Best Christmas Books of Cape Cod

Locals and visitors alike will agree that Christmas on Cape Cod and the Islands is magical. When air is frosty and snowflakes begin to fall, there is nothing nicer than to curl up with a book that highlights the area during the holidays. In this article, we will explore the best Christmas books of Cape Cod and the best christmas books of cape cod and the islands Islands.

Our Favorite Christmas Books of Cape Cod

Christmas on Cape Cod – by Nan Rossiter

If you are seeking a heartwarming tale, then this delightful book will not disappoint. The books focus on the main character Asa Coleman and his young son Noah. With each page, you’ll get to enjoy the many activities on Cape Cod during the holidays. The book winds down to Christmas when Asa opens an incredibly special gift.

The Cape Cod Christmas Cookbook – by Mark Jasper

Cape Cod is known for more than its quaint towns and stunning beaches. It is also a culinary gold mine with many distinctive dishes. This holiday season why not create a few Cape Cod delicacies with the delightful recipes found in the Cape Cod Christmas Cookbook? It features scrumptious dishes from Cape’s most distinctive inns including the Chatham Bars Inn and the Coonamessett Inn. You will learn how to make Cape Cod Christmas Scallops, Plantation Gingerbread, Christmas Beach Plum Rum, Captain Irving’s Fish Chowder, and more.

Christmas on Nantucket – by Leslie Linsley

Every year, tourists flock to Nantucket to celebrate Christmas and welcome in the New Year. In Christmas on Nantucket, author Leslie Linsley shows exactly what makes Cape Cod so special during the holiday season. She outlines the lovely Festival of Trees at the Whaling Museum in Nantucket and more. Each page pays homage to the iconic area during the holidays, and she even offers pointers on how youbest christmas books of cape cod and the islands can create a Nantucket-style Christmas no matter where you live.

Mistletoe Can Be Murder: Every Wife Has a Story – by Susan Santangelo

Fiction and mystery lovers will fall in love with this murder mystery that takes place on Cape Cod during the holidays. The whodunit is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat while giving the feel of what it’s like to enjoy Christmas on the Cape.

Nantucket White Christmas: A Beach Plum Cove Novel – by Pamela M. Kelley

The novel follows Angela Stark as she relocates from the West Coast to Nantucket over the holiday season. You’ll get a taste of what life is like on Cape Cod as the main character learns to love the area.

best christmas books of cape cod and the islandsA Cape Cod Crows’ Christmas by Heather Pastore

A delightful Christmas tale for children. The book focus on a small-town on Cape Cod where certain items start to go missing. The story weaves the natural world with the people of the town to uncover the true meaning of Christmas.

Santa Is Coming to Cape Cod – by Steve Smallman and Robert Dunn

A classic Christmas story for children that takes place on Cape Cod during Christmas Eve. Santa and his reindeer pulling the sleigh flies over Provincetown, Mashpee, Hyannis, Chatham, Falmouth, Brewster, Sandwich, Bourne, Yarmouth, and Harwich.

A Vineyard Christmas – by Jean Stone

Based on the island of Chappaquiddick, this book follows Annie Sutton who is living out her dream of living on Martha’s Vineyard. During a best christmas books of cape cod and the islands Christmas blizzard, someone leaves a basket at Annie’s door which contains a baby girl.

An Edgartown Christmas – by Katie Winters

The story follows five sisters of Edgartown who come together for Christmas on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. However, an accident occurs that quickly destroys the tranquility. If you enjoy this story, you can follow the whole series of the Sisters from Edgartown.

This holiday season, why not curl up with one of these delightful Christmas books of Cape Cod?

Christmas books of Cape Cod are also a great gift idea for the book lovers on your Christmas list this season. Remember to support your local bookstores on the Cape,




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