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nantucket ice

nantucket ice

Are you suffering from the winter blues? If so, why not get out and have some fun at Nantucket Ice? Nantucket Ice is the first Nantucket Island community skating rink that is open year-round. It was created in 1995 by area residents with the goal of promoting the sport of ice skating while bringing the community together with fun activities. The facility welcomes all ages and is an establishment for families who want to enjoy the sport of ice skating together.

Nantucket Ice Skating Fun

At Nantucket Ice, ice skaters and curlers of all skill levels can enjoy themselves. You’ll want to check out their weekly schedule.

nantucket iceThey usually offer the following:

  • Public Skating
  • Learn to Skate
  • Skating classes for figure skating and hockey skating
  • Open Freestyle
  • Men’s League
  • Curling
  • Puck & Stick
  • Kids on Ice

Nantucket Ice Fosters Community Groups

At Nantucket Ice, the first thing you’ll notice is that the entire place has an extraordinarily keen sense of community. It is home to a variety of groups such as the:

  • Nantucket Whalers Ice Hockey Team
  • Nantucket Nor’easters Youth Hockey Teams
  • Nantucket Skating Team
  • Nantucket Curling
  • Nantucket Island Waves Synchronized Skating Team

If you are seeking a place to throw a birthday party, staff party, corporate curling event, or host private hockey groups then you’ll be happy to know that Nantucket Ice is your ideal choice. To book a private ice event or a party please contact the rink administrator.

nantucket iceWhether You Own Skates or Not

Do you want to enjoy a day of ice skating but don’t own ice skates? Luckily, you can rent ice skates for your day of fun!

Nantucket Ice also carries a full assortment of skates, tapes, mouthguards, and laces so you can enjoy the sport of hockey or ice skating. If you need your skates sharpened, then 24-hour notice is required.

History of Nantucket Ice

Nantucket Ice is classified as a non-profit organization. The establishment has a 501(c)3 designation. It was founded in 1995 on nothing more than a simple mission – to provide a community, year-round ice-skating rink. They wanted to provide recreational opportunities for children, adults, and families while also promoting the sport of ice skating. The entire focus of the rink from day one was to encourage community spirit.

In 2002, the facility’s construction was finally complete, and Nantucket Ice was able to open its doors to the public. It quickly becomes a hotspot for residents of the area and visitors.

Programs at Nantucket Ice

nantucket ice

Below are a few favorite programs at Nantucket Ice:</p?

  • Public Skating: This is fun for every age. It is a year-round activity. The only requirement is that skaters under the age of five need adult supervision. During the year they will also host themed skates. If you don’t feel like skating, you can also enjoy being a spectator. Bring your own skates or rent a pair.
  • Kids on Ice K-5 AND Kids on Ice 6-12: Kids on Ice is a popular after-school program that takes place twice per week. It is fully funded by the Nantucket Golf Club Foundation, Inc. The free skate provides a safe environment for children to enjoy skating. Supervision is always present with Skate Guard Staff who will also encourage teamwork. If you want your children to attend the program, then registration is required, and the children also must wear a helmet (helmets are provided at the Nantucket Ice).
  • Family Public Skate: Sunday is family skate day. You can don a pair of ice skates with your children and hit the ice together to make memories. This is the perfect family activity and is enjoyed by many in the Nantucket community.


Nantucket Ice has become a valued addition to Nantucket Island. It has fostered a profound sense of community and provided the youth of the area with fun activities in a safe environment. Even visitors to the island who are looking to escape the summertime heat often find themselves enjoying a winter sport at the year-round ice-skating rink.




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