Top 15 Property Management Companies on Cape Cod

top 15 property management companies in cape cod

Property management is a term that combines a multitude of tasks aimed at maintaining, enhancing, and maximizing the value of a property. From overseeing day-to-day operations to managing tenant concerns, property management is the invisible force ensuring the seamless functioning of real estate assets.

Where the demand for rental properties keeps soaring, property management companies on Cape Cod play a pivotal role. These companies function as custodians, offering indispensable services that elevate the real estate experience for both property owners and tenants. 

Property Management Companies on Cape Cod

1. Nauset Management LLC

top 15 property management companies in cape cod

Address: 193 Ma-6a | Orleans, Ma 02653
City/Town: Orleans

Nauset Management LLC is one of the property management companies on Cape Cod that distinguishes itself through its unique approach to service and support. With a background in both commercial and residential construction, the company leverages a diverse network of proven trades, offering expertise in various scopes of work.

Unlike some property management firms, Nauset Management does not markup subcontract labor, prioritizing transparent and cost-effective solutions for its customers. Nauset Management excels in ensuring the right talent manages the right job at the right time, whether it is dealing with new construction, maintenance, or real estate transaction. 

2. New England Vacation Rentals and Property

top 15 property management companies in cape cod

Address: 1455 Main Street (Route 28) | Chatham, Ma 02633
City/Town: Chatham

New England Vacation Rentals is a property management company based in Cape Cod known for its innovative lead generation strategy. Their dedicated professionals employ innovative online marketing techniques, focusing on effective SEO, re-marketing, and paid search to enhance property visibility.

 New England Vacation Rentals is committed to achieving Return on Investment (ROI), by creating exceptional guest experiences to generate residual bookings. The company’s Cape Cod property managers prioritize building lasting memories for guests and stress-free experiences. NEVR stands out by offering world-class customer service, treating homeowners as part of the family.  maintenance, and tax assistance. .

3. Hickory Harbor Property Care

top 15 property management companies in cape cod

Address: 1070 Iyannough Rd | Hyannis, Ma 02601
City/Town: Hyannis

Hickory Harbor Property Care is a comprehensive property management, landscaping, and concierge company based in Osterville, MA, extending its services across Cape Cod. This property management company offers an all-in-one solution for home care needs, ensuring transparency through a single, monthly bill.

Hickory Harbor specializes in property management, prioritizing trust and premium service. Their professional approach, elevated level of care, and dedication to providing first-class service set them apart in the industry. Clients can expect a personalized experience and can easily obtain a free quote for all their property-related requirements.

4. 3 Sixty Property Management

top 15 property management companies in cape cod

Address: P.O Box 706| Mashpee, MA 02649
City/Town: Mashpee

3 Sixty Property Management is one of the property management companies on Cape Cod known for its comprehensive services. This company provides Key Holder & Alarm Response, a 24-hour emergency response, ensuring the security of clients’ properties. Their Home Site Visits encompass various tasks, including handyperson services, carpentry, and subcontractor services. 3 Sixty also offers project supervision, managing tasks like trash removal, house cleaning services, and landscaping. With a focus on Pre & Post Storm Inspections, they prioritize property safety during adverse weather conditions.

Furthermore, 3 Sixty has a Winter Watch service which caters to the unique needs of homes during colder seasons. 3 Sixty Property Management is recognized for its commitment to maintaining and enhancing property value through a range of professional and reliable property management solutions on Cape Cod.

5. Margo Pisacano, Realtor | Margo & Company

top 15 property management companies in cape cod

Address: 128 Main Street | Hyannis, Ma 02601
City/Town: Hyannis

Margo and Company is a property management company located in Hyannis that provides comprehensive rental and property management services. Margo and Company is focused on providing both yearly and short-term rentals via its excellent and personalized service.

