Dessert Ideas to Complete Your Cape Cod Thanksgiving Meal

cape cod thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the one holiday that brings all Americans together. Families gather near and far to enjoy a festive meal. The Cape Cod Thanksgiving is where the traditions began, and it is very exciting to explore the local origins.

dessert ideas to top off a cape cod thanksgiving A favorite part of the Thanksgiving dinner is always dessert. Who doesn’t love to see a buffet of different pies and treats? According to the Farmer’s Almanac the dessert table our ancestors enjoyed looks quite different from the spread we often see today. A typical dessert back in the 1600’s was Corn Porridge or Pumpkin Shell Custard. These delicacies are rarely served during modern times but don’t fret as there are many amazing alternatives.

Local Ingredients for a Cape Cod Thanksgiving

Did you know that many of the best dessert ingredients today are native to Cape Cod? Of course, every Thanksgiving table has side dishes and desserts made from the Cape’s resident berry, the Cranberry. The Massachusetts Cranberry Organization is bountiful with information about one of Cape Cods native assets. Visitors will learn where to tour and buy fresh cranberries around the Cape.

dessert ideas to top off a cape cod thanksgiving In addition, to cranberry’s there are many farms and specialty markets with pumpkin patches and native apples, chestnuts, and many other ingredients harvested locally on Cape Cod. A few to check out include Annie’s Crannies in Dennis and Coonamesset in Falmouth. There are many great local farms across the Cape that grow and produce Cape Cod Thanksgiving ingredients, then all you need are a few favorite recipes.

Pie Shops Across the Cape

Of course, if you aren’t inspired to bake your own desserts there are amazing pie shops across the Cape. A few favorites featuring traditional pies include Pie a La Mode in East Falmouth, Pie in the Sky Bakery in Woods Hole, Centerville Pie Company in Hyannis and Marion’s Pie Shop in Chatham. If you are on the Vineyard, Pie Chicks in Vineyard Haven has a large variety of artisanal pies. For the gluten-free crowd, visit White Lion Bakery on Route 151 in Mashpee. Lastly, if you entertain ice cream lovers, Polar Cave Ice Cream Parlor makes amazing seasonal ice cream pies and even offers pumpkin and apple pie flavors.

piesDesserts are the best way to top off a Cape Cod Thanksgiving Feast. If you do plan to buy dessert, be sure to order pies in advance or you may reluctantly end up going the baking route. This can be a fun way to prepare for your dinner with family and friends. Just be sure to plan your menu and ingredient needs ahead of their arrival. With a little advance preparation, whether baking or buying the desserts your dinner guests will be thankful to you for hosting a Cape Cod Thanksgiving feast.

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