Best Things to Do in Plymouth, MA

Plymouth, Massachusetts is a town full of American history. Noted as the landing spot of the Mayflower Pilgrims, the town will not soon let you forget that. From memorials to museums our countries founding fathers are present everywhere.

Intermixed with fun outdoor activities, local markets, and amusement parks, there’s something for about everyone in Plymouth.

Plymouth Rock

Address: 79 Water St, Plymouth, MA 02360

plymouth rock

Plymouth Rock is the site known for the arrival of the Mayflower pilgrims in December 1620 and the founding site of the Mayflower colony. Interestingly enough, the pilgrims never referenced the rock in their original writings. In fact, the rock wasn’t referenced as a site of importance until 1714.

Plimouth Patuxent Museums

Address: 137 Warren Ave, Plymouth, MA 02360

plimouth patuxent museums 1

The Plimouth Patuxent Museums are a set of living history museums that feature  17th-Century village and Wampanoag Homesite.

The 17th-century village is meant to replicate a village of pilgrims living in the year 1627. Guests are encouraged to interact with the pilgrims and only ask questions that would be applicable to 1627.

The Wampanoag Homesite is set in the modern day. Native people will answer questions about their history and demonstrate techniques and parts of culture that were common in the 17th century.

Address: 137 Warren Ave, Plymouth, MA 02360

plimouth plantation waterfront exhibit 1

For those of you looking for the Plimouth Plantation, the exhibit was rebranded as the above Plimouth Patuxent Museums in order to incorporate the Wampanoag Homesite into the exhibit.

You can still visit the old English village and the re-constructed Mayflower II.

Plimouth Grist Mill

Address: 6 Spring Ln, Plymouth, MA 02360

The Plimouth Grist Mill is a working grist mill that was reconstructed from the original 1636 grist mill. You can see the water wheel, grinder, and functioning gears. The mill is located inside of Lucioso’s Pub.

Edaville Family Theme Park

Address: 5 Pine St, Carver, MA 02330

edaville family theme park 1

The Edaville Family Theme Park Re-Opened in 2011 and is a theme park themed around railroading and cranberry harvesting. The theme park has three regions: Cran-Central, Dino-Land, and Thomas Land USA. The park also has a festival of lights come at Christmas time.

Edaville Railroad

Address: 5 Pine St, Carver, MA 02330

edaville railroad

The Edaville Railroad was re-branded as Edaville Family Theme Park in 2011. However, you are still able to ride along the railroad today. It is one of the oldest heritage railroads operating in the USA today and is solely for use by tourists.

Explore Natural Plymouth

Address: 158 Center Hill Road Plymouth, MA 02360

explore natural plymouth 1

Explore Natural Plymouth (EPN) is a collection of forests, farms, indigenous sites, wetlands, waterways, and habitats that aims to promote ecotourism in the area. There is an endless number of outdoor activities available to visitors along with a beach.

Brewster Garden

Address: 30 Water St, Plymouth, MA 02360

brewster garden 1

Brewster Park is a beautiful park located in the middle of Plymouth, Massachusetts. The park covers the original garden plot that was given to Elder Brewster, hence the name. It borders several historic sites and runs along both sides of Town Brook.

Jenney Museum

Address: 48 Summer St, Plymouth, MA 02360

jenney museum 1

The Jenney Museum offers walking tours of the Plymouth area and has a facility that offers rotating exhibits on Pilgrim life. Some popular events that the museum hosts include The Pilgrim Process and America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration.

Jabez Howland House

Address: 33 Sandwich Street Plymouth, PA

jabez howland house 1

The Jabez Howland House is the only existing house that the pilgrims actually inhabited. It’s a two-story timber-framed house that is definitely worth a visit.

Mayflower House Museum

Address: 4 Winslow St, Plymouth, MA 02360

mayflower house museum 1

The Mayflower House Museum is an 18th century home built by Edward Winslow. He was a loyalist during the Revolutionary War. Additionally, Ralph Waldo Emerson exchanged vows with Lydia Jackson here.

Unfortunately, the house is closed in 2021 for historical renovations. However, you can check their website for updated times when the house does re-open.

Myles Standish Forest

Address: 194 Cranberry Rd, Carver, MA 02330

myles standish forest 1

At 12,400 acres, Myles Standish Forest is the largest publicly owned recreational area in the Plymouth area. There are tons of outdoor activities available including camping, swimming in the pond, horseback riding, and hiking.

Pilgrim Hall Museum

Address: 75 Court St, Plymouth, MA 02360

pilgrim hall museum 1

The Pilgrim Hall Museum opened in 1824 and is the oldest continuously operating museum in the USA. The goal of the museum is to preserve the history of Pilgrims through preservation, education, and exhibition.

One of the more notable items on display in the Bradford- Warwick Patent. Signed circa. 1629, this document gave Plymouth County permanent status for the first time.

National Monument to the Forefathers

Address: 72 Allerton St, Plymouth, MA 02360

national monument to the forefathers 1

This statue was dedicated on August 1, 1889 and is meant to honor the Mayflower Pilgrims and their values. The statue is entirely made out of granite and is thought to be one of the largest of its kind. The monument was added to the National Register of Historic Places on August 30, 1974.

Burial Hill

Address: School St, Plymouth, MA 02360

burial hill

Burial Hill is the burial site of several of the original pilgrims. There are over 2,000 graves and it overlooks Plymouth Bay. The site was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2013.

Nelson Memorial Park

Address: 235 Water St, Plymouth, MA 02360

Nelson Memorial Park is a great summer spot in the Plymouth area. There are several paths and a playground for the kids. There’s even a splash pad for those extremely hot days. All of this combined with the beautiful views of the ocean make it a great location.

First Parish Church

Address: 12 Church St, Plymouth, MA 02360

first parish church 1

Claiming to be the birthplace of religious and civic freedoms in America, the First Parish Church in Plymouth is one of the first churches established in the US.

Although it’s not the original structure, the current home of the church was built in 1899 and is believed to be a memorial to the Pilgrims.

Richard Sparrow House

Address: 42 Summer St, Plymouth, MA 02360

richard sparrow house 1

The Richard Sparrow House is known as the oldest surviving house in Plymouth, MA. It was built in 1640 and currently is home to a pottery shop. If you are interested in viewing some nice ceramic pottery, the Richard Sparrow House makes a great outing for you and your friends.

Hedge House

Address: 126 Water Street, Plymouth, MA 02360

hedge house

The Hedge House was built in 1809 and has been preserved by the Plymouth Antiquarian Society. With the goal of preserving Plymouth’s beloved history, the Antiquarian Society owns four houses.

Their sites are closed during the winter, but they have tours and activities going on during the summer months.

Plymouth Farmer’s Market

Address: 26 River St, Plymouth, MA 02360

plymouth farmers market 1

The Plymouth Farmer’s Market happens every Thursday from 2:30 pm – 6 pm. It’s a great spot to purchase local produce and crafts. They also host a Storytime at 4:30 pm and always have live music. So, if you are looking for an interesting activity with the family, this can be great fun! Besides, it allows you and your family or friends to support local farmers and gardeners.

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