Dance Classes For Kids in the Cape Cod Region

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February 2024

Dance is more than just movement; it’s an art form that nurtures creativity, discipline, and self-expression in children. Cape Cod and its surrounding areas have emerged as a hub of dance education, offering a multitude of classes that cater to the diverse interests and talents of young dancers. In this comprehensive guide, we present the 16 best dance classes for kids in this enchanting coastal region.

These dance classes for kids stand as a testament to the vibrant arts culture of Cape Cod and the surrounding areas. From classical ballet to contemporary dance, hip-hop to tap, each class offers a unique and enriching experience. With dedicated instructors and well-equipped studios, these dance programs aim to not only teach the technical aspects of dance but also instill a love for movement and creativity in young hearts.

Whether you’re a parent seeking the perfect dance class for your child or a young dancer looking to embark on a journey of artistic exploration, this guide will serve as your compass. Let’s begin!

Cape Cod Dance Classes for Kids

Dance Designs

16 best dance classes for kids in the cape cod region

Address: 350 Kidd’s Hill Rd B2, Hyannis, MA 02601
City/Town: Hyannis

Dance Designs, located in Hyannis, MA, is a prominent dance studio that offers comprehensive dance instruction for children. Known for its commitment to teaching a diverse range of dance styles, the studio provides a well-rounded dance education to young aspiring dancers.

With a focus on skill development, discipline, and creativity, Dance Designs aims to instill in its young dancers a strong foundation in dance techniques while fostering their love for the art form. The studio’s dedication to providing a versatile dance education makes it a trusted choice for parents looking to enroll their children in a dance program that offers both breadth and depth in dance training.

Beth Walsh Dance Center

16 best dance classes for kids in the cape cod region

Holly Plaza
Address: 2792 Falmouth Rd, Osterville, MA 02655,
City/Town: Osterville

The Beth Walsh Dance Center, situated in Osterville, Massachusetts, has been a dedicated hub for young dancers for over a decade.  At the heart of the Beth Walsh Dance Center is a commitment to providing exceptional dance education to kids. Their programs are thoughtfully designed to not only teach the technical aspects of dance but also to ignite creativity, discipline, and self-expression in young dancers.

The longevity of the Beth Walsh Dance Center speaks to its enduring dedication to dance education and the positive impact it has had on countless young lives. With a track record of over 10 years, this studio has consistently proven its ability to instill a deep appreciation for dance in children, nurturing their talent and passion while providing them with valuable life skills.

Arts Edge Dance Company

16 best dance classes for kids in the cape cod region

Address: 1055 Route 28 South Yarmouth, MA
City/State: South Yarmouth

Arts Edge Dance Company, located in South Yarmouth, MA, is a dedicated dance studio primarily focused on nurturing young dancers. Their mission is to provide a positive learning environment that not only imparts the art of dance but also fosters creativity, compassion for the arts, and confidence in young individuals.

The studio aims to enhance self-esteem and discipline while instilling a sense of grace and joy in the art of dance. Arts Edge Dance Company stands as a place where young dancers can not only develop their skills on the dance floor but also gain valuable life skills that will serve them well beyond the studio.

Turning Pointe Dance Studio

16 best dance classes for kids in the cape cod region

Address: 509 Thomas B. Landers Road, Falmouth, MA 02536
City/Town: Falmouth

Turning Pointe Dance Studio, situated in Falmouth, Massachusetts, is a well-established dance studio with a mission to provide top-quality dance training to students of all ages and aspirations. Their mission statement reflects their dedication to offering dance education that caters to both those aspiring for a professional career in dance and individuals looking to enjoy dance recreationally while reaping the numerous physical and mental benefits it offers.

Turning Pointe Dance Studio’s enduring presence and dedication to dance education make it a go-to destination for parents seeking quality dance instruction for their children. It provides a nurturing environment where students can develop their skills, build self-confidence, and explore the joy of dance, all while benefiting from the physical and mental aspects of this art form.

Harper Dance Center

16 best dance classes for kids in the cape cod region

Address: Deer Crossing
681 Falmouth Rd # C16, Mashpee, MA 02649

City/Town:  Mashpee

The Harper Dance Center, situated in Mashpee, Massachusetts, is a dance institution with a clear and inclusive mission. Their primary goal is to make the art of dance accessible to individuals of all ages who desire to express themselves and develop through this creative medium. Their commitment to quality instruction in a safe and enjoyable environment ensures that dance becomes a source of achievement, pride, and personal growth.

The center offers a range of affordable classes with the added benefit of multiple class and family discounts, making dance education accessible to a wider audience. Additionally, they maintain a focus on keeping costume fees and ticket prices reasonable. Harper Dance Center fosters a close-knit “family” atmosphere, where teachers, parents, and students collaborate to achieve common goals and enjoy the process. 

