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promoting women owned businessesSince its inception in the 80’s, The Mashpee Commons has consistently promoted women-owned businesses. The Commons was the vision of developer Buff Chace, to provide a town center to Mashpee with a central hub of shops, restaurants and services, where the New Seabury Shopping Center once stood.

He inspired both the economic and social communities by creating a unique connectivity between the people and the buildings, capitalizing on the historic downtown vibe, complete with fountain and clock in the steeple the town square.

As the famed shopping hub of the Cape, The Commons attracts a large number of female clientele, providing ample opportunity for women-owned businesses and services. Today Buff’s daughter, Sarah Chace, overseeing The Commons, welcomes new women-owned businesses that champion female innovation.

Newest of the Women-Owned Businesses of the Commons

Tucked away on North Street of Mashpee Commons, resides the newest hidden gem of this female ingenuity, Queen of Swords. Walking into this artisanal shop feels like walking into a warm hug, enveloped by aromas of neroli, santal, and earthy notes.

Shoppers are greeted by a wave of serenity that eases the sense and allows them to drop their shoulders, unclench their jaws, and experience the store to its fullest. However, it’s not just the atmosphere that makes this store unique; it’s the origin story.

The Luck of the Draw

promoting women owned businesses In 2017, owner Erin Heath found herself at a crossroad. She and her business partner, Rose Mattos, knew that New England needed more access to conscious, artisanal goods. After long conversations and debates, the two finally turned to their deck of tarot cards to settle their indecision. With a deep breath and a clear mind, Erin pulled the Queen of Swords, a card that represents guidance, action, and a symbol of female resilience.

The store fully embodies that, not just in name, but in its mission, as well. Although Queen of Swords has evolved since its original opening in Somerville, one thing has always remained true: Erin has made it her passion to curate her shop with products that are sustainable, ethically-minded, and, above all, highlight brands from women-owned businesses.

Heath strongly believes in equity for all and works to create a space where shoppers can come to indulge in the “stories and crafts of others.” She uses that talent to select each piece in the shop.

shop2These items are so much more than “just” homewares or “only” accessories. On each hand-crafted shelf and in every nook and cranny are goods that have meaningful backgrounds. From brands like Primecut, a female-owned handbag line founded in the owner’s basement, or Sisters, a hair and skin care brand created by three sisters focused on health and well-being, each item in the shop is purposeful and deliberate; selected by an artist’s eye and a warm heart.

Queen of Swords hopes to extend their reach beyond the shop door and outside store hours to further support fellow women-owned businesses. Although the Mashpee store just opened in December of 2022, Heath has big plans for her small shop.

Partnering with Women for Events and Pop-Ups

She wants to ensure she is using her store to its fullest potential and beyond. In the coming months Queen of Swords has partnered up with local women-owned businesses to create pop-up events and workshops. Not only does this create more opportunities to promote women-owned businesses, but it helps create a meaningful and authentic community focused on a brighter future, all of which is of the utmost importance to Queen of Swords.

As the newest addition to the long list of the women-owned businesses, Queen of Swords promises to do its part lift up women in any and all capacities as long as its doors are open.




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