Making Famous Movies on Cape Cod

Cape Cod has long been a popular destination for filmmakers due to its picturesque landscapes and charming seaside towns. The history of making movies on Cape Cod showcases our coastal region’s beauty and unique character. From romantic comedies to dramas, these movies have captured the essence of Cape Cod and attracted both locals and visitors alike.

making movies on cape cod

Currently, the filming of the movie “The Perfect Couple” is underway, adding another title to the list of famous movies made on Cape Cod. Parts of Chatham have been transformed into Nantucket scenery to avoid the extra expense of actually shooting on the island.

The romantic comedy revolves around two individuals, who despite their differences, find love in each other’s company. The production crew has been spotted filming in picturesque locations around the Cape, showcasing the beauty of the area’s beaches, lighthouses, and quaint towns.

The film stars talented actors and actresses (the film is set to star Nicole Kidman and Dakota Fanning), and the anticipation for its release is high. Filming a movie can take months or even years, but the end result is always a captivating masterpiece that transports viewers into the story’s world. The Cape’s stunning scenery is sure to add to the film’s appeal and create a romantic backdrop for the love story.

The filming of “The Perfect Couple” is not only exciting for movie buffs but also benefits the Cape’s economy. The film industry generates employment opportunities for locals, increases tourism, and helps to support local businesses. Moreover, having the Cape as the setting for a movie can bring attention to the area, showcasing the region’s unique charm and beauty to a larger audience.

The filming of “The Perfect Couple” on the Cape is a fantastic addition to the list of famous movies on Cape Cod. With the Cape’s stunning landscape and the film’s talented cast and crew, we can expect nothing but an entertaining romantic comedy that highlights the area’s beauty.

Famous Movies on Cape Cod

Cape Cod has been a popular filming location for many other movies over the decades. With its charming towns, sandy beaches, and historic landmarks, Cape Cod provides a stunning backdrop for many movies. From romantic comedies to thrillers, the wide range of movies on Cape Cod, has capturied the essence of this beautiful region in its unique way.


making movies on cape cod

Jaws is undoubtedly one of the most famous movies ever made and Cape Cod played a major role in the making of this iconic film. Directed by Steven Spielberg and released in 1975, Jaws is a thriller that revolves around a great white shark terrorizing the fictional beach town of Amity Island. While the story is set on Amity Island, the movie was actually filmed on location in Martha’s Vineyard and other parts of Cape Cod.

Filming Jaws on Cape Cod was a challenging task as the production team had to contend with rough seas, unpredictable weather conditions, and the task of creating a life-like mechanical shark that could be used in the film’s climactic scenes. The mechanical shark, nicknamed “Bruce”, experienced numerous technical difficulties and setbacks throughout the filming process, leading Spielberg to use creative techniques to convey the shark’s presence without actually showing it on screen.

Despite the challenges, the filming of Jaws on Cape Cod was a huge success and the movie became a cultural phenomenon, breaking box office records and setting a new standard for the horror genre. Today, visitors to Cape Cod can take guided tours to explore the filming locations used in Jaws and experience the thrill of this iconic movie firsthand.

Currently the Martha’s Vineyard Museum is featuring an exhibit that runs through March of 2024, “Creating Amity Island”. This mini-exhibit, a precursor to the 50th-anniversary exhibition coming in 2025, explores how this blockbuster created nationwide interest in Martha’s Vineyard and changed the island community.

Romance on the Cape

Over the years, several romantic comedies have been filmed on the Cape, including “Dan in Real Life” and “One Fine Day.” These films showcase the Cape’s breathtaking landscapes and charming communities, which make it the perfect backdrop for a love story.

In “Dan in Real Life,” Steve Carell plays a widowed father who falls in love with his brother’s girlfriend, played by Juliette Binoche. The film takes place in the fictional town of “New Rochelle,” which was actually filmed in various locations around the Cape.

Similarly, “One Fine Day” starring George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer, is set in New York City but was filmed on location in Cape Cod. These films capture the essence of the Cape and its romantic allure, making them the perfect watch for any hopeless romantic.

The Cardinal

“The Cardinal” is a 1963 American drama film that was partially filmed on Cape Cod. The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Henry Morton Robinson and stars Tom Tryon, John Huston, and Romy Schneider. Otto Preminger directed the film and tells the story of a young Catholic priest’s rise to power within the church and his personal struggles with love and faith.

The production team filmed several scenes of “The Cardinal” on Cape Cod, including in the town of Falmouth. One iconic scene was filmed at the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Scituate, Massachusetts. The film crew also filmed in Rome, New York City, and other locations throughout Massachusetts.

“The Cardinal” received positive reviews and was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Director and Best Picture. The movie’s success helped to establish Cape Cod as a popular filming location for Hollywood productions, and many other films have since been shot in the area.


making movies on cape cod

In conclusion, Cape Cod has been the tranquil location for numerous movies throughout the years. The stunning beaches, charming towns, and unique architecture make it a perfect backdrop for films of all genres. From the thrilling Jaws to the romantic Summer Catch, movies on Cape Cod have showcased its beauty to the world. The ongoing filming of The Perfect Couple only adds to the rich history of film production on the Cape. The movies on Cape Cod not only capture the essence of the region but also contribute to the local economy and tourism industry. Cape Cod will continue to inspire and attract filmmakers for years to come.




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