5 Reasons Cape Cod Thrift Stores are Worth a Stop!

By: Sarah Watson

1. Cape Cod Thrift Stores Are Like A Treasure Hunt! You never know what you’ll find at Cape Cod thrift stores, and that’s part of the fun. With constantly changing inventory of secondhand finds there’s an element of luck and chance antique things compass maps cape cod thrift storesadded to the shopping experience. Some people (like my sister) have a gift for nabbing the great finds, unearthing treasures in just their size. (My sister once ripped a hole in her favorite pair of jeans, went to the small thrift store a half mile from our house, and found the exact same pair of jeans in just her size an hour later.) 2. Cape Cod Thrift Stores Are Environmentally Friendly Donating to and buying clothes from Cape Cod thrift stores helps to keep perfectly good clothing out of landfills and reduce the amount of new clothing being person hugging tree cape cod thrift storesbought and produced. The Huffington Post reports that Americans throw away 26 billion pounds of clothing and textiles each year, approximately 81 pounds per person. On a global scale, the fashion industry is responsible for between 4 and 10 percent of carbon emissions. The Global Fashion Agenda and McKinsey & Company’s Fashion on Climate report notes that in 2018 the clothing industry emitted up to 2.1 billion tons of CO2, which was more than the emissions of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom combined. 3. Cape Cod Thrift Stores Are Cost Effective You can’t beat the prices at Cape Cod thrift stores! From clothing, furniture, books, and kitchen supplies there are great deals to be found. Thrift stores are the cost effective icon cape cod thrift storesperfect place to outfit kids who are constantly outgrowing their wardrobes. The great thing about shopping at thrift stores is that you don’t feel obligated to keep the clothes when you lose interest in them. You haven’t spent a fortune on that sweater or pair of jeans, so when you’re done with them you can simply donate them back to the thrift store and find another pair at the same spot! For those of us with Yankee frugality in mind, giving things back to a thrift store is a great way to thin out your closet without feeling wasteful. 4. Cape Cod Thrift Stores Help You Cultivate Your Own Unique Style! The wide range of options at Cape Cod thrift stores will ensure that you never end up wearing the same outfit as someone else at an event. The low prices also lady blue hair dreads tattoos cape cod thrift storesmake it a great spot to experiment with a new style; If it doesn’t work out, just donate it back and give another look a try! Many shops sell new or like-new clothing, and you can often find some great vintage pieces. Furniture and other household items at thrift stores are perfect for DIY projects or to spruce up your home. 5. Cape Cod Thrift Stores Support Community Organizations! The final, (and best) benefit of Cape Cod thrift shops are the good work they do for the community. Many shops are run by or support local nonprofits working people placing hands together cape cod thrift storesto make the community a better place. Spending money at thrift stores also helps to keep money in the community, with organizations doing great work on a number of causes. You can support thrift shops by donating your used items and by shopping at the stores. Many churches also run thrift shops to raise funds for their charitable work. On Cape Cod, thrift stores support groups working on housing issues, food insecurity, assistance for disabled community members, healthcare services, and other worthy causes.

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