnic basket for an afternoon of fun in the sun.It is known for its tranquil atmosphere, making it a great spot for families to relax, swim, and enjoy a peaceful beach day.

3. Nelson Memorial Park Beach (Plymouth)

Situated near downtown Plymouth, Nelson Memorial Park Beach is a small yet charming beach perfect for families. The beach features calm waters, a playground, picnic areas, and restrooms, providing all the necessary amenities for a day of family fun. A new splash pad has been added for even more ways to stay cool in the summer sun.

4.  Ellisville Harbor State Park (Plymouth)

Located in South Plymouth, Ellisville Harbor State Park offers a unique beach experience for families. With its varied  layout of rocky shoreline, tidal pools, and nature trails, kids can explore and discover a variety of marine life, often including seals. The beach also provides lifeguards and facilities for a safe and enjoyable day by the water.

5. College Pond Beach (Plymouth)

Located near the Myles Standish State Forest, College Pond offers a freshwater swimming experience for families. The beach provides a sandy shoreline, lifeguards, and picnic areas, allowing families to enjoy the tranquility of the lake and engage in water activities. Pack the boogie boards and head out!

11 best beaches for kids on plymouth 2023

6. Plymouth Beach (Plymouth)

Located at the entrance of Plymouth Harbor, Plymouth Beach offers a wide sandy expanse and beautiful views of the bay. With its gentle waves and lifeguards on duty, it is a family-friendly beach suitable for swimming, sunbathing, and beach games. The beach also provides amenities like restrooms and picnic areas.

7. Stephens Field Beach (Plymouth)

Situated in the Stephens Field neighborhood of Plymouth, Stephens Field Beach is a hidden gem that provides a peaceful and family-friendly beach experience. The beach features a sandy shoreline, calm waters, and scenic views of Plymouth Harbor. Families can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking in this serene setting.

11 best beaches for kids on plymouth 2023


Plymouth is truly a beach lover’s paradise, offering a wide range of family-friendly beaches that cater to every preference. From the calm and shallow waters of Nelson’s Memorial Park to the scenic beauty of White Horse Beach, Plymouth has something to offer everyone. Whether you are seeking relaxation, water activities, or simply a picturesque spot to soak up the sun, these top beaches for kids in Plymouth provide the perfect setting for a memorable family beach day.

Plymouth’s beaches not only offer natural beauty but also provide essential amenities such as lifeguards, restrooms, and picnic areas, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for families with children. Whether you are building sandcastles, splashing in the waves, exploring tide pools, or enjoying a beachside picnic, these beaches have it all to create memories.

So, gather your beach gear, slather on the sunscreen, and head out to explore the stunning beaches of Plymouth. Whether you choose the popular Long Beach or opt for a more secluded spot like Stephen’s Field Beach, each beach promises unforgettable moments and cherished memories for the whole family. Make the most of the summer and create a lifetime of beach adventures in the beautiful coastal town of Plymouth.




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  1. Judy Donn

    Concerning kid – friendly beaches in Plymouth ( see #5), the beach in MYLES STANDISH is on College Pond, not Long Pond. I know of no Long Pond Beach in Plymouth. I don’t think there is one.

    1. Heidi Blake

      Thanks, Judy! We appreciate the heads up, our minds got frazzled in the sun too long! So many beaches, so little time!

  2. techylist

    We love going to the beaches in Plymouth! There are so many to choose from, and they’re all so beautiful. Our favorites are the beaches at Hyannis and Provincetown.

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