Best 8 Property Managers on Martha's Vineyard

best 8 property management on martha's vineyard

Finding the right property managers on Martha’s Vineyard for your property sometimes requires a lot of trial and error. However, since the error could involve giving your home to the wrong company, resulting in thousands of dollars of damage, it is better to go with a tried and trusted source. In this article, we highlight the best property managers on Martha’s Vineyard.

From the trusted hands of HOME Elevated Home Services to the luxury concierge offerings of Deep Water Estate Services, each company brings a unique blend of expertise and personalized care to elevate your property ownership experience. Whether you are searching for comprehensive caretaking from Vineyard Caretakers or proactive maintenance solutions from True North MV, you can be rest assured that your property is in capable hands of one of the best property managers on Martha’s Vineyard.

Trusted Property Managers On Martha’s Vineyard

1. HOME Elevated Home Service

best 8 property management on martha's vineyard

Address: Martha’s Vineyard, MA

HOME Elevated Home Service is a trusted property management company located in Martha’s Vineyard, offering a range of services to maximize the value and enjoyment of your investment property. This company provides comprehensive consultations and project proposals, leveraging local vendors and artisans for sustainable solutions. Their expertise extends to property management and caretaking, ensuring every detail is managed with precision and care.

With tiered levels of care, they tailor their services to meet your specific needs, whether it’s rental management or house cleaning. As seasoned real estate agents, they understand the market dynamics and can assist in optimizing rental opportunities to maximize profits. Committed to excellence, they offer hands-on support to ensure your property is treated with the utmost care, making HOME Elevated Home Service the ideal partner for property owners in Martha’s Vineyard.

2. Shoreline Management

best 8 property management on martha's vineyard

Address: PO Box 751 |Edgartown, MA 02539
City/Town: Edgartown

Shoreline Management is a property management company known to provide comprehensive services to homeowners who are away from their properties. As licensed general contractors and builders, they ensure that your home receives the utmost care and attention.

From weekly property checks to major renovations and construction projects, Shoreline Management handles everything with professionalism and expertise. They prioritize personalized service, understanding that every homeowner has unique needs and preferences. Shoreline Management distinguishes itself by its commitment to treating each home as if it were their own, demonstrating genuine care, interest, and respect for both the homeowner and the property itself.

3. Vineyard Caretakers

best 8 property management on martha's vineyard

Address: Vineyard Caretakers | Vineyard Haven, MA 02568
City/Town: Vineyard Haven

Vineyard Caretakers specializes in caretaking services for absentee owners and vacationing homeowners. They offer custom property management solutions, including regular property inspections, verification of valuable inventory, and home cleaning services. For homeowners on vacation or residing elsewhere, Vineyard Caretakers conducts weekly home inspections, checks for maintenance needs during inclement weather conditions, and facilitates opening and closing for service providers.

They also ensure the proper functioning of smoke detectors and offer extensive home cleaning services based on clients’ priorities. Moreover, Vineyard Caretakers provides essential home maintenance services such as painting, carpentry, deck repair, gutter cleaning, and power washing.  With their comprehensive approach to property management, Vineyard Caretakers offers peace of mind to homeowners on Martha’s Vineyard.

4. DeepWater Estate Services

best 8 property management on martha's vineyard

Address: 10 Holloway Way | Edgartown, MA 02539
City/Town: Edgartown

DeepWater Estate Services sets the standard for luxury property management and concierge services on Martha’s Vineyard. Founded with a commitment to excellence, DeepWater offers comprehensive care for both homeowners and visitors, ensuring that every aspect of estate management and concierge needs is met with unparalleled attention to detail.

DeepWater has professional staff dedicated to luxury hospitality.  Their unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional results makes them a trusted partner for those seeking the utmost in estate management and concierge services on Martha’s Vineyard.

5. True North MV

best 8 property management on martha's vineyard

Address: 455 State Road | Vineyard Haven, MA 02568
City/Town: Vineyard Haven

True North is a fully registered, bonded, and insured property management company that specializes in meticulous caretaking and management services. Their proactive approach aims to preemptively address day-to-day issues, ensuring a seamless experience for property owners.

True North offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of island homeowners and commercial property owners. These services include weekly house and property checks, referrals for lawn and garden care, snow removal for fuel deliveries, vendor meetings, property opening and closing, general building maintenance, and custom concierge services.

6. Seahorse Property Management LLC

best 8 property management on martha's vineyard

Address: P O Box 1696 | West Tisbury, MA 02575
City/Town: West Tisbury

Seahorse Property Management is a comprehensive property management company offering an array of services to ensure the upkeep and functionality of properties. Their offerings include property inspections to ensure compliance and functionality, as well as formulating maintenance schedules based on client needs.

Seahorse Property Management also manages alarm responses and minor repairs, scheduling contractors or subcontractors as needed and overseeing projects from start to finish.  With a focus on attention to detail and client satisfaction, Seahorse Property Management offers comprehensive solutions for property upkeep and maintenance.

7. Shearwater Construction and Property Management

best 8 property management on martha's vineyard

Address: P O Box 1152 | West Tisbury, MA 02575
City/Town: West Tisbury

Shearwater Construction and Property Management offers a plethora of services, specializing in both new construction projects and repairs/restorations. In addition to construction work, they provide custom-tailored property management and caretaking services. The company emphasizes an end-to-end client experience, ensuring seamless communication, transparent budgeting, efficient staffing, organized on-site management, and top-notch craftsmanship on every project.

As an island-based company, Shearwater prioritizes integrity and reliability, promising to uphold their word and remain accessible throughout the entire process. They pride themselves on their commitment to clear communication and responsiveness, assuring clients that they will always be reachable and diligent in returning calls.

8. Osprey Home Watch Inc

best 8 property management on martha's vineyard

Address: P.O. Box 146 | Oak Bluffs, MA 02557
City/Town: Oak Bluffs

Osprey Home Watch Inc. offers a meticulous and customizable Standard Service package for home caretaking, ensuring thorough inspections of both the interior and exterior of properties. With prompt digital photo documentation of any issues and personalized recommendations, Osprey Home Watch keeps clients informed and empowered to address concerns effectively.

Their additional services, including storm preparation assistance and airport transportation, further enhance their comprehensive offerings.  With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to client satisfaction, Osprey Home Watch stands watch as a trusted partner, just like their namesake the osprey, in ensuring the well-being and security of residential properties.

For Effectively Managed Properties

There you have it; these are the best property managers on Martha’s Vineyard. Whether you select Shoreline Management or go for the luxury coverage that DeepWater Estate Services offers, you can be sure that your property is effectively managed.

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