The Dance Space Cape Cod

16 best dance classes for kids in the cape cod region

Get Fit Fitness Center
Address: 634 N Falmouth Highway, North Falmouth 02556
City/Town: North Falmouth

The Dance Space Cape Cod stands as a beacon of dance education for children, driven by a clear and heartfelt mission. Established with the primary goal of nurturing a love for dance among students, regardless of their skill levels, this studio is more than just a place for dance instruction; it’s a creative haven where positivity, artistry, and teamwork are instilled in young minds. 

Students are encouraged not just to challenge themselves but also to support and uplift their peers. This collaborative spirit is nurtured through choreography work and teamwork, where students learn the value of collective effort and mutual encouragement. In this nurturing environment, young dancers not only develop their dance skills but also become positive and supportive members of a vibrant dance community.

Cape Cod Ballet Theatre for Children

16 best dance classes for kids in the cape cod region

Harwich Port Library
Address: 49 Bank St, Harwich, MA 02645
City/Town: Harwich

The Cape Cod Ballet Theatre for Children, located within the Harwich Port Library, is a standout destination for providing some of the best dance classes for kids in Cape Cod. Established in 2007, this institution is on a mission to share the joys and benefits of dance, theatre, storytelling, collaboration, and hard work with the next generation of performers.

Their curriculum encompasses a broad spectrum of dance techniques, from classical to contemporary and jazz, along with essential theatre fundamentals, fostering a well-rounded education in the performing arts. By incorporating elements from RAD and Balanchine techniques, as well as theatre games, improvisation, and character study, the program not only lays the groundwork for a strong technical foundation but also captivates young minds with the magic of the performing arts. 

Cape Cod Hip Hop and Jazz

16 best dance classes for kids in the cape cod region

Address: 165 Yarmouth Rd, Hyannis, MA 02601
City/Town: Hyannis

The Cape Cod Hip Hop and Jazz Studio, situated in Hyannis, has emerged as a standout destination for children’s dance classes in the Cape Cod area. With a notable track record of over three years in the business, this studio has firmly established itself as a trusted and dynamic space for young dancers to explore the world of hip-hop and jazz dance.

The experienced instructors at Cape Cod Hip Hop and Jazz Studio not only teach dance techniques but also instill confidence, creativity, and a passion for movement in their students. With its focus on hip-hop and jazz, Cape Cod Hip Hop and Jazz Studio offers a dynamic and engaging dance experience for children, making it a highly regarded destination for young aspiring dancers in the Cape Cod community.

Dream Studios Cape Cod

16 best dance classes for kids in the cape cod region

Address: 23Q, Whites Path, South Yarmouth, MA 02664
City/State: South Yarmouth

Dream Studios Cape Cod, located in South Yarmouth, stands as a remarkable destination for children’s dance classes, driven by a mission that goes beyond dance instruction. Their primary goal is to create an inspiring environment where young dancers can unlock their full potential and become positive influences within their community. The studio believes that dance is not just about mastering steps; it’s also a means to impart essential life skills that will pave the way for success.

Dream Studios cape cod is committed to fostering a well-rounded development in children. Beyond dance techniques, the studio places a strong emphasis on instilling values such as respect, responsibility, confidence, creativity, character, and teamwork. These qualities are considered fundamental to a child’s personal growth, not only as dancers but as individuals who can contribute positively to society.

Nantucket Dance Classes for Kids

The Dance Space

16 best dance classes for kids in the cape cod region

Address: 15 Teasdale Circle | Nantucket, MA 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

The Dance Space in Nantucket is a standout destination for children’s dance classes, offering an inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone is encouraged to move their bodies for fun, fitness, and the pure joy of movement itself. Conveniently situated mid-island at 15 Teasdale Circle with ample parking, this studio is a true gem for those seeking high-quality dance instruction.

The studio boasts specialized Harlequin sprung floors that offer a trampoline-like effect for dancers, reducing the impact from jumps and movements. The choice of these floors, which can be found in prestigious institutions like New York City Ballet, Boston Ballet, and Alvin Ailey, underscores The Dance Space’s dedication to offering the best possible dance experience for young learners.

Martha’s Vineyard Dance Classes for Kids

Rise Vineyard Performing Arts

16 best dance classes for kids in the cape cod region

Address: 455 State Rd, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568
City/Town: Vineyard Haven

Rise Vineyard Performing Arts, located in Vineyard Haven, stands as an exceptional destination for the best children’s dance classes, offering a range of programs tailored to different age groups and interests. This nurturing environment fosters self-confidence and encourages the freedom of expression while developing fundamental motor skills that will shape bright and confident futures. 

