The 300 Committee Land Trust in Falmouth

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the 300 committee land trust in falmouth

Preserving the land on Cape Cod is essential to keeping the island’s natural beauty and protecting its natural resources. That’s why the 300 Committee Land Trust (T3C) has made its mission to protect and preserve the land in Falmouth.

What is the 300 Committee Land Trust?

The 300 Committee Land Trust is a private, non-profit entity whose mission is to preserve and protect the land in Falmouth, MA. The organization was founded in 1985 with the goal of saving 300 acres of land in celebration of Falmouth’s 300th anniversary.

Since then, T3C has grown to own over 2,500 acres of land, with more than 1,500 people joining the cause.

What Does the 300 Committee Land Trust Do?

the 300 committee land trust in falmouth

T3C preserves and protects open land and natural resources in Falmouth. They achieve these by doing 3 things:

  • Acquisition of Land – throughout its history, T3C has acquired over 2,500 acres of land in Falmouth. Their current strategy is to target land that allows for the protection of the water. Currently, the organization is working on purchasing a greenway along the Coonamassett River.
  • Education – T3C aims to spread its love of the land to all who will listen. They hold several events throughout the year and post educational signage along trails.
  • Stewardship – The organization has 37 conservation restrictions that protect more than 600 acres of land. T3C maintains this land through a stewardship committee and volunteers.


Why Does T3C Preserve Land?

Why go to all this effort to preserve the land? T3C sites 5 main reasons as to why they feel it’s important to conserve land.

  • People – Being outside in nature has a hugely beneficial impact on both mental and physical health. Preserving the natural beauty of Falmouth allows residents the opportunity to receive these benefits and participate in outdoor activities.
  • Beauty – Part of what makes Falmouth is its natural beauty. Without Beebe Woods or Peterson Farm, it would become unrecognizable.
  • Water – Protecting the land near waterways keeps it clean and usable. It’s essential to keep Falmouth’s water clean to preserve natural resources and a source of usable drinking water.
  • Climate – With over 600 acres of protected land, T3C is doing its part to reduce the effects of global warming by allowing vegetation to do its job and pull carbon dioxide out of the air.
  • Habitat – conservation areas give local wildlife somewhere to call home. Protecting the land is essential to protecting Falmouth’s beloved wildlife.

the 300 committee land trust in falmouth

What Land Does T3C Protect?

The 300 Committee Land Trust owns and protects a ton of land in Falmouth, including several areas on the Shining Sea Bikeway. Some of the more notable properties include:

  • Beebe Woods & Peterson Farm
  • Coonamessett Greenway Heritage Trail
  • Flume Pond
  • Moraine Trail
  • Salt Pond

For a full list of properties, visit the T3C website.

What Events Does T3C Put On?

Throughout the year, T3C hosts several educational events that are open to the public. Some of the more popular events include morning hikes and talks on sustainability. All their events focus on the preservation of the land and learning about the local wildlife.

Where Else Can I Learn About Nature on Cape Cod?

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