Finding a Good Caterer on Cape Cod

caterer on cape cod

tips on finding a good caterer on cape cod

If you want to know how to find a good caterer on Cape Cod for your next big event, then you’ll want to reach out to local catering companies. Ask family and friends for local recommendations. Also, research the local catering company online to evaluate the reviews.

In this guide, we will explore tips on how to find a good caterer on Cape Cod.

Request a Food Tasting Session

tips on finding a good caterer on cape cod

Always Request a Sampling

One of the best ways to find a good caterer on Cape Cod is to take the time to book food tasting sessions with your top choices. A leading catering company will happily present you with samples of their specialties so you can evaluate the recipes. Also, ask for samples of the sides and sauces to ensure that you truly get a good idea of the caterer’s style and flavors.

Menu Flexibility

Most caterers have a standard menu, but many also provide some flexibility tips on finding a good caterer on cape codto adapt the menu to meet their client’s needs such as substitutions or customizations. They should also regularly update their menu choices to stay current and trendy.

An outstanding caterer will usually work outside the menu to ensure the satisfaction of their client. They should willingly consider special requests. Will they prepare children’s meals? How about vegetarian, kosher, or vegan dishes for guests?

Remember to ask all questions about menu flexibility when trying to find a good caterer on Cape Cod.

Evaluate the Caterer’s Capacity

Every caterer is unique. Some can manage small events and others have the capacity to tackle large events. You’ll want to ensure that the company you pick can manage your guest list professionally. Do they have the equipment needed to supply the event easily with all necessities?

Ask questions, peruse online reviews, examine the catering company’s social media account, and look at their website to determine the size of events they are used to handling media.

Create a List of Your Event’s Needs

tips on finding a good caterer on cape cod

It’s easy to get lost in the many choices offered by a catering company – especially a large one. Ideally, you should take the time to make a list of what you need to make your event what you envision.

Will you need the following?

  • Food preparation
  • Delivery
  • Set up
  • Clean up

With a formal event, you’ll want plated services, so you’ll need to verify that the caterers you are considering have experience with the services.

If your event is casual, then you might only require a single server with food preparation and setup.
Ask the caterer if they feel that they are equipped to meet the needs of your event.

Obtain References

Never hesitate to ask for references from previous clients of the catering company. A confident caterer will happily and proudly provide you with referrals and client names. They will outline the services they have provided and the success of each event.

Reach Out to the Local Health Department

Sometimes, when hiring a good caterer in Cape Cod, you’ll need to play detective and make a few phone calls to government officials to get the scoop on the company.

All catering companies must answer to the local health department. Contact the health department to request information on any complaints or problems that might have been lodged against the caterer.

Better Business Bureau

Take the time to check the Better Business Bureau to determine if the caterer has had any complaints.

Obtain a Quote

You’ll want to ensure that the caterer’s services fit your budget. Request a price quote from the caterer. However, pay attention to any companies that lower their price to stay competitive because a sudden price drop can indicate a potential problem with the business.

Cancellation Plan

Ensure that the caterer has a cancellation plan in place to protect you just in case the caterer is forced to cancel. Make sure the cancellation policy is included in the contract. Ask to find out if the caterer will refer to you another skilled caterer if they cannot oversee the event. Basically, you want to make sure that there is a backup plan.

Discuss Insurance

Does the caterer have insurance coverage? If something should happen or an accident occurs, you want to ensure that the caterer has liability insurance, so you aren’t faced with any legal expenses. If a caterer does not have liability insurance, then you’ll want to steer clear and pick another business.

Finding a good caterer on Cape Cod might seem daunting but with a little dedication and perseverance, you’ll find the perfect business for your event. Use our Weddings Directory to fin a caterer on Cape Cod near you.




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