Fascinating Museums and Historical Sites in the Cape Cod Region

Cape Cod has a lot more to offer than pristine beaches and seafood, in fact, it is home to some of the most interesting historical sites and museums. The island allows the locals and visitors to explore the famous landmarks and learn more about their rich history and culture. While you visit these fascinating museums and historical sites, you’ll go on a journey through time, learning about the history that revolves around this beautiful island region. If you’re a fan of history and culture you’ll find plenty of historic homes, lighthouses, cottages, monuments, museums, and statues on Cape Cod.

Cape Cod – Historic Sites, Lighthouses, and Museums

Martha’s Vineyard – Historic Gingerbread Cottages, Historic Lighthouses

Nantucket – Historic Lighthouses, Museums and Gardens

Plymouth – Historic Landmarks, Grist Mill and Museums


Cape Cod is known for its unique museums and historic attractions that will keep you engaged. You can take a historic walking tour or meander at your own pace through these historical homes and museums.

Visiting these sites, you’ll get a deeper understanding of Cape Cod’s beautiful history, people, culture, and innovators. Even if you know something about Cape Cod and the surrounding islands already, you’ll discover something new every time you visit these places.

In Cape Cod, there are many historical societies and foundations that manage and preserve these landmarks and historical sites.  You will find historical links to both Portuguese and African American heritage and contributions to this area. We hope these pages will guide you explore the many museums and historical sites of the  Cape Cod region.

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