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9 Best Dog Friendly Hiking Trails on Martha’s Vineyard

great 9 dog friendly hiking trails on martha’s vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard, located the Massachusetts coast, has a collection of dog friendly hiking trails where nature and the need to explore seamlessly converge. From the sprawling Caroline Tuthill Preserve’s oak-laden expanse to the historical charm of Short Cove Preserve, each trail invites dog owners to explore the best dog friendly hiking trails on Martha’s Vineyard.

Venture into the heart of Manuel F. Correllus State Forest, a vast 5,300-acre playground with wooded paths and a disc golf course. Discover the serene beauty of Tea Lane Farm’s 50-acre expanse, steeped in history, and surrounded by flower-cultivated fields. Whether by Chilmark Pond’s edge or Arrowhead Farm’s elevated pastures, these dog friendly trails on Martha’s Vineyard promise memorable adventures.

The Best Dog Friendly Hiking Trails on Martha’s Vineyard

1. Caroline Tuthill Preserve

great 9 dog friendly hiking trails on martha’s vineyard

The Caroline Tuthill Preserve stands as an open space haven for nature enthusiasts and their furry companions. Sprawling over 150 acres, this gift from John and Nora Tuthill to the Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation boasts oak and pitch pine forests, wooded wetlands, salt marshes, and open meadows.

The Garrett Family Trail, a self-guided nature walks, meanders through the forest, offering captivating views of Sengekontacket Pond’s salt marshes. Mountain biking enthusiasts can tackle the challenging 1.7-mile purple trail, designed for elevation changes and winding courses.

Birdsong accompanies hikers as they hike the Preserve, encountering crows, blue jays, chickadees, and the occasional, red-eyed vireo. Lady’s slippers bloom in spring, adding a touch of color to the trail and the base of ancient oaks. Shaped by the Late Wisconsin glacier, the Preserve showcases glacial features like high knobs and sunken kettleholes, creating a landscape rich in geological history.

Whether exploring on foot or by bike, the Caroline Tuthill Preserve welcomes adventurers to experience the natural splendor generously shared with the public. Accessible from both the Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road and Beach Road, this idyllic retreat promises a special blend of nature, history, and canine camaraderie.

2. Sepiessa Point Reservation

great 9 dog friendly hiking trails on martha’s vineyard

Sepiessa Point Reservation offers a captivating dog friendly hiking experience across its vast 173.7-acre landscape. The dog policy, requiring leashes from April to September and immediate control otherwise, ensures a harmonious coexistence with the diverse ecosystems and other hikers.

The highlight of this reservation is the Tisbury Great Pond, a result of glacial melt, with 11,000 feet of conserved shorefront visible along the Tiah’s and Tississa Coves trails. While the southerly beach boasts broad, sandy stretches, be cautious of razor-sharp oyster shells.

The predominantly wooded area includes grasslands and a savanna, enhancing foraging habitat for hawks and owls. For dog owners, the leash policy guarantees a safe exploration of the trails, allowing both canines and their owners to revel in the natural beauty of Martha’s Vineyard. Accessible from New Lane, this dog friendly hiking trail on Martha’s Vineyard. promises a delightful journey, with the boat landing offering an additional dimension to this scenic and dog-friendly haven.

3. Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary

great 9 dog friendly hiking trails on martha’s vineyard

Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary is a serene haven for nature enthusiasts and their furry companions. Spanning 400 acres, this sanctuary boasts diverse habitats, from bouldered shores along Vineyard Sound to wooded areas adorned with stunted American beeches. The trails, including Daggett Trailhead, Taylor Gate Trailhead, and Irving Trailhead, lead adventurers through varied landscapes, offering glimpses of the island’s unique flora and fauna.

The sanctuary’s origins trace back to a community’s generosity and determination, preserving the land for future generations. The gift of Fish Hook by the Hough family and additional contributions expanded Cedar Tree Neck, creating a conservation gem on Martha’s Vineyard. As you traverse the well-maintained trails, remember that dogs are welcome but must be leashed. While swimming is restricted, the Sanctuary’s beauty, shaped by Vineyard Sound’s rhythms and wind-sculpted landscapes, guarantees a captivating and leash-friendly experience for all.

4. Short Cove Preserve

great 9 dog friendly hiking trails on martha’s vineyard

Short Cove Preserve on Martha’s Vineyard stands as a 56.2-acre haven for nature enthusiasts and their leashed canine companions. Managed by the land bank, this trail offers a blissful blend of scenic beauty and historical significance.

The acquisition of land and the conservation restriction ensures the preservation of Short Cove of the Tisbury Great Pond, showcasing the Vineyard’s lowlands.  Universal access, coupled with points of interest like Short Cove and Tisbury Great Pond, enhances the trail’s appeal.

The trail spans nearly two miles, guiding hikers along pastures, beside the cove, and against the great pond, providing a moderate difficulty level.  Short Cove Preserve invites you to explore Martha’s Vineyard’s natural and historical treasures while enjoying on of the delightful dog friendly hiking trails on Martha’s Vineyard with your furry friend.

