Plymouth Museums Open in the Winter

There are many Plymouth museums open in the winter. The town of Plymouth is a wonderful place to visit during the winter months as the crowded summer streets give way to serene snow-covered roads. While many museums and attractions close at the end of the tourist season, several Plymouth museums open in the winter to make Plymouth a great winter getaway.

museums open in plymouth in the winter

The Plymouth Museums Open in the Winter include:

  • Plymouth Rock
  • Plymouth Cordage Company
  • Richard Sparrow House
  • Plymouth Center for the Arts
  • Mayflower Society House
  • Burial Hill Cemetery
  • First Parish Church in Plymouth

In this article, we will give you a breakdown of what to look for at each museum and their winter hours.

Plymouth Rock

Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Located in the beautiful Pilgrim Memorial State Park lies the world-famous Plymouth rock. Although there is no evidence that this was the rock that actually museums open in plymouth in the wintermarks the pilgrims’ landing site, it has been designated as the landing spot ever since 1741 when Thomas Faunce said that his father told him it was where the pilgrims landed.

The stone that you see there today has been through a lot of changes. In fact, the “1620” carving wasn’t added to the rock until the 1880s, and the surrounding structure was built in the 1920s.

Although the breeze off the bay can make this site quite chilly, the views are quite spectacular. Plus, you can’t visit Plymouth without stopping by the rock!

Plymouth Cordage Company

Hours: Saturdays and Sundays 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

museums open in plymouth in the winterLocated just 2 miles from Plymouth Rock, the Plymouth Cordage Company was a rope-making company founded in 1824. The company was in operation for 160 years and was the largest employer in Plymouth for 100 of those years.

Although most of the property has been converted to retail spaces and office buildings, a small portion of the building is dedicated to the history of the company.

The company was founded by Bourne Spooner, a revolutionary thinker for the time. Spooner was one of the first to provide housing for his employees, oppose slavery in the workforce and employ women.

Richard Sparrow House

Hours: 10 AM – 5 PM

The Richard Sparrow House is the oldest surviving house in Plymouth. Built circa museums open in plymouth in the winter1640, the house was built and owned by Richard Sparrow who was a surveyor by trade.

Visiting the house gives you an idea of what life was like in the early days of the Plymouth colony. Additionally, you can stop inside the gift shop that doubles as a pottery shop featuring local work.

The museum offers very detailed descriptions of the exhibits for adults and a scavenger hunt activity for children to participate in as guests explore the museum.

Plymouth Center for the Arts

Hours: Wednesday through Saturday 11 AM through 3 PM. Sunday 12 PM to 3 PM.

museums plymouth 5Sometime around 1980, the Plymouth Guild started having a series of outdoor tent shows. In 2007, the Plymouth Center for the Arts was established and now houses works of art year-round.

The show has rotating exhibits and regularly hosts events. If you are interested in working on your own craft, they even host classes year-round.

Mayflower Society House

Hours: Outdoor Visits Only

museums open in plymouth in the winterThe Mayflower Society House is currently closed for renovations; however, that shouldn’t stop you from visiting the Colonial Revival gardens. Although there isn’t much in bloom during the winter, the perfectly landscaped gardens with the backdrop of the historic manor house are well worth the visit.

The house itself is an 18th century home that has been passed amongst several owners through the years including serving as a Red Cross headquarters during World War II.



Burial Hill Cemetery

Hours: Outdoor Visits Only

While Burial Hill Cemetery isn’t technically a museum, it’s still a very cool historical place to visit. The cemetery has been in use since the 1620s and is home to the graves of some of the pilgrims.

The hill also offers a beautiful view of the surrounding town. If you do plan to visit, please refrain from touching the gravestones to help in the preservation of the site. If your family lineage goes back to the pilgrims or your family has a history in Plymouth you can check their website for a registry of the graves located there.

First Parish Church in Plymouth

Hours: Varies

museums plymouth 7The First Parish Church isn’t technically a museum, but its unique history makes it a fascinating place to visit. The congregation that is housed in the church was established when the pilgrims landed in 1620 making it the oldest congregation in continuous operation in the United States.

While the current meeting house wasn’t constructed until 1899, the site’s location has served as the community meeting place since the 1620s.

Keep in mind that the church still has an active congregation, so it’s best not to walk around the church during worship services.

Plymouth Museums Open in the Winter

museums open in plymouth in the winterPlymouth is a town full of unique history. While not all Plymouth museums open in the winter, the museums that do remain open year-round do an excellent job capturing the various periods of history in Plymouth. With reduced crowds, you’ll have the freedom to take your time and truly explore all of the museums that Plymouth has to offer.

Looking for More Winter Activities?

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