While property management fees are 15% of monthly rent, Margo and Company provides flexibility with on-call services for landlords who prefer contact as needed. With a wealth of experience since 1989, Margo and Charlie Pisacano, the owners, are licensed real estate agents dedicated to maximizing rental income for property owners. Their team, comprising licensed property managers, reflects a commitment to professionalism and expertise in real estate and property management on Cape Cod.

6. Foran Realty Inc

top 15 property management companies in cape cod

Address: 543 Main Street | Dennis, MA 02638
City/Town: Dennis

Foran Realty Inc is a reliable property management company on Cape Cod designed to provide specialized services that address the unique responsibilities associated with owning vacation homes or part-time residences in the region.

The company offers Prevention Services, including twice-monthly visual inspections, and additional visits for single-family homes, with detailed reports sent to homeowners. VIP Services cover tasks like retrieving mail, watering plants, and more. Arrival/Departure Services are available as needed, while Additional Services include cleaning, pool maintenance, and concierge services through qualified subcontractors.

As a local, family-owned business, Foran Realty emphasizes personalized care, making them a trusted choice for property management companies on Cape Cod.

7. Home Watch and Property Management

top 15 property management companies in cape cod

Address: 25 Oyster Way | Mashpee, MA 02649
City/Town: Plymouth

Home Sitters is a distinguished property management company in Mashpee that offers comprehensive standard and concierge services. Their standard services encompass thorough home watch check visits every 7 or 10 days. Exterior checks include inspecting for damage, securing doors and windows, and confirming generator status. Interior checks cover all levels, ensuring the home is secure, checking for leaks, mold, pests, and verifying heating/AC systems.

Home Sitters is committed to providing a personalized service particularly its complete property management and storm preparation and cleanup. The onboarding process involves creating a customized checklist, tagging water shut-offs, and utilizing QR codes for visit confirmation. Home Sitters ensures peace of mind through meticulous property care and emergency response.

8. Pretty Picky Properties

top 15 property management companies in cape cod

Address: 2421 Main Street (Route 6A) | Brewster, MA 02631
City/Town: Brewster

Pretty Picky Properties is known for providing exceptional services in the realm of real estate and rentals. Pretty Picky Properties specializes in high-end properties, while also offering a tailored approach. This approach ensures each property receives personalized attention and meticulous care.

The company’s expertise spans both property management and vacation rentals, catering to the unique needs of property owners and tenants alike. With a focus on luxury and quality, Pretty Picky Properties takes pride in curating an exclusive selection of properties for discerning clients. Their team of professionals brings a wealth of experience, emphasizing a commitment to excellence in the Cape Cod real estate landscape.

9. First Property Management

top 15 property management companies in cape cod

Address: 167 Lovells Lane | Marston Mills, MA 02648
City/Town: Marston Mills

First Property Management is a leading property management company in Marston Mills. This property management company is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing property value through proactive maintenance strategies. With a skilled in-house maintenance team, the company prioritizes quality workmanship and swift response times for service requests. 

First Property Management takes pride in ensuring properties remain in prime condition through preventative maintenance, timely issue resolution, and strategic long-term capital planning. Boards and property owners benefit from the peace of mind that comes with entrusting their community assets to dedicated and experienced property management professionals.

10. InsideOut Properties of Cape Cod

top 15 property management companies in cape cod

Address: 50 Brackett Rd | North Eastham, Ma 02651
City/Town: North Eastham

InsideOut Properties of Cape Cod specializes in comprehensive home watch services, ensuring the well-being of your property and providing peace of mind. Their meticulous home exterior inspections cover the perimeter, landscaping, windows, and doors, addressing potential issues promptly. The team monitors mailbox contents, exterior walls, garage functionality, lighting, and overall property condition.

With a client-oriented approach, InsideOut Properties ensures a seamless experience, from welcome home preparations to fond farewells. Their experienced team, coupled with a detailed checklist, establishes them as trusted custodians of Cape Cod homes, offering clients a tailored and reliable home watch service.