For more dedicated young dancers aged 7 and above, the “Company Program” at Rise Vineyard Performing Arts offers intensive training, performance opportunities, and even travel experiences. Selection into the company is based on dedication, skill level, enthusiasm, and commitment, with students required to take core classes in ballet, contemporary, jazz, and tap. 

Dance Classes for Kids in Plymouth 

Manomet School of Dance

16 best dance classes for kids in the cape cod region

Address: 32 Manomet Point Rd, Plymouth, MA 02360
City/Town: Plymouth

The Manomet School of Dance (MSOD) stands out as an exceptional destination for children’s dance classes, guided by a heartfelt mission to provide the best quality dance education possible. Their approach is rooted in understanding that each child is unique and should be treated as such, fostering an environment where learning is synonymous with fun. MSOD believes in going beyond physical growth, aiming to contribute to the development of self-esteem, confidence, and lifelong friendships.

At MSOD, every day is a new and exciting experience, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and a strong foundation of fun. The studios are thoughtfully designed to offer a safe and nurturing environment where dancers of all ages can express themselves freely and develop their skills at their own pace. To ensure that students receive the most current education in a rapidly evolving industry, MSOD’s teachers regularly attend dance conventions and workshops across the country, ensuring that students benefit from the latest techniques and insights.

The Dance Factory

16 best dance classes for kids in the cape cod region

Address: 179 Court St, Plymouth, MA 0236
City/Town: Plymouth

The Dance Factory, located in Plymouth, MA, is a top-notch destination for the best dance classes tailored to children of all ages. With a commitment to providing quality dance education, this studio offers a diverse range of classes to cater to the needs and interests of young dancers.

The Dance Factory’s inclusive approach ensures that children of all ages can find suitable dance programs to foster their love for movement and artistic expression. Whether it’s preschoolers taking their first steps into the world of dance or older children honing their skills in various dance disciplines, the studio’s comprehensive offerings cater to dancers at every stage of their development.


Pinewoods Dance Camp

16 best dance classes for kids in the cape cod region

Address: 80 Cornish Field Rd, Plymouth, MA 02360
City/Town: Plymouth

Pinewoods Dance Camp, located in Plymouth, MA, is a unique and vibrant institution known for its dedication to folk dance and music traditions. While it primarily focuses on providing immersive camp experiences for individuals of all ages, including families and adults, it may not be considered a traditional destination for children’s dance classes.

At Pinewoods, participants can immerse themselves in a wide array of folk-dance styles, including contra, square dancing, English country dance, and international folk dance.  While children are certainly welcome to attend with their families and can enjoy the activities and workshops designed for various age groups, Pinewoods Dance Camp primarily serves as a camp experience rather than a dedicated location for ongoing children’s dance classes.

Open Space Studio

16 best dance classes for kids in the cape cod region

Kingston Collection
Address: 101 Kingston Collection Way, Kingston, MA 02364
City/Town: Kingston

Open Space Studio in Plymouth is a standout destination for the best children’s dance classes, driven by a mission that centers around creating an inclusive and supportive family atmosphere. One of the key reasons parents choose Open Space for their child’s dance education is the commitment to expert instruction. The highly trained and experienced dance instructors specialize in working with young children, ensuring that each little dancer receives top-notch guidance in a fun and supportive environment.

 Open Space Studio’s curriculum is thoughtfully designed to align with the developmental needs of children aged 18 months to 18 years old. It blends elements of ballet, jazz, and creative movement into imaginative storytelling, playful exercises, and interactive games. This creative approach not only makes learning dance enjoyable but also promotes physical fitness, coordination, cognitive development, rhythm, and self-expression.

Cultivating Discipline, Teamwork and Social Skills

In conclusion, the world of dance offers a multitude of benefits for children that extend far beyond the dance floor. From enhancing physical fitness and coordination to promoting cognitive development, rhythm, and musicality, dance education is a powerful tool for fostering holistic growth in young minds. Additionally, it cultivates discipline, teamwork, and social skills while nurturing creativity and self-expression.

The confidence gained through performing and the joy of movement stay with children throughout their lives, imparting valuable life skills and a lifelong appreciation for the arts. This comprehensive guide has been your compass to discovering the 16 best dance classes for kids on Cape Cod and its surrounding areas.

We’ve highlighted exceptional studios and programs dedicated to providing top-notch dance education while creating inclusive, nurturing environments. With this guide, we’ve made the journey of finding the perfect dance class for your child not only easier but also more informed. In the world of dance, the possibilities are boundless, and the benefits are immeasurable, enriching the lives of children and their communities alike.

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