5 Favorite Hikes on Martha’s Vineyard

hikes on martha's vineyard

If you’re looking for one of the top-rated hikes on Martha’s Vineyard to explore the beautiful forests, beaches, and scenic nature, you’re in the right place! With a variety of natural environments, spectacular views and vistas, and well groomed and maintained trails, hiking and biking are among the best ways to explore the island. These trails are the highest rated among hikers, and give you opportunities to see the wildlife of the island, the unique and amazing natural features, and observe eye-catching wildflowers while on a relaxing and refreshing trek along the most beautiful parts of the island.

With so many options and sights, anyone, from the bird-watcher to the cyclist, the outdoor enthusiast to the casual hiker, can find a comfortable area and path to explore at a leisurely and comfortable pace. Most of the trails below are family friendly, allow pets, and are fairly well maintained and marked to make the experience of Martha’s Vineyard open to all.

Here are 5 favorite hikes on Martha’s Vineyard:

1. Woodland Wonderland Trail

  • 2.5 Miles with 32 feet of elevation gain
  • Trail Type: Loop with an easy difficulty level
  • Start/End Location Coordinates: 41.41665, -70.56357

mv trailThis trail is just outside Edgartown, Massachusetts and offers a 2.5 mile loop suitable for anyone looking to experience the beautiful forests, lakes and beaches of Martha’s Vineyard. With little elevation gain and plenty of wildlife to observe, you can take this loop as a relaxed trek with the whole family, an enjoyable mountain biking adventure, or a simple amble in the woods. For bird watching enthusiasts, the collection of environments on this hike will give you a variety of species to look out for. Wildflowers are known to bloom along this path as well. If you want a serene journey into the island’s varied and beautiful landscapes, look no further!

2. Cedar Tree Neck Trail

  • 1.4 Miles with 108 feet of elevation gain
  • Trail Type: Loop with an easy difficulty level
  • Start/End Location Coordinates: 41.43221, -70.69711

cedar neck trailThe adventure begins as you drive down a mile of narrow dirt road to reach the Cedar Tree Neck Trailhead. The trail itself is a 1.4 mile hike that takes you on a pleasant, wooded hike to a secluded beach. You’ll get to listen to the sounds of the Vineyard and ocean as you walk among spectacular vistas that allow you to take in the landscape. With streams, wildlife surrounding you, beautiful trees, plentiful areas to rest, and a bouldered beach that is often left empty, this trail is another great option for visitors of all ability levels to observe the classic landscapes that can be found on Martha’s Vineyard. This hike is a favorite of many in the area for good reason, few trails can offer so much beauty along such a short and accessible path.

3. Tisbury Great Pond Trail

  • 2.5 Miles with 52 feet of elevation gain
  • Trail Type: Out and back with an easy difficulty level
  • Start/End Location Coordinates: 41.37361, -70.64952

Tisbury Great Pond Trail is a 2.5 mile out and back adventure that will take you through an easy walk in the woods, ending with a lake view from the imagination. Much of the hike is accompanied by flowing fields that offer a highlight of the natural beauty that often accompanies the forests on the island. The well-marked and level trail is great for anyone looking for a relaxing hike. Wildflowers and trees are surrounding the route you take to a wonderful lakeside vista.

4. CobbleStone Beach Loop via Brickyard Trail

  • 3.7 Miles with 383 feet of elevation gain
  • Trail Type: Loop with a moderate difficulty level
  • Start/End Location Coordinates: 41.3648, -70.7423

Perhaps the most romantic hike on the island, CobbleStone Beach Loop via Brickyard Trail offers some of the most scenic views a hiker can find on the island. While the 3.7 mile trek and 383 feet of elevation gain mean the loop earns a moderate rating, there are plenty of areas that offer a place to stop and take in the spectacular landscape. Vistas among the forests overlook the rocky beach and ocean, perfect for couples or families looking to relax and take in the landscape. On the beach, boulders and rocks sit among the sand, with waves calmly landing, giving you a relaxing atmosphere for your hike. For those interested, the trail links into a historic Brickyard featuring a red chimney standing alone in the natural landscape. This trail is slightly longer, but it’s a great alternative option and a beautiful landmark.

5. Harris Loop, Nashawahkamuk, CobbleStone Beach Overlook and Great Sand Bank Overlook

  • 3.7 Miles with 347 feet of elevation gain
  • Trail Type: Loop with a moderate difficulty level
  • Start/End Location Coordinates: 41.36464, -70.74216

flora and faunaThis moderately trafficked 3.7 mile loop is perhaps the best way to take in the natural landscape of Martha’s Vineyard. While it clocks in at a moderate rating due to the distance and elevation gain, well manicured trails and paths make it a great option for most hikers. Harris Loop explores much of the same area as the above hike, with a varied view of the landscape. Crossing through vistas, bluffs and viewpoints of the island’s spectacular beauty. Relax on the beach, take in the sounds, wildlife, and features along the smooth stones in the sand, and end your hike by looping back into the calming forest landscape.

Martha’s Vineyard has an array of hikes that are comfortable for experienced hikers and newbies alike. The environment that can be witnessed is a must-see for visitors, especially anyone who loves the forests and beaches of the east coast. The 5 treks above are some of the most highly rated and loved hikes on Martha’s Vineyard, and many more family friendly adventures are available for those who look. If you’re searching for a great way to spend your morning or afternoon before relaxing in town or on a beach, hiking the island is hard to beat!




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