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Family travel is growing by leaps and bounds. The way families travel is also changing. setting up a family friendly rental property on cape codNowadays, family’s no longer want to stay at hotels or bed and breakfasts. Instead, they are opting to stay in a rental property during their vacation. Families are traveling as large groups and often want all the amenities of home, so setting up a family-friendly rental property on Cape Cod makes sense from an investment standpoint.

Studies have found that 62% of parents vacation with small children which means that it is imperative that you set up a family-friendly rental property on Cape Cod to capitalize on the impressive percentage.

In this article, we will examine how you can tailor Cape Cod properties to attract families, so your rental property stays booked!

 Set Up a Family-Friendly Rental Property on Cape Cod

Families love vacationing on the Cape, so you’ll want to set up a family-friendly rental property on Cape Cod to meet their lodging needs.

Focus on Health and Safety

With travel picking up after the COVID-19 pandemic, families are more focused on health and safety than ever before. You want to provide safe accommodations. Never overbook on occupancy levels. Also, provide detailed photography depicting the home correctly so your guests know exactly how much space they will receive. Guests don’t want to book a house online that looks large and arrive only to find out the pictures were stretched or doctored and there is very little space.

Take the time to evaluate your rental property on Cape Cod to determine if it is truly appropriate for all ages. Some homes have high balconies which might not be safe for families with small children. Other houses might have steep chairs which can impact an elderly individual. These are all things that you’ll need to focus on to ensure the health and safety of your guests.

  • Put away all cleaning products
  • Install child safety latches on cabinets, baby-proof doorknobs, and use outlet covers to keep children safe.
  • Make sure the water heater is not too hot. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) states that the water heater should be set at no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius) to prevent burns or scalding.
  • Provide baby gates, especially if there is a staircase.
  • Install carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.
  • Make a list of all emergency contact numbers and hang it in an easy-to-see location in the home such as on the fridge or by phone.

Adequate Communal Areas

setting up a family friendly rental property on cape codMixed generation families or multiple families who want to stay in a rental house will require large communal areas both inside and out that affordable ample seating and dining space for everyone.

An indoor fireplace or an outdoor patio fireplace where guests can gather is another huge draw for a family-friendly rental property on Cape Cod. Kids will enjoy making smores or telling ghost stories in the light of the dancing flames. An outdoor pool, deck or backyard are other amenities in high demand, where people can hang out and enjoy a relaxing experience.

Overall, your rental property on Cape Cod should feel homey and comfortable. Be sure to list all the amenities when advertising your family-friendly rental property.

Providing Amenities

setting up a family friendly rental property on cape codYou want your rental property to have amenities to improve any family’s stay. Consider providing a selection of movies for young and old alike or you could offer streaming services so everyone can enjoy watching exactly what they like. Keep toys on hand for a variety of ages to enjoy. Coloring books and colors are always appreciated. Family-friendly games are another perk. You could even have a gaming system ready for families with older children.

Provide fast, premium Wi-Fi. Televisions, radios, and other tech perks to improve the property and make it more appealing to families who cannot imagine entertaining children without electrical gadgets options.

Help with the Cape Cod Itinerary

Families vacationing in Cape Cod area might not know about the many attractions so you’ll want to provide with them family-friendly activities and restaurants to ensure they have a memorable trip.

Pet-Friendly Rental Amenities

Families adore their pets and they like to vacation with them. Do you want to welcome furry four-legged family members to your vacation rental? If so, then why not set up the establishment to be more pet friendly? Provide doggy doors, a fenced-in potty area outside, and a pet bed for the pooch to relax within.

Try to partner with local businesses to offer discounts for your guests.

Nowadays, many vacation rentals specifically target families because they make up the largest portion of vacationers. You want to offer a rental that is kid-friendly with all the amenities to appeal to a family. The goal of families who seek out vacation rentals is to make memories in a spacious home and to ensure their stay far surpasses that of staying in a mundane hotel.

Sleeping Perks

setting up a family friendly rental property on cape cod Parents vacationing on Cape Cod with children want time to rest and relax. Sleep is imperative to keep up! You’ll want to make sure your guests have what they need to sleep.

  • Equip your rental with bed rails to help kids stay safely in bed.
  • Blackout curtains to help keep the sun out of the bedroom so a tired family can sleep late.
  • Provide a Crib or Pack ‘n Play for guests. Ensure that the crib has proper bedding because most parents won’t remember to pack crib bedding.
  • Nightlights to reassure little ones.

Following the above steps for setting up your family-friendly rental on Cape Cod will ensure that your guests have an amazing time and continue to come back year after year.




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