Coffee in Plymouth - 4 Top Spots

September 9, 2023

There are several charming coffee shops and cafes where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in Plymouth, MA while taking in the local atmosphere.

Some Popular Options for Enjoying Coffee in Plymouth

“It’s amazing how the world begins to change through the eyes of a cup of coffee.”– Donna A. Favors

Will & Co. Café | 6 Court St | Plymouth

4 places to enjoy coffee in plymouth Will & Co. Cafe elevates the Plymouth coffee scene with its artisanal roasts. Their single-origin beans from South America and Africa create a nuanced coffee experience. Their pour-over and AeroPress methods bring out the beans’ inherent flavors. The flat white is a standout, highlighting the rich espresso paired with velvety steamed milk. This café is a must-visit for those seeking a sophisticated coffee palate.

Stowell’s Café | 775 State Rd | Plymouth

Stowell’s Cafe, a beloved local haunt, boasts a hearty coffee menu perfect for Plymouth’s cozy mornings. Classic drip coffee is robust and comforting, while their specialty lies in creamy espresso drinks. Don’t miss their caramel macchiato, a sweet indulgence. Whether you’re grabbing a cup on the go or settling in for a leisurely chat, Stowell’s provides the quintessential coffee shop experience.

Water Street Café | 25 Water St | Plymouth

4 places to enjoy coffee in plymouth Water Street Cafe, with its scenic harbor views, pairs stunning scenery with a diverse coffee menu. Their cold brew, smooth and invigorating, is a summer favorite. Espresso aficionados will appreciate the bold shots pulled here, served solo or as the foundation for lattes. A welcoming atmosphere and top-notch brews make it a prime spot for coffee lovers with an appetite for the waterfront.

Carmen’s Café Nicole | 114 Water St | Plymouth

4 places to enjoy coffee in plymouth Carmen’s Cafe Nicole is Plymouth’s haven for coffee diversity. Their espresso bar offers a myriad of choices, including lavender lattes and nutty macchiatos. The caramelized espresso shots in the Caramel Crunch coffee are a delight. You’ll find a wide range of dairy and non-dairy options to customize your cup. With a warm ambiance, it’s a perfect spot to sip, savor, and explore unique coffee flavors.

Enjoying Your Daily Coffee in Plymouth

Whether you’re looking for a quick caffeine fix or a place to savor your coffee Plymouth’s relaxed atmosphere, you will find options to suit your preferences. Additionally, many of these establishments offer outdoor seating, so you can enjoy your coffee while taking in the beautiful views of Plymouth Harbor and its historic surroundings.

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