5. Manuel F. Correllus State Forest

great 9 dog friendly hiking trails on martha’s vineyard

Found perhaps right in the heart of Martha’s Vineyard, Manuel F. Correllus State Forest is an extensive 5,300-acre playground for outdoor enthusiasts and their canine companions. Boasting an extensive trail network, including 14 miles of wooded and paved paths, this dog friendly hiking trail offers a diverse range of activities from biking and running to horseback riding.

The forest’s paved shared-use paths provide a scenic escape with great views of the island’s woodlands and wildlife, ensuring a tranquil experience away from island traffic. Visitors can explore the historic statue commemorating the heath hen, emphasizing the forest’s ecological significance.

A highlight is the disc golf course, adding a playful element to the forest’s recreational offerings.  With free parking available in strategic lots, Manuel F. Correllus State Forest stands as a well-maintained, leash-friendly retreat, inviting exploration and outdoor enjoyment for both dogs and their owners on Martha’s Vineyard.

6. Chilmark Pond Preserve

great 9 dog friendly hiking trails on martha’s vineyard

Chilmark Pond Preserve on Martha’s Vineyard is a captivating 9.0-acre retreat, blending scenic beauty with a leash-friendly environment for dogs. Located on the slopes of Abel’s Hill, the preserve treats visitors to expansive views of Chilmark Lower Pond and the Atlantic Ocean. A lone oak stands sentinel in the grassy field by the pond’s edge, creating a picturesque backdrop against the dunes of the barrier beach.

The property boasts a small boat access point, offering serene canoe journeys with panoramic birdwatching views. Dog owners can explore the trails, so long as their furry companions are leashed from April to September and under immediate control otherwise. The preserve’s historical significance, tied to the first Mayhew purchase in Chilmark, adds an enriching layer to the nature-filled experience. With limited parking and access, it’s advisable to plan accordingly, ensuring a delightful outing for both nature enthusiasts and their leashed canine companions.

7. Ocean View Farm Preserve

great 9 dog friendly hiking trails on martha’s vineyard

The Ocean View Farm Preserve is certainly a go-to natural haven for both nature enthusiasts and their canine companions. Spanning 21.1 acres, this breathtaking trail invites leashed dogs and their owners to explore its scenic wonders, adding an extra layer of joy to the dog friendly hiking trail. The preserve, featuring an ocean view and thriving heath ecosystems, stands out for harboring unique species like the elusive purple needlegrass, a botanical gem exclusive to select land bank properties.

Accessing Ocean View Farm Preserve is easy, as it is a part of a cross-town trail loop that encompasses other captivating destinations. The trail’s easy difficulty rating and a universal access option make it inclusive for various adventurers. As you hike the trail, you get the opportunity to reflect on the area’s rich farming legacy that dates back centuries. Whether relishing ocean vistas, exploring the heath plant community, or discovering historical landmarks, Ocean View Farm Preserve ensures a delightful outing for dogs and their owners on Martha’s Vineyard.

8. Tea Lane Farm

great 9 dog friendly hiking trails on martha’s vineyard

Tea Lane Farm offers a delightful dog-friendly hiking experience over the up-island farm’s 50-acre expanse. With fields rolling high and low, the trail boasts a picturesque journey from dry hilltops to expansive swamps along the Tiasquam River.

Dogs, leashed year-round, can accompany their owners along well-maintained paths against the edges of flower-cultivated fields and livestock-grazing areas. The cross-pasture path atop the hillock adds a unique touch to the hike.

Historical charm abounds as Tea Lane is steeped in stories, from its association with a historic Chilmark hub to the old road’s intriguing connection to a secret tea depository during the pre-Revolutionary War tea embargo.  Accessible from Meetinghouse Road, this farm preserve promises not just a scenic hike but a journey through Martha’s Vineyard’s rich history and natural beauty.

9. Arrowhead Farm

great 9 dog friendly hiking trails on martha’s vineyard

Arrowhead Farm offers up 33.6 acres of greenery for dogs and their owners to enjoy. This farm can be found along Indian Hill Road, with the trail starting off at the intersection leading hikers on a pastoral journey with captivating elevation changes, reaching over 200 feet above sea level. This unique backdrop creates a serene atmosphere, allowing leashed dogs to accompany their owners year-round.

As you explore the standout pasture-edge path, you’ll witness the charm of Arrowhead Farm’s farming legacy. The trail accommodates various activities like horseback riding, bicycling, and cross-country skiing, offering a versatile outdoor experience in Martha’s Vineyard’s idyllic landscape. Arrowhead Farm stands as a testament to the island’s commitment to preserving its natural and historical treasures for both residents and visitors alike.

Get Your Hiking Boots on and Don’t Forget a Dog Leash

From the panoramic views at Chilmark Pond Preserve to the versatile landscapes of Manuel F. Correllus State Forest, each of the dog friendly hiking trails on Martha’s Vineyard is steeped in the island’s rich narrative. Whether exploring ocean vistas or enjoying the charm of preserved farmlands, these trails stand as testaments to Martha’s Vineyard’s commitment to preserving its treasures and welcoming both residents and visitors to explore its natural wonders. So, get your hiking boots on and don’t forget a dog leash!

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