9 Perfectly Exquisite Florists on Nantucket

9 perfectly exquisite flower shops on nantucket 2024

February 2024

Searching for the perfect florists on Nantucket to elevate any occasion? Look no further! Nantucket boasts an array of exquisite floral boutiques, each offering unique designs and impeccable service.

From longstanding florists on Nantucket with rich histories to innovative studios pushing the boundaries of botanical artistry, the island has something for every floral enthusiast. Let’s discover the top seven flower shops on Nantucket.

Our Pick of Florists on Nantucket

1. Flowers on Chestnut

9 perfectly exquisite flower shops on nantucket 2024

Address: 1 Chestnut Street | Nantucket, Ma 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

Flowers on Chestnut has a storied history that began in 1984 when it opened as Flowers in the old Boarding House at 12 Federal Street. When the original owners parted ways, Michael Molinar, the former delivery boy, took the reins, leading the shop into a new era. Under his ownership, Flowers at the Boarding House flourished, becoming a premier florists on Nantucket.

With growth came expansion, and by the early 1990s, Flowers had taken over the entire second floor of the building. Beyond flowers, the shop diversified its offerings to include home furnishings and accessories sourced from around the country and Europe. In 1998, Michael’s love for Nantucket led him to purchase the shop’s current home at 1 Chestnut Street, providing much-needed space for further customization.

2. Soiree Floral

9 perfectly exquisite flower shops on nantucket 2024

Address: 28 Center Street| Nantucket, Ma 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

Soirée Floral, led by founder and creative director Dawn Kelly, is a distinguished floral and event design studio renowned for crafting stunning environments and distinctive arrangements. With a focus on weddings, social occasions, and corporate events, Dawn infuses every bouquet, centerpiece, and design with unexpected beauty.

Despite the dramatic nature of her creations, clients praise Dawn for her ability to bring a sense of calm, balance, and sensibility to the creative process. Drawing from her background in the high-pressure environment of Wall Street, Dawn’s transition to the world of vibrant colors and textures allows her to excel in crafting cohesive event experiences.

3. Stephanie’s

9 perfectly exquisite flower shops on nantucket 2024

Address: 42 Main Street | Nantucket, Ma 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

Stephanie’s, on Main Street, has been a cherished boutique since its establishment in the spring of 1997. Boasting affordability and eclecticism, it’s a must-visit destination on the island. From home decor to footwear, gifts to apparel, Stephanie’s offers a curated selection of items handpicked for the dynamic woman.

Whether you’re in search of a unique piece for your wardrobe or a thoughtful gift for a loved one, Stephanie’s has something for everyone. The boutique prides itself on providing a hands-on experience, ensuring personalized service to every customer. With a diverse array of offerings and a welcoming atmosphere, Stephanie’s invites visitors to explore its world of treasures and delights, promising a memorable shopping experience with just a phone call away for any assistance needed.

4. Mary Beth Ferro Floral Design

9 perfectly exquisite flower shops on nantucket 2024

Address: 104 Surfside Road | Nantucket, Ma 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

Mary Beth Ferro Floral Design is the creative vision of a seasoned floral and interior designer whose passion for flowers was ignited in childhood. Inspired by her mother’s woodland terrariums, Mary Beth’s designs are eclectic, whimsical, and vibrant, reflecting her upbringing and love for nature.

Her portfolio includes everything from sweet summer bouquets sold at Nantucket Looms to elaborate arrangements for weddings, special events, and holiday house tours in historic mansions.  Mary Beth’s thoughtful designs reflect Nantucket’s unique beauty, incorporating foraged elements like seed pods, branches, mosses, and berries.

5. Parties and Petals

9 perfectly exquisite flower shops on nantucket 2024

Address: 16 ½ Bartlett Road | Nantucket, Ma 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

Parties and Petals is the culmination of a lifelong passion for flowers and events for its founder, Stacey, who transitioned from running a successful catering business to pursuing her love for floral design. With over forty years of experience in the catering industry, including running her family’s business, Parties and Petals emerged as a natural progression in her career journey.

Additionally, the florist incorporates in-season native flowers, foraged from the island, to add a personalized touch to each arrangement. Parties and Petals offers a range of services, including everyday flowers for special occasions, wedding floral arrangements for intimate “minimonies” or grand celebrations, and event floral design for various occasions like dinner parties, cocktail parties, and birthdays.

6. Sea Holly Studio

9 perfectly exquisite flower shops on nantucket 2024

Address: 1 Chestnut Street | Nantucket, Ma 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

Sea Holly Studio is a botanical artistry studio founded by Chris Burleson, who began her professional floral journey with the sister company, Eibhlin Fern Florals. Inspired by her daughter’s drawings of flowers with roots, artist Danielle Stanton designed the Sea Holly logo to include the flower’s roots, symbolizing authenticity, and dedication to the craft.

Based on Nantucket Island, Sea Holly Studio specializes in custom floral art, offering one-of-a-kind arrangements and installations ideal for businesses, events, or special gifts. Chris takes a hands-on approach to weddings and events, collaborating closely with couples and planners to create dream florals. With a foundation in art and design, Chris pushes boundaries to craft unique floral creations using blooms sourced locally and responsibly.

7. 416 Flowers

9 perfectly exquisite flower shops on nantucket 2024

Address: Nantucket, Ma 02554
City/Town: Nantucket

416 Flowers began as a small local flower shop and has since grown into a prominent online e-commerce flower retailer, still retaining its family-owned essence. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or expressing condolences during challenging times, 416 Flowers strives to craft exquisite arrangements to suit every occasion.

416 Flowers caters to Nantucket with same-day flower delivery, ensuring your gestures of affection or sympathy reach their recipients promptly. As a trusted florist in Nantucket, they understand the importance of conveying emotions through flowers, offering a wide range of options for various occasions. Their commitment to the highest quality extends to their customer service and funeral arrangements, ensuring that every interaction and sentiment is managed with care and professionalism.

Your Choice of Florists on Nantucket

It doesn’t matter if you want a classic bouquet, an avant-garde arrangement, or personalized event styling, these seven florists on Nantucket stand ready to transform your vision into reality. With their dedication to quality, artistry, and customer satisfaction, they ensure that every occasion is adorned with nature’s finest blooms, making memories that last a lifetime.

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