11. Moore Security & Services Inc

top 15 property management companies in cape cod

Address: 4850 State Highway | Eastham, MA 02642
City/Town: Eastham

Established in 2005, Moore Security & Services Inc originated as a home watch service and has since evolved into a comprehensive property management company. Known for their trustworthiness and prompt services, Moore Security & Services has built a solid reputation in Cape Cod, offering security and maintenance solutions for both homeowners and absentee property owners.

The company’s commitment extends beyond in-house capabilities; if a task requires specialized skills, Moore Security & Services collaborates with skilled carpenters, painters, plumbers, and other professionals to ensure the job is completed to the highest standard. By managing the details of home repair and maintenance, Moore Security & Services allows homeowners to fully enjoy their properties without the stress of upkeep.

12. Carefree Cape

top 15 property management companies in cape cod

Address: P.O Box 1201 | Osterville, MA 02655
City/Town: Osterville

Carefree Cape Inc, since its establishment in 2003 is a leading property management company in Cape Cod, offering comprehensive and thorough services to alleviate the responsibilities of homeownership. With a dedicated team of experienced professionals, Carefree Cape aims to simplify property management, allowing homeowners to enjoy peace of mind.

What sets Carefree Cape apart is its commitment to detail, a strong work ethic, and a 24/7 manager on duty for emergency needs. The company prioritizes client satisfaction, ensuring a worry-free experience. Additionally, Carefree Cape carries liability and workers’ compensation insurance, emphasizing its dedication to a secure and reliable property management service.

13. Distinct Property Services

top 15 property management companies in cape cod

Address: 303 Palmer Avenue | Falmouth, MA 02540
City/Town: Falmouth

Distinctive Property Services is a trusted full-service management company, serving the Upper and Mid Cape for over 17 years. Committed to exceptional customer service, their proactive management approach prioritizes effective communication, meticulous attention to detail, and extensive facilities management knowledge.

For commercial properties, DPS manages tasks such as collecting dues/rent, monthly financial reporting, annual budget drafting, property maintenance, management of common area contracts, and coordination of subcontractors and work requests—available 24/7. With a dedicated team, Distinctive Property Services ensures the ongoing satisfaction of every client through personalized and professional property management services.

14. RKM Property Management LLC

top 15 property management companies in cape cod

Address: 74 Shank Painter Road| Provincetown, MA 02657

City/Town: Provincetown

RKM Property Management has been the go-to property management group in Provincetown and Truro since its establishment in 2008. RKM offers a wide range of services, ensuring that property owners have peace of mind, knowing their homes are in capable hands.

RKM provides 24/7 on-call care for individual homeowners in Provincetown, Wellfleet, and Truro. Their services include on-site inspections, storm coverage, general repairs, maintenance, 24-hour emergency response, contractor management, and more. The company also employs a full-time, licensed builder, enabling them to offer top-tier building and remodeling services with a local touch.

15. Bass River Properties

top 15 property management companies in cape cod

Address: 2 Lynxholm Circuit | Hyannis, MA 02601
City/Town: Hyannis

Bass River Properties, since its inception in 1994 has grown into a full-service real estate company specializing in year-round rentals, property management, and residential property sales on Cape Cod.  Bass River Properties conducts thorough property inspections, creating annual budget plans to enhance and maintain each property.

Acting as a liaison between tenants and property owners, they prioritize effective communication and prompt attention to maintenance needs. The company’s management services include escrowing tenants’ security deposits and last month’s rent, offering flexibility in tailoring contracts to meet the unique needs of property owners. 

Property Managers are Partners

The allure of  the Cape ensures that the demand for rental properties so the need for property management companies on Cape Cod will continue to rise as well. These companies are more than just service providers; they are partners dedicated to forging lasting relationships and safeguarding the unique charm of Cape Cod homes. From thorough property inspections to 24/7 emergency response, property managers play a pivotal role in maximizing property value and ensuring homeowners can fully enjoy the Cape Cod lifestyle.

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